A massage after a long day’s toil can make you feel better. People suffering from back pain find a quick massage refreshing. Today massage is no more a luxury but has become a necessity. It is very different from yoga that can leave you in a knot. All you need to do is lie down while the masseurs will work magic with their hands. Some of the best spa in Tiruppur takes just 15 minutes to produce the right chemical changes in your body. During a massage, a chemical substance is reduced in the brain thereby giving you relief from pain. It is believed that people with acute pain find relief with two massages in a week.

 River, group of Salon and Spa, has eight luxury Day Spa and Massage Centres well spread across South India. It’s a haven of exotic spa services, scrubs & wrap treatments and ayurvedic massage therapies. Explore the wonders of an authentic massage at our massage centres in Chennai, Coimbatore, Vellore, Trichy, Other Spa Locations.


Professional Spa, Tirupur Gives Relief From High Blood Pressure

Spa Room - River Day Spa, TiruppurPeople suffering from high blood pressure find relief with massage therapy. Those with hypertension find relief from massage therapy when given at regular intervals. Patients with hypertension taking massage therapy for an interval of three weeks find a decent decrease in blood pressure when compared to patients who do not take massages. Though people who take massage regular feel less stressed there is no conclusion on the studies yet.

Connection Between Massage Center And Digestion

Are you suffering from indigestion? Do you have stomach ache? Are you on the lookout for food that digests quickly? Did you know that massage can help in digestion? Then read on to find out. Peristalsis is the muscle that helps to digest food. There are many reason why the digestion process is slowed down. Some of the reasons include constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, mineral deficiencies, low water intake, etc. All this can lead to piles, colitis and diarrhoea.

Now, here is where a Thai massage fits in. There are many reasons for massages to improve digestion. A complete body massage helps to sooth the muscles in the intestine. It stimulates the movement in the intestine there by helping in moving the contents faster. It helps the body to digest the food. Massage eliminates toxins from the body and purifies the body. Moreover, it helps to release enzymes that are helpful in digestion and makes you feel healthy and pain free. During a massage you can get rid of all the sore muscles, excessive stress, stiff shoulders and tight joints.

Quest For An Ideal Body Massage Centre

When external pressure is applied the muscles tend to come back to normal without any need for medicines. The muscles hold toxins and acids that get clotted to develop strain in certain parts of the body. This ache can result in a number of problems. Apart from physical exertion, stress can also lead to muscle pain. During such situations, it is important to visit an ayurvedic spa.

While visiting a massage centre take the consent of the doctor. Instead of depending on pain killers, choose from a range of massage therapies and benefit. Always remember that one massage session will not yield the desired results. Take a few sessions to see effective results. Identify the right massage centre to enjoy best results.

Choosing The Right Body Massage In Tirupur


River Day Spa Room Interior - TiruppurCheck with friends and family on their massage experience. Find out which therapy they tried to get rid of body pain. When you interact with different people you are sure to come across numerous names.

Local directories:

These are the ideal source to zero on the right massage therapist in your locality. If you can find a wellness centre close to your home or office, it could be convenient to engage their services without wasting time on travel.


Today most wellness centres have online presence. Check their website for their products and services. Here you can find out their qualifications and experience, type of massage service available and schedule. You can read testimonials of previous customers to understand their expertise.

Contact individually:

You can contact the service provider over phone or email. There is live chat facility also available in some massage centres. A face to face interaction would be better. A personalized interaction can give you an opportunity to know their expertise and take a look at their infrastructure.

Massage has give relief to both body and mind. For those who feel stressed out, this is the ideal solution to get rid of pain and tension. Take a massage once a month to eliminate stress and balance your body and mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Spa Treatment?

Spa treatments offer both physical and mental benefits. You will get good sleep, better immunity and improved overall health. You will feel the healing power of touch, which extends your lifespan.

Is Thai massage good for lower back pain?

Thai massage provides substantial pain relief and healing for those who suffer from back pain due to strain and muscle tension. If the right muscles targeted by the therapists, it will help relieve back pain.

What helps with pain after a massage?

If you suffer from pain after a Balinese Massage therapy, then you can apply a cold pack to the inflamed or swollen area for a few minutes to reduce the inflammation or pain in the specific area.

What are the techniques used in Foot Reflexology?

In this Reflexology technique, the reflexologist will stimulate various points to know the areas of tension. With brisk movements and thumb or finger pressure, the reflexologist will help relieve the tension.

What happens during the massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is the manipulation of the deep layers of muscle and soft tissues in the body. The therapist use warm oil and direct pressure to provide relaxation to the top layer of muscle.

What if I have some medical conditions?

It is important to consult your doctor about the medical conditions you face before you take up Ayurvedic Massage as there can be some restrictions related to the choice of oils.

What is better: body wash or body scrub? Why?

Body Scrub is better as it exfoliates the body and removes dead skin cells and cellulite. It will make the body gorgeous and softer. The coffee scrub is effective in reducing cellulite and keeps the body glowing.

What are the body wrap services offered by us?

There are many types of Body Scrub services including papaya wrap, mango wrap, coffee wrap, raspberry wrap and chocolate wrap. Each of these has its own benefits.

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