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What To Expect In A Bridal Makeup Package

June 12, 2016

What To Expect In A Bridal Make Up Package

Everyone knows that Indian weddings are all about the bride and the food. The process of becoming beautiful for the wedding starts almost immediately after the groom has been decided.  From weekly facials, massage in chennai and treatments to the makeup, hair and dress arrangement on the big day, the bride is pampered and primped up. Her beauty is honed to a fine shine so that when she walks down the aisle, younger girls will wistfully wish for their wedding, older women nod in approval, men sigh at her beauty and the groom falls in love with her all over again.

While the customs vary slightly all over India, the fact still stands that during the wedding season, the beauty and fashion business is a highly lucrative one. A branded makeup and hair arrangement can cost as much as the wedding dress itself. Some of the best beauty parlour in chennai for bridal makeup makes more in these months than all the other months together. Though customers demand more and more sophisticated looks, the basics still remain the same. By buying a bridal package at a reputed beauty parlour in chennai, not only will you be relieved of the stress of finding a beautician on the day of the wedding, you can also save money on the day of the wedding and most packages also includes treatments for at least a month prior to the big day. Some of the most common components of a beauty package are listed below.

Massage Therapy

Being a bride is stressful and exhausting, on a physical and emotional level. They will need a little TLC and down time in between all the purchasing and invitation-sending. A massage is a small luxury that the bride can be given at the end of a long day. Not only will it help keep the body supple and help with any aches and pains, it will also soothe the mind and help in getting a good night’s sleep. Similarly, aroma therapy does wonders for calming the senses. Even the jitteriest of brides can be calmed by burning soothing incense or essential oils. The plus side of this is you don’t need to rely on a parlour for aroma therapy; you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Make Up and Hair-dos

One of the most aspects of the bride’s overall look is the makeup and the hair. Make up should be matched to the dress as well as the bride’s complexion and facial structure. The basics of makeup remain the same. A photo-ready or HD foundation should be used, matched to the bride’s complexion. While some brides are blessed with clear skin and require little to no concealing lotions, others may require spot correction. Depending on the overall look, the face may or may not be contoured with highlights and shadows. A shimmer of blush is applied over the cheekbones or apple of the cheeks, depending on the look. Eye shadow is applied along the eyelids and sparingly along the lower lash line; it can either be neutral shades of nudes, gold or bronze or matched to the outfit. Depending on the type of eyes, they can be lined with kohl entirely or the waterline can be lined with white eyeliner to give an illusion of bigger and brighter eyes.  Fake eyelashes can also be used. The eyebrows are filled in and the entire look is complete after applying lip liner and lipstick. The hair do depends on the outfit as well as what suits the bride best. There are unlimited styles that can be adapted to suit the overall look. Accessories such as hair jewels, fresh flowers and hair extensions are used to add glamour and pizzazz to the look.

Outfits And Jewellery

At most Indian weddings, the bride wears a sari or lehenga. Draping either of these is an art form by itself and requires a skilled beautician. Beauticians can also assist brides in finding the right tailors so that their wedding blouses are beautifully made. The combination of these bespoke blouses with a well-draped sari adds elegance and the right balance in the body structure. Matching jewellery pieces can be used to fasten the fabric in place. Achieving a balance is important as the arms and head will need the right amount of jewels to pull the entire look off. In the end, the results are comparable to the finest works of art.

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