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What is Exfoliation? Why should I Exfoliate My Skin?

November 13, 2020

Exfoliation is to remove the dead, keratinized skin cells that are present of the surface of the skin that smoothens skin giving a fresh appearance and clears the pathway for various facial serums and products to penetrate deep within the skin’s surface.

It is a highly significant aspect in both facials at spa and body treatments at the spa. But remember exfoliation is a sword with two sharp ends. You may mistakenly easily overdo exfoliation in face particularly when you do it at home with overzealous scrub ingredients and low-quality products. Though the other parts of your body may bear the overdose of exfoliation it is difficult for the face to bear it as it is quite soft and gentle Spa in Chennai

Looking out for an expert exfoliation therapy and booking a dermatologist appointment or aesthetician appointment during your break is the ideal way to begin an exfoliation schedule without any worries about skin damage especially if you have sensitive skin. While you receive such treatments at spa or resort, remember there are two varieties of exfoliation available for you. Each of them has their own specialties and come with a different procedure. So check them out to avoid any skin damage while you give importance to your hygiene massage in Chennai.

Why clean the dead skin?

Our skin is continuously developing new cells in the lower level i.e. dermis and sends it to the surface known as the epidermis. As the cells come over the top they happen to die and gets packed with keratin which in a way form a protective layer for the skin but they constantly slough off in order to let the new young cells to grow best couple massage centre in Chennai

As we get older the procedure for cell turnover reduces and cells begin to accumulate unevenly on the surface of the skin, make it dry, rough and dull. Exfoliation is advantageous as it helps in removing those unwanted cells that have piled up and made the fresh, young cells appear bright on the skin.

If your facial skin looks dull with a pasty appearance as it is in old aged people facial skin who don’t follow exfoliation process a routine of exfoliation session at the spa that emphasizes right exfoliation will give you the best results and make you look young and fresh. Also, if there is an accumulation of white substance all over your body, don’t miss to book a body scrub at the spa for cleansing your complete body.

Two Types of Exfoliation

There are two major kinds of exfoliation – mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation means rubbing of the dead cells with a type of abrasive which includes something form jojoba beads to diamond-shaped tip microdermabrasion machine. On the other side, chemical exfoliation is using acid that has fruit enzymes and highly powerful facial peels to blend the glue kind of ingredient that packs the cells together.

There are many mechanical exfoliations such as salt glow, body scrub and others which uses sugar, ground coffee beans or skin brushing. Over the facial skin, scrubs use tiny, circular gentle abrasives such as jojoba beads. Also, you must be sure to keep your skin away from harsh ingredients such as apricot scrubs that lead to micro-tears on the skin. A little more aggressive and effective kind of mechanical exfoliation is microdermabrasion where tiny elements are used to rub on the skin to shed away the dead cells faster without any skin damage.

Enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), (BHAS) beta hydroxy acids are meant for chemical exfoliation therapies to soften the cellular bonds which help in sloughing away the skin’s layer altogether. Facial peels are a type of chemical exfoliation however chemical peel are either too gentle or too aggressive based on the ingredients involved in the peel. Body therapies come with slight chemical exfoliants such as pineapple enzymes.

Exfoliation during a Break: How to choose your body Treatment?

When you head for a break, particularly if you want to present yourself at the best and want to look pretty in your travel pics, all you need to do is book your spa appointment. You may choose a hotel spa or resort spa or destination spa at Coimbatore or other tourist places in Tamil Nadu. A professional exfoliation done at spa helps in rejuvenating your skin and gives a fresh appearance. The gentle abrasive or a painful scrub, choosing the severity of the treatment is all yours. You may decide on what suits them best for your travel itinerary.

Mechanical exfoliations are usually very gentle and it gives the best results if you want to have the fresh-looking face and want to get decked up in makeup without having red or raw look. On the other hand, chemical exfoliants may give you pain and skin irritation for some time or a few days after the session. This will stop you from getting exposed to sun rays and you may not be able to put any makeup on your face which isn’t a comfortable choice if you are travelling.

If you have planned for a private getaway for taking out time for self-caring then walking around a luxury resort during the break with red a face shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are planning to wander around the town for sight-seeing and shopping then you may choose an exfoliation that is less abrasive as it would treat your skin gently and give you a good glow.

In both the types you must check whether the spa or resort is accredited or is monitored by a professional doctor or aesthetician. Chemical treatments can be risky if was done by individuals who lack expertise and professionalism. So make sure your spa therapist is well trained and expert in exfoliation therapy. The therapist must have enough knowledge about various skin types and treatments that best suits every skin type body massage Chennai.

Why Over-Exfoliation is dangerous?

When you exfoliate your face a lot, your skin turns out to be sensitive and gets red and the irritation raises rather than giving a smooth and even-toned skin which you intended to have. So, rather than pampering your skin you may end up have a worse appearance.

If you are planning to get a facial peel, you may have to wait for some time prior to booking your next spa appointment as you are going to peel away an complete layer of skin securing the dermis. Also, you must avoid waxing after peeling as you may scrape or break the skin which may result in raw living tissue being exposed that may have to scab over to get well.

You must be careful when you expose your skin to sun rays after the exfoliation is done particularly if you have just finished an aggressive chemical facial peel at the spa. Also, speak up to the bets aesthetician in Chennai about the ingredients used and how regular you must get your skin exfoliated if your skin is sensitive or aging.

Another major problem with exfoliants that is dangerous for the environment is the inclusion of microbeads in the various face and body scrubs that are made with low-quality substance and are cheap. The unhealthy ingredients in these products go down the drain to the sewage treatment plants that filter it into the rivers and canals which are consumed by fish and water animals. So check for products that have no microbeads in them for your safety and environment sustainability.

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