Various Types of Ayurvedic Massages: A Brief Look

Ayurveda is an integral part of the Indian culture. For ages, this science of life was performed for various purposes from treatments to rejuvenation. Ayurvedic treatments are a part of holistic therapy and work hand-in-hand with the allopathy for the best results. The traditional Indian medicine ensures proper connection between the body, mind and soul. These massages are done by applying warm oils and help in stimulating the lymphatic system, improving the blood circulation and opening the body force. Commonly, Ayurvedic treatments are a combination of pressure and various motions using aromatic oils giving a relief to the whole body.

Warm Oil Scalp Massage is Done in Kerala Ayurvedic Massage in Trichy

Ayurvedic massages are done in different parts of the body such as back, feet, scalp, full body, etc. Of these, scalp and hair massage is recommended in order to stimulate the scalp, relieve the mental fatigue, nourish the hair and roots, balance and nourish the emotions and help enhance the focus and mental clarity. There are some traditional oils in Kerala Ayurvedic massage in Trichy. These essential and traditional oils are used for because they are made using beneficial herbal extracts. These oils are used in combination with the base oil for additional benefits.

Some herbs in these oils have a great impact on the health and growth of hair while some others provide a balancing effect on the emotions and mind. There are herbs that stimulate the mind and nervous system.

One important herb is Brahmi, which is also called Medhya herb in Ayurveda.It helps improve focus, calm the mind, enhance memory, withstand the effects of stress, improve sleep and balance emotions. Brahmi is used extensively in the tropical hair oils and supplements.

Other Ayurvedic herbs used in the herbal hair oils are Amla, Tulsi, Sandalwood, Hibiscus, Ashwagandha and Bhringaraja. Sesame oil is used as the base oil for its antioxidant properties or coconut oil is also used as it nourishes hair color and enhances the hair growth.

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Kerala Ayurvedic massage in Trichy Balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Ayurvedic massage in Trichy helps in balancing the Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the three major ayurvedic principles. The imbalance in any of these will result in sleep disorders. While there are many treatments in modern day medicine to treat sleep imbalance, Ayurvedic massage is a technique that naturally restores balance and aids in promoting better sleep. Massaging will improve blood circulation and relax both the body and mind. Herbal and essential oils are combined with a base oil and a massage is done on the peripheries.

Ayurvedic Massage in Trichy is of Many Types

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There are various types of Ayurvedic massages that are carried out since ages. Some of these are highly beneficial due to their special ingredients and properties. Here, we list some of the special and beneficial Ayurvedic massages below.


In this procedure, warm oil is poured using a special kind of vessel called Kindi positioned a few inches above the body. It soothes nerves and is done to treat stiffness in the body, paraplegia, paralysis, fractures, hemiplegia and more.


This procedure is customized in order to boost the perspiration of the body. It is done by applying medicated oil, which is followed by a pressurized massage. It is done with the help of a special type of cooked rice filled in small cotton blouses.


This is a type of head massage done to stimulate the nerves. It is done using a continuous flowing stream or dhara of herbal or medicated oil poured on the scalp. It relieves headache, increases focus and mental clarity and treats mental fatigue.


These Ayurvedic massages use various animal-centric or herbal products to treat and rejuvenate the skin. It helps improve the quality of skin and nourish the body.


It is a full body massage done using medicated hot oil depending on the patient’s medical condition. Certain points of the body are pressurized to stimulate various energies and help in releasing toxins from the body.


It is done to enhance the blood circulation and free up the body from toxins. It is performed on people with high levels of cholesterol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is spa good for weight loss?

Spa treatments have many health benefits. One of the benefits is weight loss. Studies show that 30 minutes of hot tub therapy is beneficial to lose weight. The hot water stimulates causes slow stimulation, which helps in losing weight gradually.

Will I experience any muscle pain or discomfort after Thai Massage?

Thai massage therapy involves light or deep pressure points as you wish. You will not experience any muscle pain after the therapy. Some clients might experience a slight stiffness the next morning.

What are Balinese massage contraindications ?

Pregnant women, people recovering from surgery, those under drug treatment those with heart problems should check out with a doctor before taking up Balinese Massage treatments.

What Are The Benefits Of Foot Reflexology?

Foot reflexology offers numerous benefits including accelerated excretion of waste, improved muscle strength, better relaxation, reduced fatigue, improved joint movements and better lymph and blood circulation.

What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage: treats chronic pain, helps lower high blood pressure, breaks up scar tissue, reduces stress, muscle tension, arthritis symptoms and anxiety, helps in labor pain and delivery and improves athletic recovery and performance.

How often should I get a treatment?

It is recommended that you should get Ayurvedic Massage treatment once or twice a month to get the best benefits. If it is a special treatment, then it should be done as suggested by the therapist.

How body scrub works?

In a body scrub session, the exfoliating granules help in removing dead skin cells and boosts circulation. It also helps drain your lymph nodes and increases the flow of blood.

Are wraps good for weight loss?

A small body wrap will result in weight loss than the larger ones. The calorie content of the wrap can be reduced by using a lettuce leaf rather than a tortilla.

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