Massage therapy is an old form of treatment, which has gained popularity now. It is an alternative medical therapy that has been proved to be effective without any harmful consequences and side effects. The reason why massage therapy is gaining popularity is due to the reduced blood pressure, anxiety levels, depression and more. Eventually, massage therapy is something that is preferred by people of all age groups including pregnant women and senior citizens. But massages never fall under ‘one-size-fits-all’ category. After all, the body type, condition, age and other factors dictate the way the massage should be done.

When it comes to the aging baby bloomers, it is important to make sure specific factors are taken care of to get the best results. There is no denying that massage therapy will relax the body and soul provided it is done in the right way. However, it is important to choose the right spa in Vellore to get the massage to experience the best results.

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Massage In Vellore Ensures To Provide Enough Care For The Aging Body

People continue to get older with every year that passes by and the aging process will change them continuously. By saying change, we mean both the physical and mental changes. Physically, there are many noticeable changes such as wrinkles that develop on the skin, sagging of the skin and slow healing process. Usually, respiratory changes will also occur and there will be a drastic reduction in the bone and muscle mass. In some cases, there will be a reduction in strength and flexibility and an increase in the risk for ailments such as osteoarthritis.

As people age, their gastrointestinal system will also face changes and will slow down making them more prone to issues such as heartburn. There will be reduced cerebral blood flow that might result in more sensitivity to pain, intolerance to cold and decrease in coordination and balance. There will be an enlargement of the heart, narrowing and thickening of the vascular walls, decrease in blood circulation and increase in blood pressure.

As the aging body is subjected to a lot of changes, it is important to embrace these changes with proper massage therapy. And, only massage therapists with enough experience in handling senior citizens in the best spa in Vellore can provide the best results.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Seniors From The Best Spa In Vellore

Massage therapy will offer several notable benefits for the senior citizens. Both their physical and mental well-being will be benefited from it. A proper massage in Vellore will improve conditions such as chronic pain and sense of malaise. Notably, the massage therapists at the best spa in Vellore will use different techniques for the elderly clients. They will perform different forms of massage that will suit the needs of the senior citizens and their aging body. Sometimes, the challenges related to the mobility of the clients will dictate the massage therapy that should be followed.

Some of the common benefits that senior citizens can avail from massage in Vellore are,

  • Effective pain relief
  • Increase in blood circulation, sleep and mobility
  • Relief from soreness, fatigue and muscular tension
  • Reduction in stress, pain and anxiety
  • Improvement in concentration, posture, motor skills and balance
  • Stimulation of digestion
  • Restored motion and flexibility
  • Reduced muscle inflammation after exercise

Remember that only a specially trained senior massage therapist with enough expertise will know more about the safe positioning of the client for the greatest comfort. So, make sure to choose the best spa in Vellore for great overall massage therapy that will make elderly clients feel younger and healthier.

General Guidelines Will Be Taken Care Of By Spa In Vellore

When it comes to the providing massage therapy for senior citizens, a few general guidelines will have to taken care of by the spa in Vellore. Firstly, it is important to reduce the pressure that the client is subjected to as the elderly people might experience chronic medical conditions and their skin will become too gentle. Also, the massage therapy sessions for elderly clients should be shorter durations unlike the longer sessions for younger clients. Massage in Vellore for elderly clients should be done in safe position. Mostly, their position will not be changed all through the session for better safety. And, the massage therapist has to be flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children use the spa?

Spa centres will not allow children as there is an age restriction for spa users. Spa massage can be given for those who are above 16years of age .

How is Thai massage performed?

Thai massage involves muscle stretching in a rhythmic or direction motion. It does not involve the use of any oils and you can wear any type of clothes.

Is it good to be sore after a massage?

It is perfectly fine for your body to be sore after a Balinese Massage. Notably, a deep-tissue massage is like an intense workout session. So, it is common for your body to face slight soreness after the massage session.

Is reflexology safe in early pregnancy?

Reflexology is quite safe all through pregnancy. Before carrying you the treatment, the reflexologist will consider your full medical history to ensure that it is safe.

Can deep tissue massage help lose weight?

Deep Tissue Massage is not directly connected in losing weight but it is a part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The massage helps in eliminating cellulite by breaking subcutaneous fat and burn calories.

Which ayurvedic oil is good for body massage?

Organic, unrefined, cold-pressed oils are the healthiest and purest oils that can be used on your skin in Ayurvedic Massage treatment. For dry skin, apply heavy, warm oil such as almond, sesame, bhringaraj or avocado.

Can you use coffee scrub everyday?

Any type of body scrub is not recommended for daily use but only two or three times a week. A mild homemade scrub can be used daily. Coffee scrub prevents clogging or pores and helps brighten your skin.

How long does a body wrap last?

A body wrap will help help you shed a few pounds and inches in a period of 30 to 90 minutes. To get benefits for a longer time period, will have to extend the period of wrap and use a smaller wrap.

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