What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage therapy focuses on properly aligning the inner layers of muscles and tissues. It is helpful for people who are suffering from contracted areas, aches and pains including stiffness in the upper back, neck, leg muscle, soreness on shoulders and lower back. The therapy involves performing the same strokes as in classic massage therapy but these are slower so that the pressure is concentrated on the specific areas of pain and tension. This way, it is possible to reach the inner layers of muscles.

During the massage session, the therapists will use their fingertips, elbows, hands, knuckles, and forearms. They will ask you to breathe deeply as they work on your tense areas. If you feel there is a lot of pressure, then you can convey that to your therapist. It is important to drink plenty of water after the therapy as it will help in flushing out lactic acid from the tissues. If not, you will feel sore the next day.

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Why should you get deep tissue massage?


Deep tissue massage helps in breaking up toxins and relaxing metabolic waste accumulated in the muscles so that these can be released from the body. The term ‘knots’, which is common in this type of massage therapy refers to the actual adhesions, rigid tissues, and bands of tension under the skin. These can have effects such as inflammation, pain and limited mobility. The deep tissue massage involves pressure over the muscle fibers to remove these adhesions.

Who benefits from deep tissue massage therapy?

The deep tissue massage is beneficial for people suffering from muscle pain frequently, especially around the lower back, neck, and shoulders. They will get immense benefits from the therapy. The reasons for the pain and discomfort could be anything including work-related postural issues, leisure activities such as gardening and injuries caused during exercise and sports activities. Whatever be the reason, the end result of these is consistent and long-term tension and stress in the body and mind. So, these people will definitely get benefited from deep tissue therapy.

Health benefits of deep tissue massage

Usually, deep tissue massage focuses on specific problems like injury rehabilitation, chronic muscle pain, etc. it will offer numerous health benefits and help to treat medical conditions.

It relieves anxiety and stress caused by the inflammation of extra muscle tensions leading to excessive stress hormones which result in mood swings. Massage therapy increases the production of oxytocin, which is a hormone responsible for the creation of positive emotions. The other notable benefit is that the deep tissue massage therapy will reduce cortisol and blood pressure levels. It reduces chronic back pain by relaxing the muscles and improving blood circulation in these areas. Soon-to-be-mothers can take up deep tissue massage therapy to reduce back pain, leg pain and also to manage labor pain. This therapy can break down the scar tissue following an injury. Notably, scar tissues cause stiffness by slowing down the recovery process.

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