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Why Book an Appointment at Spa nearby for Body Treatment

November 20, 2020

Body treatments are more popularly known as a body facial for your entire body and give your skin a velvet-textured smoothness and softness. The reason behind a body treatment is that it is necessary to clean, exfoliate and keep yourself hydrated. The skin over your body is as important as the skin on your face. Spa body treatment is essential for your body at all times of the year. It is quite essential during winter seasons as helps in moisturizing your skin as the weather turns your skin dry and flaky body massage Chennai

Body Scrubs

The well-known body treatment is a body scrub which is also known as body polish, salt glow or sea-salt scrub. This treatment is for exfoliation which is done on a massage table. You will be covered using sheets and a big, thin plastic piece. You may be advised to undress completely or may be offered a disposable dress that covers your private body parts.

As you lie on your stomach, the spa massage therapist begins with the rubbing of sea salt, oil and aroma filled ingredients such as lemon over your skin. This helps in exfoliation of your skin and gives a fresh feeling and soft texture.

After your complete body is scrubbed, which may take around 10 to 15 minutes, you may take a shower using soap which would give you good oil coating. Known as an invigorating treatment and it is a great choice to get a scrub done prior to the massage centre in Chennai if you prefer doing both together at one session.

Many essential oils and body scrubs are part of spas in Chennai. You may find orange aroma/ peppermint salt glow or cucumber glow and other body scrubs offered using ingredients such as chocolate scrub, lemongrass scrub, coffee scrub, sea salt scrub, fruits body scrub and many more. Later after the session, a lotion is applied for hydration.

Body Masks and Wraps

A body mask and body wrap usually is done following a body scrub at the spa. Once the salt is rinsed off and you get back to the massage table, the aesthetician slathers you with seaweed, mud or algae and offers a body wrap using a thermal blanket. This is a detoxification treatment at the spa that helps in stimulating your metabolism, fastens your ability to filter toxins from your body. Products such as cream or lotion is used on your skin for the purpose of hydration.

A body wrap is wrapping treatment that is used mainly for treating cellulite. At times it gives the diuretic effect that helps in reducing weight temporarily.

What to Do After a Body Treatment

You may feel your skin is a bit softer once you have finished a body treatment particularly if a deep body scrub is used. However, it is recommended to take a shower and relax without missing to lather your skin using soap. Use a loofa or washcloth to gently rub over your skin in circles to slough away dead cells in your skin or any leftover ingredients on your skin.

Benefits of Body Treatments

Body treatments help in preventing wrinkles, reduce cellulite and reduce physical signs of aging and give your skin a young and fresh appearance. Papaya wrap, chocolate wrap, coffee wrap, mango wrap, raspberry wrap and other spa wraps contain ingredients that help in exfoliation your skin to remove toxins and excess oil in your skin. Just like other spa services, body treatments at the spa also help you recoup your mental health. These treatments at the best spa in Chennai help you relieve stress, soothes your stressed muscles and give complete body and mind relaxation.

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