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Why should you go for a Spa Massage – Reasons to Book a Spa Massage?

October 27, 2020

Reason for Spa Massages?
Booking for regular massage sessions is it a new trend or is it because it gives long-lasting effects? Massage has been travelling with us from ancient cultures and there are various proof in picture form and religious text format which speaks about the significance of undergoing regular massages.

Moreover, many of the recent times massages such as Ayurveda Massage, Thai, Balinese all dates back to many centuries behind. These originated in temples and was practised by priests and monks of high rank. The actual abbreviation SPA means Sanus Par Aquam which denotes Healing by or with water. It originated in the 14th century in a town called SPA located around Belgium and it is famous for Therapeutic, natural healing springs and all these continue.

Amidst the regular life, you must have come across babies being given Regular massages by grandma and mothers for a long duration. With a good old history and a routine ritual followed in many families, massages are definitely not a new fad massage centre in Chennai
Scroll ahead for few highly researched scientifically proven details about how good massages are for improving and maintaining your health. Get to know more about why you need a massage in this modern era-

  1. Enhances Blood Circulation
    The different strokes in massages with different pressure level help in relaxing the blood vessels for an ideal blood flow. In fact, the massage strokes function as a water pressure pump where you may pull the water in the tank below and push towards the tank in the upper storage and flow the water from the upper tank with good speed. This is exactly what happens with your blood after a good massage at the spa. Therapeutic massage increases the blood circulation to 70% which prolongs for a few days.
  2. Immunity Booster
    In contrary to the blood that is circulated by the heart, the Lymp the white liquid in your body is made up of white blood cells and antibodies continuously fight with infections. It gets sluggish because of less moving around lifestyle and earth’s gravity. The squeeze and press you get during massages act as mini pressure pumps that push the lymph upwards in the direction of torso together with the pressure that comes along with the enhanced blood flow and thereby increases the significant flow of lymph that in turn triggers right distribution of WBCs and antibodies. Similar to wide distributed Army that protects our physique from all invasions and infection.
  3. Massage brings down the risk of being affected by Lifestyle illness such as diabetes, blood pressure, cancer etc by about 80%
    With enhanced blood flow, our cells get the required quantity of oxygen & nutrients as blood transfers oxygen and food. An oxygenated and highly nourished body will protect your body from various lifestyle health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure and cancer. As cancer cells cannot live in an oxygenated environment it is good to keep your body oxygenated. It is not a surprise, you have around 80% better possibility blended with the right food to fight against any health illness.
  4. Massages Gives you a younger look
    The oils used for massaging is absorbed by the epidermal layers in your skin when the masseur rubs, kneads, and gives strokes on contrary to normal smearing of oil and creams. The oils and creams utilized for massaging rehydrates and increases the moisture in your skin making it soft and supple. The supple and soft skin makes you look younger and turns your skin 10 years younger in appearance.
  5. Massaging tones and shapes your body and offers a similar effect you get after 30 minutes of active walk
    Getting a massage is a relaxing and joyful experience for your health. The various stretching strokes, rubbing, manipulation of muscles decrease fats, releases fascia layer and reverses your .postural balance. Visit massage spas in Chennai regularly because it gives you the benefit a 30 minutes fast walk can give.
  6. Massages enhance virility, everyday activity and reduce your fall off into depression to around 65%
    Massages relax your physique and increase the oxygen flow towards your cells and trigger the stimulation of endorphin. As a result of endorphin secretion the de-stress hormones- virility is improved to the maximum level. With the rise in oxygen flow, we tend to be active and concentrate better. Your brain cells work at an optimum stage which increases the productivity of your day. The therapeutic touch triggers the effect of being secure and safe. It nurtures the positive vibe around you. So on the whole the endorphin secretion increases the oxygen flow and raises positive thoughts in your mind and decreases the depression by around 65%.
  7. Rejuvenation and detoxification of Body
    When your muscle manipulates due to massage it secretes the stress hormone – lactic acid. Together with this the enhanced blood circulation, significant nutrition spread enhances the metabolism and helps the body to shed away the toxins while breathing out, perspiration and urination. Following a routine of detoxification, every 14 days helps you in cleansing your body and reduces the toxin deposit in your body.
    Hope you have got enough details about why you should book for an appointment in the best spa in Chennai. The benefits you reap after the best spa massage are numerous and plays a great role in maintaining a healthy body.

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