What is a Balinese massage?


As the name itself indicates, Balinese massage originated in Bali, Indonesia. It is a type of massage therapy, which involves the manipulation of the body’s meridian via a combination of different massage techniques. The therapist uses acupressure aromatherapy massage to treat various physical and emotional issues.

The Balinese massage is a combination of reflexology, aromatherapy, acupressure, and gentle stretches. These are done to stimulate the flow of oxygen and blood and “qi” aka energy around the body. Eventually, you will feel a sensation of deep relaxation, calmness and well being. The massage therapy involves different techniques such as kneading, stroking, skin rolling and stimulation of pressure points with the aroma of medicated essential oils.

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What is Balinese massage good for?


Well, if you are confused about taking up this type of massage therapy, then you need to know that Balinese massage techniques will soothe damaged tissues, relieve joint pain and stiffness in muscles. This will, in turn, boost the blood circulation in your body and help in balancing your body by reducing the stress elements. The use of aromatic oils during the therapy will boost your mood and help you feel lively. Balinese massage techniques are targeted at boosting the circulation by handling the deeper layers of your muscles, so this type of massage therapy is best to treat sports injuries

Who Benefits From Balinese Massage Therapy?


Balinese massage therapy will ease out the tension in your muscles and body on the whole and give a soothing feel to all types of body pain you suffer from. Eventually, it is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from poor blood circulation and low energy levels. This type of massage therapy will boost your energy instantly. So, if you are suffering from joint pain or limb pain, then you should take up Balinese massage to reap the benefits.

Why should you get a Balinese massage?

By taking up Balinese massage therapy, you will get a chance to pamper yourself as the therapy will relax your body and mind making you feel comfortable. This therapy will stimulate the blood circulation in your body and also enhance the lymphatic system. The deep strokes performed by the therapist will loosen and relax the stiff muscles thereby relieving tension.

Health benefits of Balinese Massage

Like any other type of massage, Balinese massage therapy is also highly beneficial to your body and mind. The health benefits of this type of massage include improved sleep pattern, enhanced blood circulation, healthy skin, boosted immunity level, an energized feel and stress and pain-free life.

As this type of massage loosens the muscles and help the same stretch, it will alleviate any pain that you are facing in the joints. You will feel that the joints are highly liberated than ever before after taking up Balinese massage. As it improves blood circulation, you will be able to sleep properly without any issues and it will also leave your skin healthy and supple without any dryness.

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