Spas mean ultimate relaxation. There are two kinds of spa facilities. One is the tradition which provides those relaxation techniques that are usually offered by every Spa. The usual or general relaxation and beautification techniques include body scrubs, body masks, manicures, pedicures, massages, facials and facial masks.

The facial:

Massage Centre in Vellore - Massage RoomFacial is that which exfoliates, cleans and also enrich the skin to provide hydration to the dried up skin along with increasing the complexion of the skin. This is one of the most popular services that is asked by almost all the clients to enhance their facial appearance. The facial service is usually provided by the trained beautician who possesses the requisite qualification to offer skin care services. The facial begins with the process of cleansing, then begins the analysis of the skin before proceeding with the removal of blackheads and exfoliation. The beauty treatment also includes masks for the face, application of creams to protect the texture of the skin along with maintenance explanation.

Body Therapy:

These are similar to facial treatments, but the same process is applied to the whole body. The body skin maintenance is very crucial to keep oneself healthy. The procedure begins with cleansing, hydration, exfoliation and glow.


This technique of relaxation is followed from a long time. The method of massages is being used for more than one thousand years now. This treatment is the standard method of relaxation. The massage assists the nourishment of body and its tissues with both the physical and functional purpose. The technique includes targeting of muscles, kneading the pressure points, working on the joints, ligaments, tendons and softening the skin with essential oils. There are various types of massages done for specific functions. Each of them offers relaxation and relief to the purpose for which the particular massage treatment is provided. The massages heal the damaged tissues, soften the skin, ease the pain and also increase the functioning of the tired body.

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Traditional Treatments:

These treatments include methods and techniques which have been in existence for a long time in history. These kinds of spas are specialized in the process of rejuvenation, revitalizing and healing. These techniques are devised from the methods that are practiced based on the different culture and religion. The popular treatments of healing skin are generally the Chinese and Indian healing treatments.

The ancient treatments and therapy use essential oils to nourish and flourish the skin and tissues of the body. The oils will rejuvenate the body and bring it back to a healthy condition. The skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and treated. The Indian treatment or Ayurveda is around five thousand years old. It has the ability to intensify the body’s healing capabilities. Ayurvedic science says that the illness is caused due to impurities and toxins collected in the body. Ayurveda can quickly diagnose these imbalances even before the manifestation and ensure a healthy mind and body.

The qualified therapist-Luxury Spa in Vellore

Spa & Body Massage Centre in Vellore - River DAy SpaThe techniques of spa massages can be efficiently done only by a trained therapist. It is only the therapist who can guarantee our relaxation, rejuvenation, and refreshment. The massages are even capable of clearing off the blockages with the help of perfect strokes. The massage therapist should have the knowledge to identify a particular spot to work in the area of pain. The powerful strokes and technique of massage pressure will increase and finally release the tension of that pained point to allow natural healing.

That Specific Massage-Spa Deals in Vellore

Every massage technique is not suitable for everyone. Each one needs to analyze their purpose of visit to the massage center with the qualified and trained experts. They are the right persons to identify the cause of your visit. This identification will help them diagnose and choose the perfect therapy for your maximum benefit The professional spa center in Vellore will enable you to soak in the aromatic therapies while the therapists will work to relieve you of pain and stress. The centers even offer the relaxation music to provide you the holistic treatment approach. Locate your spa center today to ease the burden and revitalize your tired body as you freshen up your mind to face the future challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children use the spa?

Spa centres will not allow children as there is an age restriction for spa users. Spa massage can be given for those who are above 16years of age .

How is Thai massage performed?

Thai massage involves muscle stretching in a rhythmic or direction motion. It does not involve the use of any oils and you can wear any type of clothes.

Is it good to be sore after a massage?

It is perfectly fine for your body to be sore after a Balinese Massage. Notably, a deep-tissue massage is like an intense workout session. So, it is common for your body to face slight soreness after the massage session.

Is reflexology safe in early pregnancy?

Reflexology is quite safe all through pregnancy. Before carrying you the treatment, the reflexologist will consider your full medical history to ensure that it is safe.

Can deep tissue massage help lose weight?

Deep Tissue Massage is not directly connected in losing weight but it is a part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The massage helps in eliminating cellulite by breaking subcutaneous fat and burn calories.

Which ayurvedic oil is good for body massage?

Organic, unrefined, cold-pressed oils are the healthiest and purest oils that can be used on your skin in Ayurvedic Massage treatment. For dry skin, apply heavy, warm oil such as almond, sesame, bhringaraj or avocado.

Can you use coffee scrub everyday?

Any type of body scrub is not recommended for daily use but only two or three times a week. A mild homemade scrub can be used daily. Coffee scrub prevents clogging or pores and helps brighten your skin.

How long does a body wrap last?

A body wrap will help help you shed a few pounds and inches in a period of 30 to 90 minutes. To get benefits for a longer time period, will have to extend the period of wrap and use a smaller wrap.

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