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The benefits of sea salt scrub

September 16, 2018

The benefits of sea salt scrub

Sea salt is actually evaporated sea water which consist of sodium chloride. It is used for cooking and cosmetics,it lacks artificial ingredients and has antiseptic properties. Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulphate:magnesium reduces inflammation of skin like pimples,black- heads and whiteheads,Sulphate removes the pollutants of the skin. Epsom salt is beneficial in many ways,it soothes muscles,lowers blood pressure and provides good sleep. Sea salt scrub is a mixture of sea salt and epsom salt along with some aromatic oils which provides natural aroma to the skin.

The uses of sea salt scrub:

There are many natural scrubs in the market;salt or sugar scrubs,fruit and vegetable scrubs.Scrubs are in great demand because of it’s exfoliating properties,no matter what scrub you use you will get a glowing young skin. But one of the best natural scrub is sea salt scrub,here we will discuss the benefits of this scrub:

  • Exfoliation:The world is getting polluted day day ;pollutants are affecting people and the
    conditions of their skin are getting worsened.It is not possible for daily beauty regimens as people are busy in their daily activities. Because of this, their skin becomes dry and flaky and dark spots appear. Exfoliation or the removal of dead cells is one of the solution to rejuvenate the skin. Sea salt scrub in chennai is used for exfoliation,take the scrub and apply it in acircular motion.Later wash your face and pat it dry,your skin will glow with life.When the hardened dirty skin is removed there appears soft shiny skin underneath.
  • Invigoration and cleansing of skin: Invigoration means revitalizing of skin,to give new energy to the skin. Salt scrub is abrasive,it is very rough compared to other scrubs.When you use the scrub you will get a tingly feeling on your skin sometimes it will take time to subside. So always mix the right proportions on your skin,it is better to take advice from spa experts before you try something new on your face. The sea salt scrub improves circulation of your blood and thereby rejuvenates your skin. It has antiseptic properties by which it removes bacteria and unclog pores.
  • Younger skin:When the dead cells are removed,there appears a sensitive new skin.It takes time to heal and the new skin becomes tighter and firmer and presto!you get an younger looking skin [I guess you don’t need botox anymore.]
  • Relaxation : With the effect of the scrub,your muscles will get relaxation and you can get more sleep. The sea scrub is mixed with some essential oils like Rosemary,Oregon and Patchouli which is aromatic and soothing to your face and nerve muscles and drift you to a sound sleep.

The concluding tips for a new skin:

The sea salt scrub is a natural scrub which has many properties like exfoliating.invigorating,cleansing,firming and relaxing. Of course,even though it has so many benefits it is advisable to use it under supervision because sometimes if it’s not in right proportions it may have inverse effects.It is best to schedule an appointment with a luxury spa in chennai and get pampered with the scrub and drift off to a salty island,Bon voyage Mademoiselle!

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