Body Wrap-Things You Must Know

At RiverDaySpa, the body wrap is a luxurious spa treatment where the entire body is covered like a cocoon. This body wrap is also called a body cocoon. And, the good news is that the body wrap performed in our body wrap centers can help in reducing your weight! This is possible by removing the excess fat from your body. This type of spa treatment which cleanses and moisturizes your body should be performed by trained and professional therapists of River Day Spa Chennai, and other branches in Coimbatore and Tirupur. Have a look at what you would experience in our Tirupur spa center during the body wrap procedure

Unbelievable Benefits Of Body Wrap

Spa body massage relaxation treatment at Riverdayspa Chennai

Come and pamper your senses and experience various health benefits with the body wrap services offered at Riverday Spa in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Tirupur.

  • Detoxifies Your Body – Ginseng roots extract
  • Nourishes Your Skin
  • Removes Excess Fat And Fluids
  • Moisturizes Skin

Revive Your Skin With Exfoliating Body Wraps At Tirupur Massage Centre

Awaken your spirits after a long tiring weekend with a beautiful stress-relieving Body wrap treatment at River Day Spa Tirupur


Chocolate Wrap
This is a regenerative spa treatment that heals your entire body.
Coffee Wrap
Coffee wrap exfoliates your body deeply and offers exceptional smoothness to your skin.
Papaya Wrap
This fruit wrap leaves your skin smooth and soft.
Raspberry Wrap
The nutrient enzymes of the raspberry fruit hydrates and nourishes your skin.
Mango Wrap
This luxury body wrap offers radiance to your skin.

Steps For Body Wrap Procedure

  • Therapists of Riverday Spa at Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirupur, etc. follow the following steps to pamper their clients with the goodness of body wrap.
  • The first step in the body wrap procedure is the preparation of the bed for carrying out the procedure. The bed is covered with blankets, towels, etc. The client is undressed and covered with a blanket or towel. Now the therapist prepares the ingredients for the wrap based on the preference of the client.
  • Body wrap procedure always starts with exfoliation, and this is done by using a body scrub. Therapists perform circular motion when applying the scrub and massages the entire body.
  • The next step is to cover the body with a plastic cover cloth bandage. This would help the ingredients of the wrap to enter into your body through the skin. Now the client is asked to relax with the body wrap for some hours.
  • The staffs of the Riverday Spa unwrap the body wrap and then moisturize your body.

Revitalize your senses with the above various types of body wrap At Riverday Spa in popular cities like Chennai, Tirupur, Coimbatore, etc.

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