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Why should you have a facial every month?

February 3, 2021

Facial is an overlooked aspect of skincare that's gradually gaining importance in recent years.
Most of us ignore this skincare routine due to the hectic lifestyle, as a result of which skincare
takes a backseat. But things are changing for the better and people have started realising the
importance of having a skin care routine every month.
Having a facial done cleanses, nourishes the skin, relaxes body and makes skin soft and
smooth. Facials have wide variety of benefits, out of which one can choose according to their
need. Few major benefits of Facials are briefed over here below.
Cleanses in depth
The most important benefit of facial is that it provides deep cleansing properties. Whatever the
type of facial opted, the skin of the face and neck will get cleaned far better. In the professional
Facials the skin will be exfoliated; the dirt and dead skin cells will be removed. We at Riverday
spa Chennai offer professional massage services in chennai that cleanes and exfoliates the skin and
contribute to the health of your skin!
Improves Blood Circulation
Massage is part of Facial process. Any professional massage, improvises the blood circulation
which exposed to more oxygen and nutrients that carried in the blood. By the Facials the
process of regeneration of cells will get increased, resulting into the replacement of dead skin
cells that are replaced at swifter rate.
Fights against signs of Aging
During the aging the collagen (protein abundantly found in the human body, bones, skin)
production will be lessen which leads to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Systematic and regular
massage (Facial) enhances the blood circulation in the face resulting the skin looking younger.
The improvised blood circulation helps the regeneration and development of collagen.
Improves Absorption
There are several products used in Facial. No doubt facials enhance the appearance of skin
and also the products used for facials are getting absorbed better in to the skin. By the good
absorption, the benefits of the products used in facial are fully utilized.
Clears the Pores and Reduces Acne
During our day to day life, the pores are blocked with sweat, dirt, chemicals and contaminants
present in the air. Practically it is very difficult to evade pores from clogging; at the same time it
is essential that pores are to be opened up for glowing skin.
Steaming is used for opening of pores and cleaning in Facials. This will prevent the other skin
problems also. With this process, the skin will be healthier. Facials are helpful to clear out pores
and also to treat Acne.

Sometimes the texture also becomes rough or uneven, because of pop up of white and black
spots or pimples. These white and black spots dull the skin leaving the sign of acne. Salicylic
acid is used by more Facial professionals for treatment of acne.
Detoxifies Skin
To have healthy and glowing skin, detoxification is very important as that of detoxification of
body. To avoid dry and flaky skin; detoxification is essential; thereby the skin will be revitalized.
Facial products contain essential oils and herbal extracts which improves the detoxification
process. The detoxified skin is more radiant and elastic leaving a healthy and youthful
Provides Relaxation
No doubt; Facials has lot of benefits on the appearance of the face but also it has got biggest
advantage that they can reduce stress resulting in relaxation. During the facial massage
process in Chennai
, lots of pressure points that are present in the face are massaged. This also
activates to certain extent the sympathetic nervous system. This will help to improve the mood
and reduces physical and psychological stress.
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