Indulge Your Senses With A Traditional Thai Massage At Your Exclusive Massage Centre In Trichy!- Riverday Spa

Feel relaxed, rejuvenated, fresh and flexible!

Expert Thai massagist doing a traditional thai stretching massage for a young woman in riverdayspa,chennai

Do you crave to get a revitalizing massage but feel reluctant to use oils on your body?

In that case, choose the dry body massage in Trichy or the revitalizing Thai massage. In both cases, no oil will be applied to your skin. Our therapists at Riverday Spa are well-trained experts who offer exclusive massages that target the right group of muscles.  

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Let the positive energy that reverberates all over your body relax your senses and re-energize you in an environment that magically calms your body, mind, and soul. Relieve your body and mind from stress, tensions, aches, and pains to experience a full body Thai massage! Feel rejuvenated and reenergized mentally and physically at Riverday Spa.


Experience The Amazing Rejuvenating Benefits Of Traditional Thai Massage! It Is Time To Pamper Yourself!

Let your stress evaporate away!

The rhythmic pulling and stretching massages on muscles help you to recoil the tensions that build up in your mind and body. It helps you enjoy being pampered and soothe your troubled soul. Lie on a mat on the floor and stretch your body as guided by the therapist. The yoga positions help you to stretch your body and enjoy the revitalizing benefits. Unlike other massage treatments, you do not keep lying on your back alone. The professional therapist bends and stretches your body into various postures at the same time applying strokes in a firm manner all over your body. But, the body will not feel worn out or tired as in the case of workouts. Instead, you feel more relaxed, flexible and rejuvenated.

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