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What is a Normal Dressing Practice in Spas in India?

October 30, 2020

Let’s discuss on the dress code followed in India at Spas
Many of you might have faced inconvenience due to less or no clothes when some stranger (therapist) is around and this is a major deterrent when it comes to spa session even when best spas with good treatments are easily accessible. Hope after reading our blog you turn out to be an avid spa-goer shedding away all your inhibitions regarding minimum clothes and Spa in Chennai

Particularly being an Indian our culture brings in body shyness so the minimal clothing concept kind of brings in discomfort irrespective of being a new person going to spas or a spa enthusiast who is just new to spa treatments. This shyness in fact pops in even when you go the best spas in Chennai with a high rating.

With handsome experience in the spa industry and being part of the development of the Indian spa and wellness industry, we urge to clear the fog around this hush-hush topic of minimal attire at spas. Spa-goers may it be a luxury spa, best spa in the city or spa for routine spa treatments less clothing at all spas is a discomfort for all women and men. Especially first timers to spas find it highly uncomfortable. Now let’s clear this ambiguity and let no more embarrassing moments occur for anyone.
Moreover, unavailability of much information about spa dressing etiquettes in our country is the major reason for this confusion. The idea of No clothing gives this business a tainted grey shade. This is the major reason why many spa-goers are pulled back.

So, now let’s check out what is the permissible dressing norm in Indian Spa?

Generally, many spas suggest customers to undress their personal clothing. But most of the highly ranked best spas in Chennai and other places provide you with disposable bathrobe and underwear. However, if a spa doesn’t provide you such use and throw dress, beware! It isn’t recommended to take any service there.

And in many best spa and massage centres in Chennai, it is compulsory for a client to be ready on a disposable dress or their own underwear they are ready to dispose before a spa session. The therapist or masseur is instructed in the best spas to stop providing any spa treatment if the customer doesn’t comply with this code of conduct. This official rules in spas secure the privacy of both customer and therapist.

In most of the best spas in Coimbatore, Chennai and major cities in Tamil Nadu, the customers are draped in disposable sheets or towels. The part of the body where the massage is done is only exposed. If your right leg is massaged, the skin above your right leg –hip, back everything is covered with sheets. Even your left leg is covered when the right leg is massaged. Privacy is always kept in mind by the therapist at best massage centres in Trichy, Coimbatore, Chennai and other cities.

To clear the doubts – Full body massage doesn’t mean massaging your nether parts and definitely, it is not appreciable when you expose yourself or remain intentionally ignorant. It is similar to going for a complete medical check-up and looking for a lab assistant to conduct an ultrasound in your private parts. Sound weird right? So keep away the weird thoughts and get cool and book your spa appointment with right intentions. Many best spas await for you with the right intention too.

When you are at some common areas such as steam, sauna, changing room where many people are around wearing a towel or bathing robe. When changing your dress use the shower room when you don’t have a specific room to change. If there is a private relaxing space in the spa you may relax with no or minimal clothes after your spa session. That is your choice.
Also, the standard rules for spa clothing in all best spa and professional massage centres are in practice. Therapists and experts are trained with awareness knowledge, audit checks and management guidelines. There is no exception rule to this in professional spas in Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore and other cities in Tamil Nadu.

In many best spa spread across the country and spas in a hotel in many cities follow the “No Question” policy. According to this rule when a customer doesn’t comply with the rule of wearing a disposable dress or their personal brief and doesn’t cooperate with a therapist in draping rules while conducting the treatment, the therapist may walk out of the session or room with an excuse. The spa manager may then speak to the customer and explain them the rules professionally and tell them that Spas are meant for Holistic services and it is not a place for sexual or promiscuous behaviour. Spas that follow such rules are appreciated in the industry as the best spa for family and couples.

So in nutshell, the fact is Spa is not for Nudity. Moreover, a good spa experience will give you a better understanding of your boy and makes you understand the privacy you need along with gentleness and therapeutic effect.

Now that we have showered you with all confidence and broken all the stigma related to spa dressing why wait? Check out for the best spa near me. Grab your mobile and book a spa appointment.
Feel relaxed, it is just a Spa nothing more to fear. Happy Spring!!!

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