Discover The Perfect Kerala Ayurvedic Massage Center in Trichy Steeped In Tradition

Finding a Massage Center in Trichy that offers ayurvedic massage is not arduous. It is finding one that still practices the traditional method of Ayurveda therapy, that is near impossible. At River Day Spa, we cater to this obscure yet highly effective curative and preventive therapy. Under the aegis of qualified Ayurvedic Doctors, our trained therapists provide ayurvedic massages. The service is aimed at a support to complete ayurvedic lifestyle or a mere therapy that helps you detoxify and relax from a long day’s work. We restore the harmony of the mind, body, and soul with ayurvedic treatments.

Explore Ayurvedic Massage Therapy For Health & Wellness

At River Day Spa, the Ayurveda massage treatment starts with a consultation from a trained professional.

Once you have chosen the preferred therapy based on your body’s needs, we prepare specially handcrafted organic oils.

These are used on the back, arms, hands, head, legs, neck, feet and hips to give a complete body massage that begins work from the within.

The five elemental herbs that are infused in the oil start to work on the body and mind for deep healing and rejuvenation.

At the end of the treatment, both the immune and nervous system is boosted.

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A Range Of Ayurvedic Massage Experts, Trichy

From the minute you enter River Day Spa, you can feel your worries drain away. Your first step into our environs begins with a greeting and short conversation with a certified therapist. Based on your preferences, we then hand you over to a technically trained masseuse who aids you in selecting from a range of body treatments and international therapies. The last step you take is to lie down on a state-of-the-art bed in the semi-private relaxation room. Our professionality and adherence to quality have made us the number one choice for massage center in Trichy.

Our Professional Spa & Massage Services in Trichy

Every Service Under The Sky

River Day Spa has on staff ayurvedic massage experts that specialise in different forms of therapies. In Trichy, we offer:


This basic ayurvedic massage is recommended by experts for pregnant women. Seven different positions of the body are chosen to apply lukewarm oil and then slowly massaged by a trained therapist.


A whole body massage that uses squeezing as the main motion. Warm oil is dripped on the body of the client by pressing it from a cloth. The medicated and organic oil is then gently massaged into the body in coordinated movements.


This is a well-known therapy where oil flows continuously from the forehead to reduce stress and tension.

Traditional Ayurvedic Massage center, Trichy Promoting Health

The singular goal of River Day Spa is promoting healthier living to all our patrons. To this end, we offer ancient treatments such as Ayurvedic and Panchakarma therapies. Every massage and treatment we provide caters to a specific condition or illness. From improving nervous system functioning to aiding weight loss, we take a holistic health approach. One way we boost better immunity is by releasing toxic chemicals from the body. A complete Ayurveda lifestyle advised by us can remove as many as 50% of toxins. We even work towards reversing the effect of age, firming up the skin and bestowing better eye vision.

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