It is no hidden truth that men are more reluctant and shy than women to unwind themselves and get a revitalizing spa massage. But, the daily life struggles, stress, and work pressures can leave the men drained out of energy, stressed and tired. The best solution to re-energize your soul and body would be to opt for a delightful journey of revitalizing spa therapy massages in Trichy done by males to males.

For all those men who would love to feel good about themselves and look their best, spending a day with the professionally trained masseurs would be the ideal choice. Researches have further revealed that men absolutely adore spa treatments and about 83% of men prefer to have facials, body scrubs and pedicures after getting a reenergizing spa treatment. Around thirty-five percent men make a visit to spas and get energizing and refreshing spa massages regularly. So, what are you waiting for? Pamper your senses and indulge in exquisite spa treatments crafted exclusively for the men of today!

Male To Male Massages In Trichy!

Gateway Spa Treatments For Men

Indulge in the refreshing benefits of skin care therapies and body sculpting techniques exclusively designed for men at the massage centers for men in Trichy. Pick from the fine range of signature spa treatments and indulge in the revitalizing benefits. Pamper your senses and body with our spa massage sessions which are both therapeutic and energizing. Be prepared to be spoilt for choices and step into the spa heaven where your body, mind, and soul magically transforms itself. The body massages and scrubs unravels your inner glow and pampers your senses like no other.

In case you are entering the spa for the first time, you can relax and need not to feel shy or reluctant as we offer men to men massages only. Try it out, and you will realize that the experience is indeed an unintimidating one which relaxes your body and senses. Being one of the most reputed men’s spas in Trichy, you can be ensured to be treated like a king, pampered and relaxed!

The Best Ever Spa In Trichy For Men!

Spa Etiquette

Is it your first experience in the body massage center? Here are some easy tips that can help you:

  • Make sure you reach the place at least 15 minutes before your appointment. It gives you time to relax and enter the massage area slowly. Massage is something to be enjoyed with a relaxed state of mind and not to be rushed about. It is a de-stress treatment that is to be taken slowly.
  • Before starting your spa treatment, take a shower so that you can be clean and fresh before you start. All the facilities are available in the spa itself. Pick up a robe that matches your height and head straight to the showers.
  • From the experience of our therapists, usually, men hesitate to ask their doubts. We have experienced therapists who can answer all your doubts easily. Hence, make use of it!
  • Ensure that you switch your phone off!

Don’ts Of Spa Therapy!

  • Some people consider a spa as a mere luxury whereas, in reality, it is one of the best treatments for soothing your body, nervous system, and soul. It provides excellent relief from aches, pains, and troubled minds. So, never feel guilty or consider it as a mere indulgence.
  • There is no question of feeling shy or reluctant as the spa massages are done by male masseurs only. Still, if you feel shy, opt for the back massages alone.

Revitalizing Spa For Men In Trichy!

Demystifying Your Spa Experience

Your ultimate destination to get a man-friendly luxury spa in Trichy is undoubtedly the Riverday Spa alone! Soak up your body in the soothing massages; reenergizing body wraps, heavenly and revitalizing treatments along with exclusive facials! Explore your other side and discover your inner soul by taking a break from the hectic work schedules and monotonous job patterns. A healthy and reenergizing pause button is what you need the most, and we provide you precisely that!


Make your pick from the extensive menu of traditionally inspired spa treatments. All the spa products are organic and hundred percent natural. Hence, you need not even worry about possible side-effects. There are separate spa treatment areas for men and women to ensure that you get the privacy you need. The modern interiors equipped with the latest amenities leaves you pampered for choices. The exquisite spa therapies by our professionally trained masseurs ensure that you get nothing but the best!

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