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Why do we recommend Hot Stone Massage?

October 23, 2019

Why do we recommend Hot Stone Massage


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Are you looking for effective alternative medicines or treatments? Look no more! Massage therapy is the answer you are looking for! Here are some of the great benefits of obtaining hot stone massage:

Assists relieve muscle pain and tension

To alleviate muscle pain and tension, heat has been used for a long time. It assists in improving blood circulation to the distressed area. Moreover, heat also increases range of motion, flexibility and reduce muscle spasms. In the same way, cold therapy helps in relieving inflammation. According to your symptoms and pain, cold and hot stones will be applied alternatively during the massage session at the spa massage center in Chennai.

Reduces anxiety and stress

American Massage Therapy Association declares that massage treatment is effective for pain and stress relief. A study conducted in 2001 demonstrated that a 10-minute massage enhanced cardiovascular responses like stroke volume. A 1997 study had already proved that performing on-site massage for about 15 minutes in the workplace reduces a high level of stress compared to giving a 15-minute interval without massage. Another study was conducted in 2015, and it revealed that people who endured colorectal surgery experienced less tension, pain, and anxiety after getting a post-operative massage.

Helps in relieving signs of autoimmune diseases

The best part of hot stone massage therapy is it helps in relieving painful medical conditions like Fibromyalgia. It is a condition that causes extensive chronic pain. As per the study conducted in 2002, people affected with Fibromyalgia were given massage therapy for about 30-minutes. It helps them to experience a few trigger points, slept longer, and also reduced stages of substance P than the people with the same condition who obtained relaxation therapy. Substance P is involved in conveying pain signals.
However, more research is required to support the fact that massage therapy is the best treatment for Fibromyalgia. A study was conducted in 2013 with people who had rheumatoid arthritis. It proved that moderate pressure massage like hot stone massage benefits them in a significant way. After 30 days of massage therapy, the participants experienced a great range of motion, excellent grip strength, and also experienced less pain.

Promotes sleep

A literature review conducted in 2006 found that massage therapy is the best alternative for adults who takes sleeping pills for insomnia. It also demonstrated that back massage assists and promotes sleep and relaxation. A study that was conducted in 2001 demonstrated that infants who experienced sleep issues were offered a 15-minute massage. It helped them to sleep faster. The infants were also more active, alert, and position while awakening. The massage therapy helps in offering a restorative and relaxing sleep though the reason is not entirely understood.

Boost immunity

Massage therapy offers a boost to your immune system. As per the 2010 study, obtaining Swedish massage therapy (single session) helped in an acute and positive impact on immunity. The researchers examined by taking blood samples after and before the massage session and found a drop in arginine-vasopressin. It is a hormone that helps in regulating water retention and blood pressure.

Decrease cancer symptoms

Three-Year research was performed regarding how massage therapy helped stress, fatigue, pain, depression, and nausea in 1290 patients affected with cancer. The study was published in the Symptom and Pain Management Journal. It showed how massage, specifically Swedish Massage, enhanced cancer symptoms to patients even with extensive symptoms. The researchers found that human touch serves comforting, and it plays a vital role in relaxation.
If you are experiencing a severe condition that is causing pain, book an appointment at Riverday Spa today and choose a hot stone massage to relieve you from all those long impending pains and woes.

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