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What Is A Sports Massage

October 12, 2020

A sports massage is more or less similar to a Swedish massage, but the focus is on working on the soft tissues. The massage therapy has to be done by a therapist who is knowledgeable about injuries that can happen in sports and help in restoring the functioning of these tissues due to it.Though developed for athletes, this massage therapy can also be beneficial for people who have chronic pain or are limited by specific injuries.

Types of Massage treatments: There are mainly four types of sports massage available, and they are as below.
Rehabilitation: This is a massage done which focuses on reducing pain post injury and also to ensure that the body goes back to its healthy state.
Restoration: This massage is done by therapists that help the athletes to have fewer injuries during their training session or while playing and also aids in pushing the limits.
Post-event: This treatment is done after the athlete has completed the event and helps in bringing the tissues to normal condition.
Pre-event: It is a massage done an hour before the start of the strenuous activity to the tissues that will have maximum strain.

Benefits of massage therapy:
There are many benefits of this therapy, but the main advantage is that the body is much more flexible after the session, there are fewer chances of injury due to muscle strain and also helps in regulating the blood circulation. The most critical aspect of this type of massage is to get it done by a trained therapist. You should look for the best body massage center in Chennai with a trained therapist who has sports massage as a type of massage option. When you receive it from a well-trained therapist, you are well prepared for the event and give the best performance in training or the competition. It also aids in reducing tiredness and thus useful for fast recovery after a game is concluded.

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Things to understand before you get a sports massage:

There are specific things that you should know about a sports massage, and most importantly for you, the visit will not be like going to a Luxury spa in Chennai. You should be prepared to physically active and not does off while the therapist works on your body. There will be a lot of interaction with the therapist, and you will have to be physically active during the session.

The therapist is not a doctor: Though a massage therapist is knowledgeable about the injuries related to physical activity, if you have an injury they will not diagnose the problem, you should see a doctor. Do not opt for deep tissue massage deals if you have an injury, consult a doctor instead as sports massage is a recovery mechanism and not a treatment. They will help in reducing any inflammation or tightness in the muscles, but if it does not get better, a doctor has to be consulted.Not just legs: A sports massage should not be focused only on the legs, even the upper body has to be worked upon. There will be a stiff shoulder, back or arms while the legs are taken care of, so all these places should also be treated apart from the legs.

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