People today are aware of the importance of keeping their body and mind fit. They look for various ways to take care of their health. Massage therapies are widely becoming popular around the world. There are numerous spa centers all over the world offering various types of massages for people. You have to choose the right kind of body massage based on your need. Homemakers in Trichy and other major cities feel stressed as they stay indoors and take care of their family. They perform all type of household chores, and this exhausts both their body and mind. They do not find time to take care of their body or pamper themselves. Women would feel great when they visit spa centers where they offer Kerala ayurvedic massage in Trichy. Woman of all ages would feel relaxed and reenergized when they undergo ayurvedic massage regularly.

There are massage parlours in Trichy where the therapists are specialized in Abhyangam an ayurvedic massage. Here you would know about the need and benefits of Abhyangam massage.

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What Is Abhyangam Massage Therapy?
It is an Ayurvedic massage therapy where the therapist makes use of oils for massaging the entire body. Abhyangam means an application of oil. It is mainly performed to ease the tension developed in the body. The massage oil is directly applied to the skin of the clients, and this offers relaxation to the muscles. The massage therapy has specific stimulating effects which improve the circulation and relives the body tension.

The therapist would choose the type of herbal oil to be used based on your Dosha Prakriti. Mostly gingely oil is used for Abhyangam massage as it possesses numerous medicinal properties. The therapy involves various massage techniques so that the energy channels of your body gets restored and energized. This Ayurvedic massage mainly addresses the various imbalances in your body that you suffer from. Visit your nearest massage center in trichy where you can get treated with Abhyangam body massage. Homemakers of Trichy can undergo this massage treatment regularly for better results.

Amazing Benefits
The following are some of the benefits of massage therapy.

Reenergizes Body And Mind:
Abhyangam massage is a wonderful massage that offers energy for both men and woman. You would feel energized and rejuvenated after the massage session. The use of oil seeps into your body and makes you feel energetic. People who feel exhausted due to heavy work can very well undergo abhyangam body massage treatment.
Improves Immunity:
This Ayurvedic massage stimulates the energy centers of your body thereby improving your immunity. Thus you would stay healthy when you go for regular ayurvedic body massage.
Relieves From Stress:
In this modern world stress is the common problem that most of the people of today experience. Even in the cities of Trichy, Madurai, etc people are stressed due to work pressure and other responsibilities. Anhyangam massage therapy done with the application of herbal oil can help a great deal in relieving your stress and keep your mind fresh.
Feel And Look Young:
Abhyangam massage therapy prevents you from aging. The massage offered tones your body muscles, and this delays the onset of wrinkles in your skin. Your skin is given a perfect massage which makes your skin glow and your feel and looks young.
Treat Various Diseases:
Abyangam body massage has a fantastic power to cure certain types of health issues like arthritis, parkinsonism, nerve problems, Joint pains, physical injuries

Strengthens Various Organs:
The massage offered by experienced ayurvedic massage therapists can improve the blood circulation of the body. This helps in strengthening the various parts of the body and ensures its proper functioning.

Offers Relaxation:
Abhyangam ayurvedic massage is mainly for providing complete relaxation to your body and mind. The body muscles and your mind would be tensed due to various external factors. This massage technique does wonder in revitalizing your body and calms your senses.
Improves Sleep Pattern:
The massage therapy done with the application of oil can help in improving your sleep pattern. You would enjoy sound sleep during nights when you undergo the massage therapy regularly.

Offers Cure For Joint Pain:
This massage therapy is ideal for treating joint pains and other bone-related problems. Sports people or people who perform strenuous activity would suffer from severe joint pain, sprain, muscle tares, etc. All this can be treated with the regular abhyangam massage therapy.

Thus the abhyangam massage therapy with its numerous benefits is essential for people of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is spa good for weight loss?

Spa treatments have many health benefits. One of the benefits is weight loss. Studies show that 30 minutes of hot tub therapy is beneficial to lose weight. The hot water stimulates causes slow stimulation, which helps in losing weight gradually.

Will I experience any muscle pain or discomfort after Thai Massage?

Thai massage therapy involves light or deep pressure points as you wish. You will not experience any muscle pain after the therapy. Some clients might experience a slight stiffness the next morning.

What are Balinese massage contraindications ?

Pregnant women, people recovering from surgery, those under drug treatment those with heart problems should check out with a doctor before taking up Balinese Massage treatments.

What Are The Benefits Of Foot Reflexology?

Foot reflexology offers numerous benefits including accelerated excretion of waste, improved muscle strength, better relaxation, reduced fatigue, improved joint movements and better lymph and blood circulation.

What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage: treats chronic pain, helps lower high blood pressure, breaks up scar tissue, reduces stress, muscle tension, arthritis symptoms and anxiety, helps in labor pain and delivery and improves athletic recovery and performance.

How often should I get a treatment?

It is recommended that you should get Ayurvedic Massage treatment once or twice a month to get the best benefits. If it is a special treatment, then it should be done as suggested by the therapist.

How body scrub works?

In a body scrub session, the exfoliating granules help in removing dead skin cells and boosts circulation. It also helps drain your lymph nodes and increases the flow of blood.

Are wraps good for weight loss?

A small body wrap will result in weight loss than the larger ones. The calorie content of the wrap can be reduced by using a lettuce leaf rather than a tortilla.

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