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Unique And Exciting Nail Art Designs

May 26, 2016

Nail art designs are no more restricted to celebrities. It has entered the commoners with easy to create nail art design in chennai tips and DIY kits. Good nails can make you feel awesome, just like a well-maintained mane. The range is extensive considering the subdued shared to classic hues. The choices when it comes to nail polish are diverse and the nail art designs are peaking in the right direction. Recently the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced a costume institute exhibition with a theme Fashion in an Age of Technology. The theme is enough to drive the nail artists crazy. The difference between prêt-a-porter and haute couture was distinct but recently the gap is diminishing as the two have embraced the techniques and practices of one another.

Nail Adornments and Accessories

It is hard to believe but is true that nail adornments and accessories are a huge hit just like shoes and clothes in a fashion show. The best colors on short and square nails would be dark colors with a bit of glitter. Though, more of short and buff nails are seen, long nails are also back into fashion. Celebrities adorn nail arts and many people are experimenting with the new found art form create wild and vintage designs. The rise in long nails or stilettos is high but of late the interest is turning on to coffin or ballerina nails. So what are these? It is long tapered nails ending with a square tip, something similar to a ballet shoe or the coffin end and hence the name. Use pastel of rainbow shades to add glamour to your nails.

Effects and Textures          

Many prefer effects and textures – the marbling or shattered glass look is ultimate. The popularity of holographic or chrome effect. Using limited cellophane under nail color can give a shattered glass effect. Even marijuana is encapsulated before polishing for best effect. However, nail artists do not supply it. Fur nails are also in vogue but this is not for the ordinary but for those runaway types. The French manicure was once popular but now is slowly moving to other alternatives. For French manicure different colors are added to the tip.

Are you envious of your colleagues and friends sporting marbled masterpiece? It is the time you try out a suitable collection on your own. The internet is rife with some exciting collection for your nails that can make you feel special. Check out the French mani, that comes with an expected color combination. The splitting tip design is in vogue; why not try a light shade for the nail tip with a split. Color blocks are also in fashion. Try some blocks at the nail tip. Go ahead and feel bold. Worried about short nails, then it is time for simple long lines on one side. This can give an elongated look for your nails. Frame your nails with contrasting colors.

Invited for a fancy event it is time to sport a peek-a-boo design. Try something abstract and artistic. If you have a shaky hand and are not an artist, you can take the help of a specialist. Neon is the time for summer. Try some matte finish fluorescents and top it up with bright orange, green and pinks. This will be the flavor of the summer season. Contrasting fluorescent green and neon, Glitter tips on neon shades can add elegance and Tribal accents for your nails can look amazing.

Nail art is now turning into a lucrative business. Big celebrities from the world of music, sports, arts and fashion are moving to nail art. The local salons have widened their network into specialist nail salons catering to painting, polishing, gluing, adding tiny jewels and extending the lengths of the nails. Eye catching manicures to sharpened talons are in vogue. The internet is the biggest destination for mail art designs.

There are inspirational arts that can transform your nails into the hottest design. Celebrities and beauty brands are focusing one nail art designs and the market is growing by the day. There are simple designs for beginners to complicated nail arts with mixed patterns and textures. There are readymade stickers also available that can be stuck to your nails to give a natural appeal. Check out some incredible and unique designed and transform your looks.

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