Etiquettes at Spa- Stripping to Tipping

Spa etiquette must be an exciting topic if you are a first time spa going person. The basic tips to known about spa before going are interesting. Check out few basic rules regarding spa etiquette which will give you an idea of what to expect and what to do at spa.

Switch Off Your Mobile Phone

Generally spas don’t permit you to carry your mobile phone to the spa. Your relaxation time will not be completely satisfactory if you keep answering the calls, replying to emails and texting for messages at spa. It will also disturb the person getting the service along with you. At times it is fine to text or reply emails when you are getting your pedicure done however it is recommended to refrain from talking over calls.

Reach on Time

How advance you have to reach before the appointment is based on the type of spa you are visiting. It also depends on whether you have already visited the spa in chennai and what kind of timing they maintain. Ten or fifteen minutes must be apt for a normal day spa with no much amenities such as locker rooms, robes, steam and sauna. You might require few minutes for getting the form filled if you are visiting that spa for the first time.

You may not have to reach there too early if all you have to be doing is to undress yourself in the treatment room. Just take your time and reach exactly at appointment schedule. There is nothing worse than getting a quick and hurried massage. It is recommended to reach in advance and relax than to reach late and get your treatment half-done.

Reach there may be 20 to 30 minutes in advance if it’s a bigger well known day spa, a hotel spa, a resort spa or a destination spa like spa in Coimbatore. There may be bookings done prior to you and you must get the form filled, get a tour of the amenities in the spa, change your dress and relax using the facilities such as steam room or hot tub.

Enquire about the facilities when you book your appointment and plan on what amenities you would like to use. It is time to begin relaxing in the steam room or hut tub. It will aid in better relaxation before beginning your massage. A swim or bath in the spa’s pool prior to changing your dress and slippers is a good start. Exercise class will relax your muscles before a striking massage in chennai. So based on the services offered in spa your preferences change. If you arrive at the spa ten minutes before your appointment, you will have enough time change into robe, plan your therapy and discuss with therapist.

If shower facility is available in the locker room, it is recommended to use before the therapy. It will help you in refreshing before the treatment. This is essential if you been in the hot tub or pool for a long time which is filled with chlorinated water. You need to get rid of those chemicals before the massage for a good after effect.

Talk About What You Need

Who book for a massage appointment, the front office staff will usually enquire whether you prefer a male or female massage therapist. If you aren’t particular about whom you prefer you may be offered a male therapist as there is always a demand for female therapist. Therapists in spa are trained on how to protect your privacy and they are trained professionally on draping techniques so our privacy is under sheets at all times.

At the time of massage, talk about what you prefer and what you don’t like – deep pressure, low pressure, silent tunes, a blanket if you feel cold , turning off the table warmer and many more. Your comfort is the highly necessary and the therapist is there to offer you convenient service.

The Nudity Question

Massage is generally performed when you are nude but you are draped in a sheet throughout the session in all spas. Only the body part where the massage is performed is exposed. You may choose to wear your inner garments however it may stop the therapist from massaging the muscles that may be important.

If you are a first time spa goer and have anxiety issues regarding massage done by a stranger on your skin then you may choose to go for reflexology treatments in which you can stay in your clothes. Facials also will be good choice if you don’t want to undress. Thai massage in chennai is a clothed therapy however few stretches may be a bit advanced if you are a first time spa person.

If you have booked for two therapies together then go for a massage prior to your facial. A body scrub in chennai treatment is recommended prior to a massage.

Speaking During Treatments

You may speak up at the time of treatment or remain still,it’s your choice. The therapist must be hinted about your choice. If you want to relax in silence and the therapist keeps talking you may hint like “I prefer to remain quiet and relax for some time”. This will give a clue to the therapist about your preference. Try to use a spa voice that is quiet tone so that you don’t disturb anyone around you in the spa.

After the treatment is completed the therapist would offer robe and keep it across your table. Raise up relaxed and refreshed after the session. The therapist would await for you outside the room with a glass of water and will guide you towards the lounge to relax.


This differs from spa to spa. In day spas 15-20% of tipping is casual. Various resort spas include a service fee, however all of this doesn’t go for the therapist. If you choose to offer them something extra for their satisfying service and wonderful care you may go ahead and pay. If you a spa membership card holder, you may pay what you saved as a tip to the therapist, it’s your choice.

Cancellation of spa appointment

Generally spas have a policy for cancellation “24hour cancellation policy. At time if there is pre-booking amount charged then you may either loose the booking fee or the spa may deduct a cancellation fee and refund the remaining amount. Spas expect their customers to inform them beforehand if they are planning to cancel their appointment as last minute cancellations affect their business and revenue tremendously.  The spa might have reserved a therapist just for your appointment and if you fail to turn up and not pay for the service the therapist loses the payment for that hour. So don’t spoil someone’s daily wage or business. Inform if you think to cancel your spa booking.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go for a Thai Massage

Trying to Gather Some Courage to Check Out a Thai Spa in Chennai?

Curious about all that hype surrounding Thai massages? Did you Google for Thai massage images on the internet and got a little spooked seeing them? Or did you get interested despite those images but are still hesitant to go to a spa for one?

Whatever may be your attitude towards this age-old practice of deep tissue massage, you can be sure you will be dying to go for it, once you know the extraordinary health benefits offered by a true and traditional Thai massage.

What is a Thai Massage?

A Thai massage is an ancient form of massage practiced by Buddhist monks more than two and a half millennia ago. The massage in its current form has probably derived from all the other south and southeast Asian cultures. But when done right, a Thai massage provides relaxation like no other!

How a Thai Massage is typically done in a Body Spa in Chennai

Unlike the Swedish Massage, Thai massage does not involve rubbing or kneading of muscles but rather the passive positioning of the body along energy lines with the help of the massage giver so as to compress, pull, stretch and even rock all the muscles and joints! It is like doing yoga without any effort.

It’s all in the stretch!

Thai massages are all about the stretch! The massage giver works the body in such a way that every limb and appendage is stretched to the maximum. This is what causes the blissful release of tension from even muscles deep inside the body. You feel positively loose-limbed coming out of a Thai Massage. Professional athletes have been known to swear by Thai massages.

Relax your Mind, Energize your Body

It is a truth universally acknowledged that meditation and relaxation have a profound effect on health and wellbeing of both body and mind. Thai Massage in Chennai is no exception to this philosophy. The passive, deliberate movements of the body lull the mind into a state of meditative relaxation while energizing the body!

Finding the Right Balance

Thai massages seem to have found the key to maintain the right balance of Cortisol, the stress hormone, and Serotonin, a hormone responsible for happy thoughts in the brain, in the body. They help to keep these hormones at their most optimal levels in the blood, hence providing immense benefits to the health of both mind and body!

Say Goodbye to Pain

Thai massages have been known to provide relief from pain caused by certain conditions of the body such as the scapulocostal syndrome. In a study by Massage Therapy Foundation, it was found that Thai massage help reduces the pain and muscle tension between shoulder blades in such patients.

Get Your Blood Flowing

Due to their dynamic nature, where the body is constantly manipulated from one position to the other, Thai massages often help in improving blood circulation to every part of the body. This leads to better movement of oxygen around the body, nourishing the cells on the way! No wonder you feel good as new at the end of a Thai massage.

Why you Should Visit Only the best spas in Chennai for a Thai Massage!

These immense health advantages should be reasons enough for you to get rid of the fear and hesitation and book yourself a Thai Massage right away. But remember, Thai Massage needs to be done right and by experts! So, be sure you pick the best body massage spa in Chennai to experience your very first Thai Massage. Go Forth and Relax!

Bask In The Benefits Of A Thai Body Massage In Chennai

Every Thai body massage has immense benefits for an individual who takes it. The gentle pressure that is applied to the energy points in the body along with the stressing that resembles yoga, the complete body relaxes and becomes fresh again. This deep level of relaxation helps any individual to feel better both physically and mentally. This relaxation, in turn, restores the sleep pattern of the individual as well. The deep sleep is the reason why many people feel refreshed after waking up from a Thai massage. This type of massage also helps in reducing the stress levels of the individual and improves the blood circulation in the body. As a result of this, the body flexibility is also increased, allowing the individual to have a smooth movement. Trip and fall accidents could also be avoided.

Any Thai massage in Chennai is famous for slow movements that allow the mind as well as the body to calm down and relax. It increases the focus of the individual. As any stress could lead to a heart problem, it is essential that one has to lower these as and when possible. A good massage will improve the focus in an individual, decreases the body’s reaction to any stress and thereby reduce the chance of heart attacks.

Thai massages allow the individual to attain the highest relaxation levels. The stresses can be removed from the muscles, which, in turn, would ease the fluids in it. The energy levels will also be increased. Healthy muscles and increase in energy contribute to a healthy weight. Due to this, the blood sugar levels are reduced, and one can even delay or stop Type-2 diabetes, which is very common these days.

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Relief From Bone Related Pains Courtesy Massage Centers In Chennai

Thai massages can give relief to body pains due to various activities that we perform and the different type of stresses that we are subjected to. The most significant relief that it can give is the bone-related pains, which provide the best reprieve to those who are suffering from it for many years. Here are some of the leading bone related pains that you can get relief from:

Other Health Benefits Of Thai Massage At The Best Spa In Chennai

In addition to the pain relief that a Thai massage can give you, there are a lot of other health benefits that you can get from it as given below.

These are some of the benefits of Thai massages. One of the most important functions is that it can improve the overall immunity of the body. Take a Thai massage today to bask in the benefits!

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