Swedish Vs Deep Tissue Massage for Sore Tissues

Swedish Massage

Swedish vs Deep Tissues Massage Relaxation

Sore muscles are a common problem between people, especially between the young and the old. In younger people, soreness in muscles comes due to the constant running around for work and other activities, while the elderly feel the soreness creeping in due to the age factor. Young and the old all take up massages to cure the ailing parts of their body. Especially in India massages are extremely common, they have been a part of o

ur lifestyle and are recommended by the Vedas and the Ayurvedic fraternity of health practitioners. River Salon and Day Spa has the best spa in Chennai and they have master healers who know the art of bringing in cure with the help of different kinds of massages with the help of aromatic medicinal oil.

Swedish Massage for Sore Tissues

Between medical healing with the help of medicines and a massage, the most effective is a massage for any kind of muscle pain. A massage helps the muscles to relax and the effect of it is sustainable for a prolonged time. In the case of medicine, any inflammation is immediately reduced however it does not sustain its effect for a long time. The massaging process releases a hormone by the name of endorphin which is secreted by the brain. It creates a natural sense of Euphoria creating a sense of relaxation, contentment, and wellness in the person receiving the massage. If you are in a job that makes you run around the city and you get sore muscles regularly then you should visit the best River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai to get your weary body some rest. If you are ageing and you feel you are severely affected by muscle pain, going to the spa for a massage twice a month is a good idea.

Deep Tissues Massage

Deep Tissues Massage relaxation for your body pain.

Deep Tissue Massage for Sore Tissues

Deep tissue massages are meant for tissue and musculoskeletal issues. For example, pain in the bicep, triceps’, coracobrachialis (muscular attachment to the shoulder joint) are some of the skeletal muscle pains which can be taken care of with the help of a Deep Tissue Massage. The tissue soreness is usually seen in sportspeople and this massage is given to them to take care of their body pain and increase the flexibility of their body.  Many suffering from chronic back issues for a long time find their relief in deep tissue massages. It has been seen that this massage has a great effect in reducing the blood pressure of the individual due to the pressure it plays on the nerves. It has shown a lot of effect in muscle pain and strain. Deep tissue massages are also recommended in cases when the body is recovering from any injury and needs to build up flexibility. It is a sustained and effective measure for pain in the leg and back issues. The best River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai is great with deep tissue massages and has helped many young athletes to overcome everyday muscle soreness and flexibility issues.

The overall benefit of Massages

The overall benefit of massages is innumerable. Tissue massage helps people in getting rid of any kind of soreness and inflammation in the body with the help of the medicated oil and the right strokes of the healer. Mental health becomes better with the help of massages as they tend to regulate the blood pressure which takes away the mental fatigue of people and makes them healthy. In case of chronic lung diseases, massages are recommended. If a person has a chronic issue of constipation and has been suffering immensely the massages have helped even in such cases. Anxiety, distress, and mental illness already saw massage therapy as a form of treatment.

Deep tissue massage is usually focused on certain parts of the body and provides relief to the stressed areas of the body. A Swedish massage has a tendency to use strokes that move towards the heart. It tends to give relief to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and any pain or stretching of the nerves.

As compared to Deep Tissue massage a Swedish massage is less intense and full of gentle strokes on the body which enhances the feeling of relaxation and relief. It is the most common type of therapy opted among people wanting to relieve their stress and exhilarate the mind. People high on physical activities like athletes and jobs involving a lot of physical labour should go for deep tissue massages. Reach the best River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai, we have some of the best therapists and healers who look into your condition before suggesting therapy for your treatment. It is only advisable to go to a Riverday Spa outlet near your home and rejuvenate your body and mind. To know more about our locations and services log into our website www.riverdayspa.com

Swedish Massage To Untrap The Tension

Swedish Massage To Untrap The Tension

Swedish massage is arguably the most common and widely used massage in the world, especially in western countries. Though it was developed in the 19th century, it gained popularity in the 1970s that continues to the present day. So much so that it is practically synonymous with massage!

How Does Swedish Massage Differ From Other Massage Techniques?

Swedish massage does not concern itself with energy lines and flows as most Asian massage techniques do. It is entirely based on the western world’s understanding of the human body. Its philosophy is primarily about how our muscles coil and tense in response to stress, and how applying external pressure relieves them. This is the same idea that got carried over to the offshoots of the Swedish massage, such as the Deep Tissue massage or a Sports massage too.

The original formulator of the massage describes the various kinds of strokes to apply on the body – the long smooth strokes (Effleurage), the rolling (Petrissage), the circular (Friction), the percussive (Tapotement) and the shaking (Vibration) strokes. The massage combines all the five different kinds of strokes administered on different parts of the body to give you a full body relaxation.

Swedish Massage Is The Best For Beginners According To Spa in Chennai

If you are a newbie when it comes to receiving massages, Swedish massage in Coimbatore is probably the best place for you to start. It is a fairly straightforward process, where you are asked to lie down on a massage table, and a masseur or masseuse works over your muscles with gentle hand pressure. If you go to a massage center in Chennai, you can ask them to go as firm or as light as you prefer. It is better to discuss with the massage giver beforehand to establish the purpose of the massage, preferences and health conditions if any.

4 Swedish Massage Benefits That You Should Know About!

The Relief

Imagine lying down comfortably in a near-slumber state with someone expertly working out all the kinks and knots in your muscles. Ah, Heaven! Swedish massage ensures that every bit of tension in every muscle is practically ironed out of the body. All that is left behind is a blissed-out you!

Swedish massage is particularly helpful in relieving pain due to muscular tension. A lot of sportsmen and women swear by the efficiency of this massage in relieving sports related muscle pain.

The Circulation

The soothing, rolling and circular pressure applied in a Swedish massage enhances blood circulation in the body. Oxygen-rich blood flows through the body delivering nutrients to every cell on its way and nourishing the entire body with good health. Not-to-mention the added benefits of clearer skin and silkier hair!

The Protection

With all the health benefits offered by a Swedish massage in chennai , the body’s immunity from disease and sickness also improves by a great deal. Regular massage sessions can keep those pesky seasonal ailments away!

The Relaxation

The ultimate reward of a Swedish massage is the full body relaxation and rejuvenation you get at the end of it. It works like magic in erasing tiredness and stress and giving you a good night’s sleep. You can say goodbye to your sleep problems with one of these deeply relaxing massages!

There you go. If all those have not convinced you to try out a Swedish massage, nothing will! So go out there and enjoy a relaxing massage today!

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