Top 6 amazing facts about Ayurvedic massage in Chennai?

Ayurvedic massages have been a part of India since time immemorial. We all have known about the benefits of this science

Ayurvedic Massage Benefis and facts

Ayurvedic Massage amazing Facts for stress relief

for ages. A part of our scriptures, it is a science that defines the ways and means of leading a healthy life. The scripture defines the benefits of natural fruits and vegetables in daily life and the medicinal effect of naturally occurring herbs and plants on the human body. The Vedas mention the use of medicinal oil for enhancing the natural well-being of people.

The entire concept of Ayurveda is based on the natural well-being of people with the help of a natural, well-balanced diet. The second is allowing the body to detox and relax with the help of massages. Usually, these massages are full-body massages called Abhyanga. It is believed that people should take this massage every day in the morning before taking a bath.

One of the most famous massages in Ayurveda is the Abhyanga massage. In this massage hot oil is poured on the individual through a special vessel and the therapist allows the individual to relax with the warm oil and the strokes of the therapist. Soft and consistent strokes help people to reconcile their strengths and there is a lot of improvement seen in the emotional balance of people. The skin condition improves, it works on the lymphatic drainage of the individual.

Ayurvedic massage helps in lowering the blood pressure of people receiving the massage. The soft and continuous pressure on the veins allows the blood to flow at a regulated rate. This helps in the reduction of the heart rate. This has a natural medical benefit that people can avail themselves of without increasing the toxicity of the body.

Ayurvedic Massage Neuropathy Treatment

Ayurvedic Massage Neuropathy with oil

There are many patients suffering from Diabetes who feel a burning sensation in their feet. Ayurvedic doctors refer them for a foot massage on a regular basis. It soothes down the nerves and gives it a cooling effect. This therapy has had a good effect on Diabetic patients.

There are many people suffering from cracked heels which are extremely painful. The dryness of the feet develops into cracks in the skin which is not a very good sight. Many ladies are seen trying to hide their cracked heels from their friends and family. Therefore a good way of working out this trouble is to get a foot massage done regularly which increases the moisture level in the feet and takes away the painful cracks.

Back pain is a common problem that has been seen in people of different age groups. Massages have given a lot of relief to people as it provides relief to the clogged nerves and helps them to unwind and releases the stress it has gathered over a period of time. Many people with chronic back pain are said to have a lot of relief with around six months of periodic massages from therapists.

Medicated oils are great for the skin. They help in the softening of the skin and also in the releasing of toxins that leave the skin soft and supple. In the olden times, the use of ayurvedic massages was not just for medicinal reasons but also for enhancing the beauty of any individual.

There are many reasons due to which people go to a massage parlour. Since this has been a part of our culture so falling back to it at times of need is only understandable. All good and reputable massage parlours and salons have good massage therapists and use the best oil for the benefit of the customers. If you are staying in Chennai then River Salon Day Spa is the best place to go for massages & salons. They have some of the best therapists in the city and they help people to regain health and beauty. To know more about River Salon & Day Spa Contact us: at 8287811111 or visit our website


How Massage Therapy Help Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that affects the Central Nervous System especially the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. It causes many symptoms and is becoming widespread. More than 2.3 million have been diagnosed with MS worldwide and an average 200 cases have been cropping up in the United States every week. Let us understand more about the disease and also discuss if massage therapy can provide relief from some of the symptoms.

According to many of the MS organizations like the National MS Society, the best way to treat the effects and progression of MS is one of the FDA-approved-disease modifying drugs. However many people with MS use massage therapy and other wellness techniques for prevention or relief from the symptoms. While it’s quite easy to get a massage at home, it’s best when you avail services from an expert massage centre. Riverday Spa in Chennai provides Professional Spa & Massage Services that not only rejuvenates your body but also relieves your body from symptoms like:

a. Spasticity
One of the most commonly experienced symptoms in MS is stiffness and involuntary muscle spasms in the limbs. Medications, exercises, physical therapy and stretching are usually prescribed by neurologists to relieve these symptoms of MS. A Full Body Massage and a body massage can also help here by reducing muscle stiffness and increasing blood circulation to affected areas. Spa Massages and body treatments can also help relax muscles and reduce the soreness and rigidity in them.

b. Sorrow and Anxiety
MS can take a serious toll on mental health in patients with MS, besides profoundly affecting physical health. Depression, anxiety, stress and mood changes are common in people suffering from MS. Massage can reduce symptoms of depression and can boost mental health. Massage can increase the release of endorphins or the ‘feel-good hormones’ such serotonin and dopamine which encourage relaxation and reduce the feeling of anxiety and nervousness. Also, a massage promotes oxytocin and epinephrine which increase feelings of euphoria

c. Pain
Pain in the joints, shoulders, back, head or jaws is common symptoms in MS. Massage is effective in providing relief from pain in the body’s soft tissues, tendons and muscles. Besides massage, Spa Massages and Body Treatments also promotes blood circulation the affected areas further alleviating the pain. The comforting human touch during a massage is definitely invaluable.

d. Sleeping Disorders
People with MS often have trouble sleeping soundly primarily due to frequent nighttime urination, spasticity and periodic limb movements. Poor sleep causes fatigue and stress and makes some MS symptoms feel worse, further leading to poorer sleep thereby creating a vicious sleep. There are a few ways that massage can lead to better sleep. A hormone called Cortisol, which causes stress and disrupts sleep decreases significantly following massage therapy. Also increased serotonin, a hormone that helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm is a common benefit gained through massage. By regulating these hormones a massage can promote restful sleep.

Expert massage services with Riverday Spa Chennai

Riverday Spa in Chennai is one of the best massage centres in Chennai that offers several Spa Massages and Body Treatments, Hair Dressing Treatments and full body massage all over Chennai and Egmore. We provide Professional Spa & Massage Services that helps you destress in a quality way and contribute to a healthy living in a cost-effective way.

What is Reflexology? How do they Benefit Overall Health and Wellness?

Reflexology is to enjoy massage on particular reflex points on your feet, head and hands.

When it is about benefiting the most from a trip to a hotel spa nearby or resort spa nearby book for the best massage at the spa. Take a long way to assess the different massages in the spa menu and make sure you choose the best therapy at the spa and return from your holiday with complete relaxation and no pain. Welcome good health and energy on your arrival massage in Chennai

Reflexology is usually misconceived and overlooked spa therapy in which the therapist performs on the reflex points on your foot, hand and ear that are said to be connected with certain organs and glands in your body. When you stimulate these points with the pressure using fingers, massage therapist says it helps in promoting the health and circulation in those organs and glands through the flow of energy in the body’s pathways.

When performed by expert practitioners, reflexology is a highly relaxing therapy with the effect being felt in all parts of your body. The therapist will use a different type of techniques such as holding, pressure from the finger, kneading, rotating and rubbing so be all set for an intimate experience when you book for reflexology at a spa in hotel or spa nearby.

Not Just a Foot Massage: Complete Body Rejuvenation

The expert therapist who practices reflexology include hands and feet in their treatment session and you will be able to feel the circulation improving in your complete body after the reflexology is completed. In case the therapist is not trained or inadequately skilled you still have no reasons to get disappointed because you will have a feel of long foot massage.

There is proof that people from Egypt and China have practised certain hand and foot therapy around 4000 years back. Now the recent rediscovery is a type of systematized foot treatment found by William Fitzgerald a doctor who named it as Zone Therapy. His findings were highlighted among the public in an article published in 1915 “To Stop that toothache, Squeeze your Toe.” Published in Everybody’s Magazine.

Eunice Ingham called as the pioneer of modern reflexology developed this finding by painstaking relating the connection between food and all the other organs and glands in the human body. From this, Ingham created a system of therapies that may help the therapist to get a connection with reflexes in the highly effective and economical way. This system is also called as Original Ingham Method and though this technique was again refined, her legacy is known to be the base of modern reflexology.

What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

Booking a reflexology appointment at a spa nearby with a trained massage therapist who is expertise in reflexology can be truly advantageous particularly for someone who has pains related to those organs and health issues in the related body parts and glands.

The main foundation of reflexology, zonal therapy depends on the theory that the body is categorized into ten zones from head to toe longitudinally with five on either side of the body. Practitioners assume that pressure on the foot or hand reflex points will give health benefits for the organs on the same zone.

In recent times, reflexology practitioners have started to include the acupressure tactics of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( T.C.M) in their therapies. However, reflexology is from the theory of zones rather than TCM theory of meridians or energy routes both therapies are created from the principle that performing/pressurizing on a particular point can give therapeutic effect to the different parts of your body.

Reflexology is comparatively a fast massage therapy that concentrates only on foot, hands, ears and head. This is what makes it distinct particularly who look to keep on their dress while taking a massage at the spa and for those who don’t want to spend time cleaning up after treatment at the spa.

How to Book a Reflexology Appointment at Spa nearby?

Generally, the best spas in hotels usually have a therapist who has expertise in reflexology. So ask the therapist if they are certified or have a particular training done in reflexology before you book for reflexology at the spa.

Any therapist performing massage or esthetician who is licensed to perform on the body is legally authorized to perform reflexology although they may not have much training in it. It is recommended to get reflexology from a person who has got an expert training in reflexology and is certified for doing the therapy as this individual is more likely to know the best remedy for the pain and issues you are facing in your body.

A reflexology appointment must not take above 30 minutes of your time from the time your therapist begins performing. So it’s quick treatment at a hotel spa or day spa in Chennai. As all practitioners are not well versed in this treatment, it’s always better to double-check at spa whether the therapist is certified to perform reflexology and has knowledge about the pressure points.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage is a label that depicts the purpose of the treatment along with the many health benefits it offers. Another aspect of therapeutic massage is that the customer and the therapist both focus on the same goal of making structural modifications within the physique usually through regular massage sessions.

It will be interesting to know a short history of why therapeutic massage is a key term in the massage therapy industry. In the 1880s therapists practised within conventional medications as physician’s assistants and also offered private consulting.

They are experts in the soft tissue manipulations called effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotement- the conventional strokes of Swedish massage which were created by the European Medicine doctor Johann Mezger.

The Development of the Massage Parlor

Around the 1930s, the Swedish massage was a complete study of physiotherapy that comes with soft tissue manipulation, strokes, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy for normal health, treating health issues and rehabilitation sessions spa in Chennai

Therapist work as physiotherapists along with doctors and also in YMCAs, community baths, spas, beauty parlours and also at their health clinics which are also called massage parlours.

However, with the emergence of massage parlours, a variety of services came into existence. Around 1950s and 1960s massage parlour was a euphemism for a space for sex work. Massage as legitimate treatment had downgraded into disrepute so has the work of masseuse and masseur.

Around the 1960s and 1970s, a new set of people inspired by the people potential acts and chance of natural healing started to show interest in massage therapy again. The Esalen Institute in California which began in 1962, created its new style of Esalen Massage. They also named them as massage therapists and called the work they performed as “Therapeutic Massage” which helped in restoring the reputation of professional massage.

Till day male clients look for independent female therapists to enquire about massage services offered in a spa in Chennai, which is a clue that they are looking for a happy ending by enquiring about whole-body massage or extras. By defining the treatment as therapeutic massage best spas in Chennai indicate that they are no happy ending and keeps a full stop to the unwanted enquiry. The wrong clients drop the call and refuse for any booking at the spa.

Therapeutic Massage for Creating Structural Changes

Another meaning for therapeutic massage is that the client and the therapist both focus on a mutual goal of getting a structural change in the body with the help of routine massage sessions at the spa. As any professional massage at the spa is therapeutic with absolute health benefits some massages concentrate on relaxing and refreshing feel.

For example, a Swedish massage is a highly superficial massage which enhances blood and lymph circulation and gives you relax feel. Although it is good for your mental physical health it does not focus on changing the underlying structures in your body which may lead to pain and restrictions.

Deep Tissue Massage or Sports massage comes with deep pressure and cross-fibre friction so that it can relieve the tissue which is adhered or has spasm which definitely needs therapeutic. Whereas if you book for a massage in the resort, you may not meet that therapist again which may be a hassle for therapeutic treatment.

In a therapeutic massage, you describe your health problems to the therapist for example your pain in the hip, tightness in shoulders or a lower back spasm. The therapist follows the below four steps:

• Analyze your present situation
This means they take your history – i.e. they enquire about the duration of your pain, whether it just started all of a sudden, how is the pain type etc. The therapist will also assess your movements, check your range of motion and analyze the tissue movement while treating you for consistency and texture.

• Plan a Therapy
After the therapist has got an idea about what your problem is, he may propose a plan to treat the same. This would work on focusing on the problem you are facing and the body part that you are suffering from pain- shoulders, lower back, neck, hip etc. The therapist may also recommend full-body therapy massage if in case you require. The therapist may advise you to plan a regular massage at the spa as a series in necessary intervals and also give you an idea on how good the progress may be. The experts in a spa in Chennai may also recommend other ways to treat your pain like with the use of heat, ice, hydrotherapy or stretches. If required, the professional therapist at a spa in Chennai may refer you to other health professionals or spas in other locations like a spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore or Spa in Dubai to get the benefit of the natural vibe and climate.

• Begin the Therapy
This is when the real massage therapy begins depending on the assessment and analysations made and the agreed plan between the client and therapist.

• Check the result
Finally, towards the end of the therapy, the therapist along with you will review the outcome. Has the pain reduced? Is there better mobility in the joints? Has your postured changed for the good? Depending on the results, the therapist advises for extra sessions and the intervals. If you visit the spa every week for example you may see faster changes than of you go for two or three week’s interval sessions. An assessment of the outcome is done by the end of every therapeutic massage session at a spa in Chennai to determine the course of the therapy.

Final Words

It may look like too much involved however an expert therapist can easily assess your condition and plan a treatment quickly even in a spa in the hotel. Undoubtedly you will see a relief even in after a single therapeutic massage session at the best spa nearby. The major drawback of the hotel spa is that many clients choose massage spa while they are holidaying or vacationing. Returning for a regular massage at the spa is not practically possible. But you may always follow up the therapy at massage spa nearby as massage spas are available all over the country and across the globe- Spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore, Spa in Chennai, Spa in Dubai.
Why wait to book your therapeutic massage at a spa nearby and relieve all your pain.

Why Take Body Mask Treatment?

A body mask is about applying the creamy ingredient all over your body for enjoying a therapeutic effect like hydration, demineralizing or detoxification. The main focus is that just as your facial skin gets benefited from facial mask done at the best spa in Chennai, your body skin also gets benefited from body mask.

What is a Body mask treatment at the spa?

A spa, a body mask is done by beginning with some type of exfoliation, actually, a body scrub is a perfect way to get away the flaky dead cells from your skin. At times spa will alternate a dry body brushing which although feels great, isn’t a great choice. A body scrub is a premium as it is a therapeutic mask which penetrates into your skin deeply.

Next to exfoliation, the mask is covered on either side of the body. At the spa, you are generally wrapped using a plastic sheet or a blanket along with body wrap. The products penetrate and continue to act your skin. At times, few best international spas or best spas in Dubai, best spas in Chennai have an infrared lamp for giving you warmth feel but is occasional and rare.

One signal of the best facial is when the therapist gives you company at the room while covering you with body mask or body wrap. The therapist generally gives you a scalp massage or foot massage which gives you a more heavenly experience. Facial masks are tailor-made at few best spas in Tamil Nadu to suit your skin type and skin condition. In case your skin red or inflamed, the body mask at the spa must be calm and soothe. In case you have oily or congested skin the facial mask helps you in extracting the impurities accumulated in your skin.

Body Mask Ingredients

The body usually come with few active ingredients as follows:

• Clay or mud which is great detoxifiers. They aid in extracting the oil and impurity accumulated on the surface of the skin. Clay, Kaolin or bentonite are few best ingredients for body mask that helps in tightening of the skin.
• Seaweed or algae are the best ingredients for body wraps as they help in remineralizing.
• Aloe vera helps in soothing particularly sunburned skin.
• Shea butter or body creams are rich body wrap ingredients and helps in moisturizing.

There is usually a mix of components like French green clay and algae blended with water, body oils and essential oils. Usually, spas manufactured these body masks on a commercial basis. So there are chances of including synthetic elements which you may not appreciate. Glyceryl stearate and PEG 100 stearate holds water and oil as a bond which is also known to be an emulsifier. Dimethicone a polymer from silicone. Spas offer ayurvedic body mask as well so you may choose the best ayurvedic spa for such treatments.

DIY Body Masks

You can make your preferred body mask but it isn’t easy to get a body mask done all by yourself just as other home spa treatments such as body scrub or face masks. The key components for body masks such as bentonite clay and algae are a few rare ingredients and difficult to find. They are also quite expensive and messy to make a blend.

At best spas in Chennai, you get this treatment done in a wet room which has showers, tiled flooring and drains so that all the used ingredients flow down and the space is clean for next use. They unroll plastic on the massage table and give warm ambience for you’re to relax and wrap you completely. Also, your therapist will run through their fingers on your scalp and massage you thoroughly and this gives a quick run for time. As you relax on the table, your body’s circulation is enhanced and detoxification is triggered. Both go hand in hand giving you a relaxed and refreshed feel.

Enjoy a Therapeutic Bath

A simple option to get the benefits of body mask at home is to get a complete body scrub and get a warm shower using bets products used in the International spa. A therapeutic bath helps in enhancing slimming and detoxification. It nourishes your skin with necessary minerals and other vital elements.

Few best ingredients to use for the therapeutic bath are slimming lotion, sea salt, seaweed, lemongrass, algae, essential oils and coconut butter. These are easily available ingredients which aren’t too pricey too massage in Chennai

Seaweed has the best detoxification agents and remineralising attributes. Get a body scrub after a body wrap and take a warm shower using the essential oil and complete the therapy using coconut oil with lemongrass which is the best combination of organic hydrator.

Relax get wrapped and unwrap the refreshed You!!!

What is Exfoliation? Why should I Exfoliate My Skin?

Exfoliation is to remove the dead, keratinized skin cells that are present of the surface of the skin that smoothens skin giving a fresh appearance and clears the pathway for various facial serums and products to penetrate deep within the skin’s surface.

It is a highly significant aspect in both facials at spa and body treatments at the spa. But remember exfoliation is a sword with two sharp ends. You may mistakenly easily overdo exfoliation in face particularly when you do it at home with overzealous scrub ingredients and low-quality products. Though the other parts of your body may bear the overdose of exfoliation it is difficult for the face to bear it as it is quite soft and gentle Spa in Chennai

Looking out for an expert exfoliation therapy and booking a dermatologist appointment or aesthetician appointment during your break is the ideal way to begin an exfoliation schedule without any worries about skin damage especially if you have sensitive skin. While you receive such treatments at spa or resort, remember there are two varieties of exfoliation available for you. Each of them has their own specialties and come with a different procedure. So check them out to avoid any skin damage while you give importance to your hygiene massage in Chennai.

Why clean the dead skin?

Our skin is continuously developing new cells in the lower level i.e. dermis and sends it to the surface known as the epidermis. As the cells come over the top they happen to die and gets packed with keratin which in a way form a protective layer for the skin but they constantly slough off in order to let the new young cells to grow best couple massage centre in Chennai

As we get older the procedure for cell turnover reduces and cells begin to accumulate unevenly on the surface of the skin, make it dry, rough and dull. Exfoliation is advantageous as it helps in removing those unwanted cells that have piled up and made the fresh, young cells appear bright on the skin.

If your facial skin looks dull with a pasty appearance as it is in old aged people facial skin who don’t follow exfoliation process a routine of exfoliation session at the spa that emphasizes right exfoliation will give you the best results and make you look young and fresh. Also, if there is an accumulation of white substance all over your body, don’t miss to book a body scrub at the spa for cleansing your complete body.

Two Types of Exfoliation

There are two major kinds of exfoliation – mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation means rubbing of the dead cells with a type of abrasive which includes something form jojoba beads to diamond-shaped tip microdermabrasion machine. On the other side, chemical exfoliation is using acid that has fruit enzymes and highly powerful facial peels to blend the glue kind of ingredient that packs the cells together.

There are many mechanical exfoliations such as salt glow, body scrub and others which uses sugar, ground coffee beans or skin brushing. Over the facial skin, scrubs use tiny, circular gentle abrasives such as jojoba beads. Also, you must be sure to keep your skin away from harsh ingredients such as apricot scrubs that lead to micro-tears on the skin. A little more aggressive and effective kind of mechanical exfoliation is microdermabrasion where tiny elements are used to rub on the skin to shed away the dead cells faster without any skin damage.

Enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), (BHAS) beta hydroxy acids are meant for chemical exfoliation therapies to soften the cellular bonds which help in sloughing away the skin’s layer altogether. Facial peels are a type of chemical exfoliation however chemical peel are either too gentle or too aggressive based on the ingredients involved in the peel. Body therapies come with slight chemical exfoliants such as pineapple enzymes.

Exfoliation during a Break: How to choose your body Treatment?

When you head for a break, particularly if you want to present yourself at the best and want to look pretty in your travel pics, all you need to do is book your spa appointment. You may choose a hotel spa or resort spa or destination spa at Coimbatore or other tourist places in Tamil Nadu. A professional exfoliation done at spa helps in rejuvenating your skin and gives a fresh appearance. The gentle abrasive or a painful scrub, choosing the severity of the treatment is all yours. You may decide on what suits them best for your travel itinerary.

Mechanical exfoliations are usually very gentle and it gives the best results if you want to have the fresh-looking face and want to get decked up in makeup without having red or raw look. On the other hand, chemical exfoliants may give you pain and skin irritation for some time or a few days after the session. This will stop you from getting exposed to sun rays and you may not be able to put any makeup on your face which isn’t a comfortable choice if you are travelling.

If you have planned for a private getaway for taking out time for self-caring then walking around a luxury resort during the break with red a face shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are planning to wander around the town for sight-seeing and shopping then you may choose an exfoliation that is less abrasive as it would treat your skin gently and give you a good glow.

In both the types you must check whether the spa or resort is accredited or is monitored by a professional doctor or aesthetician. Chemical treatments can be risky if was done by individuals who lack expertise and professionalism. So make sure your spa therapist is well trained and expert in exfoliation therapy. The therapist must have enough knowledge about various skin types and treatments that best suits every skin type body massage Chennai.

Why Over-Exfoliation is dangerous?

When you exfoliate your face a lot, your skin turns out to be sensitive and gets red and the irritation raises rather than giving a smooth and even-toned skin which you intended to have. So, rather than pampering your skin you may end up have a worse appearance.

If you are planning to get a facial peel, you may have to wait for some time prior to booking your next spa appointment as you are going to peel away an complete layer of skin securing the dermis. Also, you must avoid waxing after peeling as you may scrape or break the skin which may result in raw living tissue being exposed that may have to scab over to get well.

You must be careful when you expose your skin to sun rays after the exfoliation is done particularly if you have just finished an aggressive chemical facial peel at the spa. Also, speak up to the bets aesthetician in Chennai about the ingredients used and how regular you must get your skin exfoliated if your skin is sensitive or aging.

Another major problem with exfoliants that is dangerous for the environment is the inclusion of microbeads in the various face and body scrubs that are made with low-quality substance and are cheap. The unhealthy ingredients in these products go down the drain to the sewage treatment plants that filter it into the rivers and canals which are consumed by fish and water animals. So check for products that have no microbeads in them for your safety and environment sustainability.

What are the different types of Spa- Six Types of Spas?

  1. Destination Spas-
    Destination spas are a fancy establishment of spas that are found in quite specific locations and quite influential. These are known as luxury spas in Chennai and they focus on rich and luxury spa experience for their customers. The spa is designed in such a way that the ambience gives you relaxation and rejuvenation. Its aim is to introduce healthy lifestyle in you thereby these spas along with central spa availability also offer exercise sessions, yoga, mental and physical health sessions and also explore many adventurous activities. This is a kind of spa that you may have a visit and stay for a minimum of 3 days to return back with a refreshed and wholesome spa day experience.
  2. Resort Spa-
    Resort and hotel spas are a new trend these days. As the trend picture shows, the high-class society and well-off personalities among us prefer relaxing at resorts. Beautiful scenery with a wonderful nature around you is a perfect place to unwind your stress and enjoy your holidays or take a break from your everyday routine. As resorts have turned out to be a highly preferred place, a spa in this holiday spot will definitely be a cherry on the cake. With many resorts and hotels in Chennai, Trichy and Coimbatore there are plenty of hotel spas trending in the market. Hotel spas in Trichy, Chennai and Coimbatore offer both basic and premium spa services. The cost of services of these spas is not very expensive but a little higher than the normal ones. So this absolutely not a regular spa visit, the service and the cost is premium massage in Chennai
  3. Day Spas
    These are spas that are meant to offer all the basic spa services like massages, facial or scrub and they come in a nominal price tag. These are best suitable to go for a regular spa day as they offer all essential spa services and all at a reasonable price. Also, remember these spas don’t provide any special services like locker facility or robes as these are your regular spas. However, there are special services such as body treatments at Spa in Chennai
  4. Mineral Spring Spa
    These spas are known for providing the customers with the right on site base of natural components, seawater or heat included in hydrotherapy therapies they offer. These spas are introduced in locations which are known to have excess natural resources and are packed with the minerals used in spas. This is the spa that was famous in yesteryears which is the major reasons spas became the trend of the day. There is a number of yesteryear spas that are set up and functioning in various locations across the world.
  5. Club Spas
    Club spas are usually seen in fitness centres and their main concentration is on fitness. Apart from that these spas provide expert monitored spa services on a regular spa day for customers. However, these spas can be used only based on the club membership as these spas are attached to clubs. But many club spas also welcome customers who non-club members with a different price range for the services offered.
  6. Medical Spas
    According to the study, the health of the individual erupts from the dee nerves of a person’s mind. A medical spa is a spa that helps people who have a medical condition and mental discomfort as it blends both medical treatment and spa relaxation in one go. These spa centres give complete relaxation for patients suffering from various illness and recovering from different surgeries. Certain treatments offered in these spas are Botox, laser treatments, intense pulsed light therapies and hair removal using a laser, photo facials, chemical peeling, and skin tightening treatment and cellulite treatments and many more. Viti a medical spa and enjoy both medical and beauty benefit.
    Final Word
    There are many spas across the country. Spas in Chennai, Spas in Trichy, spa in Coimbatore all are classified under various types of spas as we have explained above. Based on your need, convenience and time you may visit one of the above spas and know more about the services they offer. Enjoy a good spa day!!!

What should I do if I want to avail beauty spa services at home?

A pausing moment is much needed when you have worked out all your energy and had a tiring day. Many of you may spend some lighter moments with friends and family, go to a mall and dine out or work out at the gym or get yourself busy in any hobby that will wash away your stress. But visiting a spa is more relaxing and is also highly beneficial for your wellness routine. Why not try it?

Isn’t it great news, to enjoy home spa services? You can relax with a comfortable spa experience at the comfort of your home. No more hassles of travelling or waiting for your turn for long hours. Book your service and get chilled with the best massage service or mani/Pedi. The spa service you need or long for will knock your door and will take away your stress right from your head to toe Spa in Chennai

Now, let’s find out what to remember while selecting the best home spa service that will suit your stress-relieving needs.

• Availability
Maybe you don’t have enough time to visit a regular spa service at a spa nearby which is the reason you might opt for a spa at home. Home spas must be able to accommodate your request for service in the time slot you are available. If you are someone who has absolutely no time for caring yourself or have tight-packed scheduled to insert any me time in it then you must choose a home spa service that is available 24/7 and works even on public holidays. Spas expect their customers to book at least a few hours prior to your preferred service time, so it is appreciable if you call them in advance and book your time slot for your home spa and massage centre in Chennai

• Prices and Location
Be prepared to pay a slightly higher price than your normal spa service at the spa because the travel charges and the service fee is generally included in this price. Home spa is usually provided on standard/ fixed-price or it is offered based on per-hour rates. Select the pricing based on what is more reasonable for you. Choose a spa service that is available within around 50 km radius from your location in order to avoid any delay in the service. Certain spas quote the usual service rates and charge the one way or round trip expense incurred to reach your location separately. Also, check out sites that offer best deals for spa services and enjoy your home spa discounts/ coupons and freebies massage centre in Chennai

• Services
What are the services you would like to avail? If you have not fixed any budget and has a focus only on the quality of service, check out the home spas that offer the best spa services nearby. There are many home spa services that offer massage, manicure, pedicure, waxing, facials, body scrub, body wrap and other body treatments. There are spas in Chennai that offer spa membership and spa combo service packs which are great deals to enjoy a bunch of services at a discounted price. There are also spas that offer a variety of services when you book as a group or family. Choose family spa services where your family can have a relaxing time at home by enjoying various spa services and body treatments. It will be a wonderful bonding experience best spa in Chennai

  1. Options
    Speaking about options, spas in Chennai, Spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore and other cities in Tamil Nadu offer a wide range of services to enjoy. For instance, along with manicure or pedicure, they also offer nail art as complimentary. Isn’t it exciting? Joy fill your mind with those pretty designs and colourful shades on your nails. Massage services come are available in plenty, under different categories according to your preference and needs. Swedish, shiatsu, ayurvedic, detoxifying and many more massages may be chosen based on what your body thrives for. You may also choose scented or unscented oil based on your preference. All of these choices at your luxury at home. Enjoy luxury spa at home.
  2. Full Spa Package
    Choose a home spa service that provides a full package of all spa services. They right at your doorstep offering the best spa services so why miss the joy of enjoying the complete spa experience in your space. Also, check out if they could provide you with a portable massage table particularly if you don’t have a perfect massage table/bed. Also, you may choose to ask for a massage table or bed if you have to disturb a family member’s resting hours while you get your massage done. Request them for hygienic and clean towels, candles and aromatic scents to bring in the spa ambience at your home. Inform them you would also prefer their musical tracks to get the exact atmosphere of the spa and enjoy the best relaxing spa mood.
  3. Professionalism
    Check out if they have certification in being the best therapist or manicurists. Also, make sure they are well trained and they visit you in a perfect uniform with hair tied up high as a bun. Make sure they keep up their time and visit you as per the appointment schedule. Keep a check on their mannerisms and behaviour after they begin your spa treatment. Avoid encouraging their phone calls while performing therapies or treatments. Ask them to reduce or not talk to their fellow therapist while performing the treatment as it will disturb your peace. Make sure you book your spa appointment only from a best spa service provider who understands the worth of your time, money and trust. Also, read the reviews and comments written by their previous clients to have an idea of the quality of their service. It is better to avoid unethical and unprofessional service providers.
    Spa treatments apart from bringing down your stress also help in enhancing the wellness of your health and mind. Enjoying the spa service at home helps you in saving your travelling time and also give you a chance of pampering yourself at your comfortable space. Getting a spa massage or foot spa or manicure while enjoying your favourite TV show while sitting in your comfortable couch is definitely worth the few extra pennies you spend.
    The best climax of the home spa is that after your spa service you can enjoy a good sleep on your bed immediately after the session. Relax it’s your home!!!

Which are the services offered by beauty spas in Chennai?

Relaxation is about getting away from tension and anxiety. Stress can be relieved and you can get mental peace through various methods one such choice is booking a spa appointment nearby. A spa is a commercial setup which provides health and beauty therapies using steam baths, exercise devices, reflexology treatments, health spa and massage sessions. It is a location where you can enjoy massage, facials and body therapies such as sea salt scrubs, lemongrass scrubs etc. There are various kinds of spas. The most common ones are day spa where you book a spa for a day. You may also visit destination or health spas and resort spas where you may stay back in the night and relax.

Each spa offers different types of services. If you want to relax and get away from your daily routine book a spa appointment by checking out Spas near me and enjoy a few of the below services for your mental and physical wellness.

  1. Spa Treatments.
    Good quality spa treatments offered in a good atmosphere and pleasant ambience is very important in a premier spa experience. Check out various spa treatments offered such as massage, facial and body therapies when you visit a spa.
  2. Massage
    It is one of the well-known services in a spa in Chennai and across the world. There are a variety of massages available in each spa. Swedish massage, Balinese massage, Thai Massage are few massages that are offered in the name of a place with a wonderfully relaxing experience. Synchronized massage, sports massage and detoxification massage are good for both your physical and mental wellness. Ayurvedic massage using herbs, natural essential oils and other natural ingredients are beneficial for your body and mind. Few such massages are Abhyangam massage, ayurvedic massage, sense of Siam massage, deep tissue massage, head toe Aroma massage and many others. Enjoy the soft touch and pain-relieving strokes provided by the expert therapist in best spas in Tamil Nadu.
  3. Specialty massage
    These messages are easily available in many spas in Trichy, Chennai and Coimbatore. The hot stone massage is one such massage. Watsu is a type of specialty massage but it is not easily available as it has to be done in water so it requires a specific pool. Check out for specialty massage like lava shell massage, foot reflexology, couple massage, shiatsu etc… at various massage centres in Chennai.
  4. Facials
    Going for regular facial treatment is a must for maintaining your skin. It helps in caring for your skin to stay healthy and glowing. It is a very important aspect of maintaining your beauty and also health. Every facial has its own benefits. Witness the complete changeover in your skin’s texture, tone and glow after a perfect facial at a spa in Chennai or spa near your location.
  5. Body treatments
    Few of the common body treatments in spas are body polishes, body scrubs and body wraps. Don’t confuse with massages as body treatments. Both are different and it is good when you take both together. Body treatments at the spa are perfect for cleansing your body, tightening your skin, makes you feel supple and refreshed. Body treatments can make you feel energized and well-toned. Why wait? Book for your body treatment at the spa immediately at a spa nearby – Spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore, Spa in Chennai.
  6. Waxing and Hair removal
    Waxing and eyebrow shaping is generally done in a many best spas in Chennai. It is done by waxing specialties who are trained specifically in this skill of removing hair without any pain using the right wax ingredients. There are also knowledgeable and have all the necessary training in cleanliness and sanitation which is very important while waxing.
    Excess hair spoils your look when you wear trendy clothes, it pulls down your fashion statement so define your perfect look by booking an appointment for waxing at the spa. Hair removal helps in giving you a polished and attractive look.
  7. Energy Work & Metaphysical Spa Treatments.
    Energy work is all about your physique’s mild energies that can be analyzed using conventional science. The therapist understands the energy flow in your body and clears the blocks created in your cells. This helps the energy flow freely to maintain the body’s energy flow. Although every massage has a certain element of the energy function, certain therapies are very mild and are done for specifically to resolve one particular body issue. Metaphysical spa treatments are meant for resolving problems related to the body’s energy field.
    Hope you have explored the treats you can enjoy when you visit a spa. Benefits of going to a spa are numerous, reap all the boons by booking regular spa appointments. With many Best spas in Chennai, you can relax from your daily chores by visiting a spa nearby. When you visit cities such as Trichy, Coimbatore and other major cities in Tamil Nadu you may also enjoy the distinct experience at Best Spas in Trichy, Best Spas in Coimbatore and other cities too.
    Search “Spa near me” and enjoy a good relaxing time.

What is a Normal Dressing Practice in Spas in India?

Let’s discuss on the dress code followed in India at Spas
Many of you might have faced inconvenience due to less or no clothes when some stranger (therapist) is around and this is a major deterrent when it comes to spa session even when best spas with good treatments are easily accessible. Hope after reading our blog you turn out to be an avid spa-goer shedding away all your inhibitions regarding minimum clothes and Spa in Chennai

Particularly being an Indian our culture brings in body shyness so the minimal clothing concept kind of brings in discomfort irrespective of being a new person going to spas or a spa enthusiast who is just new to spa treatments. This shyness in fact pops in even when you go the best spas in Chennai with a high rating.

With handsome experience in the spa industry and being part of the development of the Indian spa and wellness industry, we urge to clear the fog around this hush-hush topic of minimal attire at spas. Spa-goers may it be a luxury spa, best spa in the city or spa for routine spa treatments less clothing at all spas is a discomfort for all women and men. Especially first timers to spas find it highly uncomfortable. Now let’s clear this ambiguity and let no more embarrassing moments occur for anyone.
Moreover, unavailability of much information about spa dressing etiquettes in our country is the major reason for this confusion. The idea of No clothing gives this business a tainted grey shade. This is the major reason why many spa-goers are pulled back.

So, now let’s check out what is the permissible dressing norm in Indian Spa?

Generally, many spas suggest customers to undress their personal clothing. But most of the highly ranked best spas in Chennai and other places provide you with disposable bathrobe and underwear. However, if a spa doesn’t provide you such use and throw dress, beware! It isn’t recommended to take any service there.

And in many best spa and massage centres in Chennai, it is compulsory for a client to be ready on a disposable dress or their own underwear they are ready to dispose before a spa session. The therapist or masseur is instructed in the best spas to stop providing any spa treatment if the customer doesn’t comply with this code of conduct. This official rules in spas secure the privacy of both customer and therapist.

In most of the best spas in Coimbatore, Chennai and major cities in Tamil Nadu, the customers are draped in disposable sheets or towels. The part of the body where the massage is done is only exposed. If your right leg is massaged, the skin above your right leg –hip, back everything is covered with sheets. Even your left leg is covered when the right leg is massaged. Privacy is always kept in mind by the therapist at best massage centres in Trichy, Coimbatore, Chennai and other cities.

To clear the doubts – Full body massage doesn’t mean massaging your nether parts and definitely, it is not appreciable when you expose yourself or remain intentionally ignorant. It is similar to going for a complete medical check-up and looking for a lab assistant to conduct an ultrasound in your private parts. Sound weird right? So keep away the weird thoughts and get cool and book your spa appointment with right intentions. Many best spas await for you with the right intention too.

When you are at some common areas such as steam, sauna, changing room where many people are around wearing a towel or bathing robe. When changing your dress use the shower room when you don’t have a specific room to change. If there is a private relaxing space in the spa you may relax with no or minimal clothes after your spa session. That is your choice.
Also, the standard rules for spa clothing in all best spa and professional massage centres are in practice. Therapists and experts are trained with awareness knowledge, audit checks and management guidelines. There is no exception rule to this in professional spas in Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore and other cities in Tamil Nadu.

In many best spa spread across the country and spas in a hotel in many cities follow the “No Question” policy. According to this rule when a customer doesn’t comply with the rule of wearing a disposable dress or their personal brief and doesn’t cooperate with a therapist in draping rules while conducting the treatment, the therapist may walk out of the session or room with an excuse. The spa manager may then speak to the customer and explain them the rules professionally and tell them that Spas are meant for Holistic services and it is not a place for sexual or promiscuous behaviour. Spas that follow such rules are appreciated in the industry as the best spa for family and couples.

So in nutshell, the fact is Spa is not for Nudity. Moreover, a good spa experience will give you a better understanding of your boy and makes you understand the privacy you need along with gentleness and therapeutic effect.

Now that we have showered you with all confidence and broken all the stigma related to spa dressing why wait? Check out for the best spa near me. Grab your mobile and book a spa appointment.
Feel relaxed, it is just a Spa nothing more to fear. Happy Spring!!!

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