Top 6 amazing facts about Ayurvedic massage in Chennai?

Ayurvedic massages have been a part of India since time immemorial. We all have known about the benefits of this science

Ayurvedic Massage Benefis and facts

Ayurvedic Massage amazing Facts for stress relief

for ages. A part of our scriptures, it is a science that defines the ways and means of leading a healthy life. The scripture defines the benefits of natural fruits and vegetables in daily life and the medicinal effect of naturally occurring herbs and plants on the human body. The Vedas mention the use of medicinal oil for enhancing the natural well-being of people.

The entire concept of Ayurveda is based on the natural well-being of people with the help of a natural, well-balanced diet. The second is allowing the body to detox and relax with the help of massages. Usually, these massages are full-body massages called Abhyanga. It is believed that people should take this massage every day in the morning before taking a bath.

One of the most famous massages in Ayurveda is the Abhyanga massage. In this massage hot oil is poured on the individual through a special vessel and the therapist allows the individual to relax with the warm oil and the strokes of the therapist. Soft and consistent strokes help people to reconcile their strengths and there is a lot of improvement seen in the emotional balance of people. The skin condition improves, it works on the lymphatic drainage of the individual.

Ayurvedic massage helps in lowering the blood pressure of people receiving the massage. The soft and continuous pressure on the veins allows the blood to flow at a regulated rate. This helps in the reduction of the heart rate. This has a natural medical benefit that people can avail themselves of without increasing the toxicity of the body.

Ayurvedic Massage Neuropathy Treatment

Ayurvedic Massage Neuropathy with oil

There are many patients suffering from Diabetes who feel a burning sensation in their feet. Ayurvedic doctors refer them for a foot massage on a regular basis. It soothes down the nerves and gives it a cooling effect. This therapy has had a good effect on Diabetic patients.

There are many people suffering from cracked heels which are extremely painful. The dryness of the feet develops into cracks in the skin which is not a very good sight. Many ladies are seen trying to hide their cracked heels from their friends and family. Therefore a good way of working out this trouble is to get a foot massage done regularly which increases the moisture level in the feet and takes away the painful cracks.

Back pain is a common problem that has been seen in people of different age groups. Massages have given a lot of relief to people as it provides relief to the clogged nerves and helps them to unwind and releases the stress it has gathered over a period of time. Many people with chronic back pain are said to have a lot of relief with around six months of periodic massages from therapists.

Medicated oils are great for the skin. They help in the softening of the skin and also in the releasing of toxins that leave the skin soft and supple. In the olden times, the use of ayurvedic massages was not just for medicinal reasons but also for enhancing the beauty of any individual.

There are many reasons due to which people go to a massage parlour. Since this has been a part of our culture so falling back to it at times of need is only understandable. All good and reputable massage parlours and salons have good massage therapists and use the best oil for the benefit of the customers. If you are staying in Chennai then River Salon Day Spa is the best place to go for massages & salons. They have some of the best therapists in the city and they help people to regain health and beauty. To know more about River Salon & Day Spa Contact us: at 8287811111 or visit our website


Massages for Back Pain

Back pain can have a significant impact on the patient’s life. Improper posture, muscle strain, ligament sprain are some of the causes of back pain. Massage therapy has proved to be specifically useful in mitigating back pain. Get the best Massages for back pain at the Massage and Spa Center in Chennai.

The Quadratus Lumborum and Gluteus Medius are the major muscles that stabilize and support your lower back and hips. The Quadratus Lumborum muscle extends along your lower back and helps you bend backward and sideways. The Gluteus Medius is the Posterior hip muscle that allows you lift your leg and thigh sideways. Since the hip and spine are interconnected any problem in the hip muscles can cause lower back pain. Common instances where back pain could occur include:

a. Lifting heavy groceries
b. Leaning in wrong postures
c. Sitting slumped in a chair in the wrong posture. Sudden and strenuous physical activity
e. Previous Injury to the Muscle

Best Massages for Treating Lower Back Pain

1. Swedish Massage

Although considered a ‘gentle’ and ‘light’ massage, the long strokes and rhythmic pressure used in Swedish Massage help to provide relief from pain, cramping, muscle tension and chronic stress. A Swedish Massage also improves the flow of blood and lymph to the muscles thereby providing nutrition and removal of excess lactic acid muscles. These provide relief from muscle pain. Forget your Stress and Relax with a Swedish Massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in T. Nagar.

2. Trigger Point Massage

The goal of this massage is to identify the trigger points in the muscle and release them. Trigger points are areas in the muscle where the muscles have become tight or knotted. These tight spots not cause pain in the area where they are located but also cause radiating pain in the surrounding areas. Trigger point massage aim to identify these muscle knots and apply pressure on them for a longer time and thereby release the knots. A trigger point massage in the back provides relief from lower back pain and also other conditions such as sciatica. The Best Spa and Massage Center in Porur provides Trigger point massage for relief from pain in the neck and lower back.

3. Deep Tissue Massage

In a deep tissue massage, the therapist applies deep pressure in the muscle and deeper tissues. This can help to release the tightly knotted muscles in the back thereby helping to alleviate the pain. This kind of massage is very beneficial for people with chronic back pain and those with stiff and painful areas in the back and neck. Since the pressure applied in this kind of massage is more you might feel sore for a day or two after the massage. Also do not hesitate to speak to the therapist if the pain while giving a deep tissue massage is unbearable. Get relief from neck and back pain with a Deep Tissue Massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in T. Nagar.

Check out the Different Types of Massages at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai

When Should You get a Deep Tisue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a kind of massage that targets deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. By relaxing the deep tissue, a deep tissue massage can be helpful for chronic aches, pains and stiffness like stiff neck, low back pain, sore shoulders and leg muscle tightness. The best Massage Centre in Chennai offers Full Body Massage and Deep Tissue Massage to treat body pain and help you relax.

How does Deep Tissue Massage Differ from Other Massages?

Massages like Swedish massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage focus on the superficial body regions. The best Massage Centre in Chennai offers Swedish massage, full body massage and other massages to get relief from stress and pain.

Deep Tissue Massage, on the other hand, targets the deep areas of the muscle. The massage therapist uses his fingertips, hands, elbows and forearms to apply light and then deep pressure during a deep tissue massage. As more pressure is applied one might experience pain and discomfort during the massage. It is better to speak to the therapist and tell him if the pain is severe. It is important to drink a lot of water after getting a deep tissue massage to flush out all the lactic acid in the tissues. Also, you might be sore the next day.

When there is an injury or chronic muscle pain there are group or bands of painful and rigid tissue in the muscle, tendon and ligaments. These adhesions block the circulation of blood in a particular area and cause pain and inflammation. In a deep tissue massage, the therapist applies slow and deep pressure and concentrates on the areas of tension and pain in order to reach the deep layers of muscles and fascia. Check out the Deep Tissue Massage at the best Massage Center in Egmore for relief from back pain and neck pain.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage is specifically useful for healing and rehabilitation in the following conditions
a. Chronic Pain
b. Lower back pain
c. Recovery From Injuries like Sports Injury or a Fall
d. Postural Problems
e. Osteoarthritis pain
f. Muscle Tension or Spasm
g. After a Workout
h. Postural Problems
i. Tennis Elbow

Other benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Include
a. Better Range of Motion

A deep tissue massage relieves the stress in the muscles and helps them relax. This will make your muscles more flexible and increase their range of motion. You will be able to work out better, burn more calories and get a more toned body.

b. Eliminates Pain

Deep tissue massage removes the knots from stressed and overworked muscles and fascia. This increases blood flow in the muscles and reduces pain and inflammation from the muscles.

c. Relaxes Mind, Aids in Better Sleep

By aiding in reducing the pain, a deep tissue massage provides relaxation to the mind. You will also be able to sleep better after taking a massage at the best couple spa in porur

d. Improves Overall Health

By decreasing blood pressure, improving lung function and health of muscles and tissues, a deep tissue massage at the Best Massage Center in Porur can improve your overall health.

Check out the different massages offered by the best massage in Chennai

Melt Stress Away With A Soothing Massage

The pervasive stress affects 7-year-old to 70-year-old in some form or the other. With the rush of adrenaline and cortisol, the stress mounts higher. A stress that remains constant is termed as distress which results in a negative reflex. Some of the common symptoms associated with distress include high blood pressure, sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue and chest pain.

On undergoing prolonged stress, it weakens the immune system and results in several ailments. There is an array of behavioural changes that accompany stress. An outburst of anger, social withdrawal, poor eating habits, drug or alcohol abuse are some of the prominent behavioural changes. Stress also adds to anxiety, depression and irritability. People suffering from untold stress lack focus and motivation.

The mind and the soul have an ineffable influence on the body. Thoughts have the power to influence the biological state of the body. With stress, the mind and the soul cease to perform which in turn affects the body. Research studies reveal that 90 percent of the diseases that exist today are linked to stress. Thus stress plays an important role in health and day to day life.

With the effects of stress being dreadful and unpleasant, it reduces the quality of life. One of the best ways to get rid of this awful stress is to indulge in a good massage therapy from a reputed spa in Chennai. Alleviating stress has become the need of the hour. Massage therapy has a profound and everlasting impact on relieving stress.

Eternal benefits of massage therapy

The first benefit offered by a good massage is an intense stress relief. Massaging relaxes the muscles and enhances the secretion of endorphins. Endorphins are chemical substances that restore the body's natural balance as well as provide a feel-good sense. A massage also facilitates the release of serotonin and dopamine to bring about relaxation. It lowers the heart rate and blood pressure and restores calmness.

A massage has the potential to relieve habitual as well as acute stress. A massage therapy restores equilibrium in the body and contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Clinical research on the effects of massage therapy in chennai has revealed untold health benefits. A single session of massage therapy for an hour reduces cortisol levels, lowers heart rate and controls excess insulin secretion thereby contributing to a neutral balance within the body. With stress relief, the vitality of the body recovers. A massage therapy contributes to pain relief as well. By including therapeutic massage in the day to day routine, the likelihood of being healthy in the future increases by several folds.

Massages can be customized according to the requirements of an individual. A massage contributes to a wellness lifestyle that emphasizes on preventive aspects and healthful living. It brings about balance and reconnects with the body, mind and the soul. A massage a month reduces anxiety, depression and combats against day to day work pressure.

A massage thus contributes to overall wellbeing by offering augmented energy levels, amplified serenity, enhanced physical and intellectual performance. A massage that offers such therapeutic properties should be a part of the life’s wellness program. The definition of health not only signifies the absence of an ailment but also necessitates the all-around wellbeing in terms of physical, social and intellectual attributes. In order to bring about an all-round wellbeing, a massage acts as a medicine for the mind and the body. A massage works by calming the mind, balancing the body massage in chennai and strengthening the soul. This, in turn, contributes to health, wellbeing and vitality.

With a massage, the biological state of the body is in symmetry. This contributes to a better state of health and balance. A massage brings about revitalization and renewed connection between the mind, physical body and the soul. Health being a lifetime expedition, necessitates the importance of hassle free life. A healthy diet, exercise, active lifestyle, good sleep routine, preventive care and stress-free life brings about a cherished life.

The connection between the mind, soul and the physical body is also essential to bring about an optimistic life. Thus, a massage from a spa offers ample benefits in an hour that lasts for a lifetime. Add life to your years by alleviating stress, establishing a balance and reconnect with the mind, body and soul by a good, pacifying and soothing massage.

A Serene Massage For A Blissful Life

With accumulating stress and growing spa outlets, a massage can no longer be considered as an indulgence rather it is an essential element for vigour and well-being. It acts as a remedy for pain and inflammation and also relieves stress and anxiety. A full body massage in Chennai is valued for many of its characteristic features, the most prominent one being hands-on healing. It relaxes and calms the nervous system and acts as an influential therapeutic tool. According to several pieces of research, massage therapists are the most frequently visited complementary medicine providers. Thus a massage is no longer addressed as a spa treatment instead it is a key to healing the body’s worn-out cells.

Boundless physiological benefits of a massage

Squeezing the shoulders, crushing the neck, sitting for long periods, and driving in peak hour traffic produce various forms of severe muscle tension in the body. This results in the development of chronic muscle tension which can further lead to spine problems. Continuous muscular and skeletal tension can lead to constrained blood circulation and impaired nutrient transport to various organs and tissues of the body. As the connective tissue around the muscles becomes progressively condensed and less movable, it deleteriously affects posture and breathing. Constant episodes of low-grade routine stress result in chronic hormonal, biochemical, and neurological disorders.

Massage comes in as a savior to interfere with such stress-inducing patterns to restore the body’s natural state of balance. A massage can be therapeutically defined as the handling of soft tissues of the body in order to provide physiological effects. It plays a significant role in alleviating anxiety. In conservative medicine, the efficacy of a massage and its functions towards the reduction of stress is portrayed. A convincing number of clinical trial data proves that a massage can lower the body’s level of stress hormone cortisol thereby contributing to relaxation.

A massage also plays a vital role in relieving lower back pain. Apart from stress, if something could drive people to a massage therapist, it could only be severe pain. Several clinical studies have demonstrated that a massage is a promising remedy for lower back pain. Pain can be termed as an alarm system in a body. Developing acute pain after an injury indicates something wrong. But a chronic back pain signals the possibility of a malfunction in the body. Though a massage cannot act as a cure it definitely reduces the intensity of the pain.

There are several theories that are put forth on how a massage interferes with the body’s pain loop. The gate control theory suggests that the pain signals that travel to the brain are muted by contending stimuli. In simpler words, pain is transmitted through small nerve fibers whereas a massage arouses large nerves. Larger nerves transmit messages to the brain more quickly than smaller ones. Thus, the tranquil feeling of massage triumphs over the pain. Massage coupled with core exercises offers enhanced and lasting relief for lower back pain.

The trigger point therapy acts as an effective remedy for headaches. A trigger point radiates pain due to firmly contracted muscle tissue. Trigger points located at the shoulder and neck transmit pain to the head resulting in headaches. On decreasing, the activity of trigger points headaches can be alleviated. In such instances, a massage around the neck and shoulder interrupts the trigger points, separates the contractile proteins, relaxes the cells, and alleviates headaches.

Sleep deprivation is demonstrated to be one of the major contributors to inflammation, pain, and lowered immunity owing to an imbalance in biochemical parameters of the body. The association between pain and lack of sleep is vicious in nature. Healing occurs only when the body is at optimum rest. A massage promotes undisturbed sleep patterns in people with chronic disorders. It relieves pain, induces relaxation, and contributes to a deep sound sleep.

Massaging arouses the parasympathetic nervous system which instills the rest and relaxes mode against the sympathetic fight or flight mode causing stress. A massage offers dual benefits by alleviating physical and mental stress or to offer a peaceful healing sleep pattern. It was also discovered that depression is exclusively reactive to a massage. On massaging the body increases the production of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin to elevate the mood and reduce depression. It also lowers blood pressure by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system to restore balance and emotional ease. The first instinct towards a hurt was to rub, similarly, a massage in a hotel has its worth for every penny spent.

Calming Effects Of The Massaging Process

Massaging is a process where the muscles of the body are touched and cared to create a relaxing effect. Of late, every locality has a spa in chennai that offers massage services for customers. There are many benefits associated with massaging your body. There are so many places that offer body massage in Chennai. Earlier body massages were expensive. With spas opening up in the city, the cost of a massage today starts as low as 599 rupees.

Massaging your body regularly can help both physical as well as mental state of mind. Firstly, massages relax your body and then there are also physical effects that happen when the muscles are subjected to soft pressure treatment. The relaxation response is a state of mind where both the heart rate as well as breathing happens at a relaxed pace, thus lowering the blood pressure as well as the release of stress hormones. As the body relaxes, it increases the secretion of serotonin, a chemical that has positive effects on an emotional and mental level. Some of the studies show that the serotonin levels have a direct impact on the thoughts that the brain is processing. The relaxation techniques also reduce stress, hypertension, chances of cardiac arrest, insomnia, fatigue etc. It can also cure digestive disorders and any other physical discomfort.

Massage therapy helps relax muscles and reduces pain due to contractions or spasms. It can reduce compression of nerves. Whenever muscles are compressed, nerves surrounding the muscles also get compressed. When these muscles get relaxed due to massage, the nerves also become relaxed and hence it can supply the necessary nutrients to the body effectively. They work as they used to carrying messages to the brain or carrying processed information from the brain to the muscles. The internal organs also function better.

Ligaments, tendons and muscles in the body also relax due to touch. Additionally, tissues that are present deep inside the body cannot be reached by massage. However, since the muscles that are superficial become relaxed, the muscles that are present deep inside also have the same effect. Therefore, by performing a massage, we relax not only the superficial tissues but also the internal ones. 

So far we discussed the effect a massage can have on the muscles. Not only muscles, organs also get benefitted from a massage. Due to the stress in bones, muscles and nerves are stressed out, organs also feel the stress. Performing a massage can de-stress the organs and make them function better. A lower back can be reduced and similarly menstrual cramps also become reduced. Hence, massages can help in the overall functionality of the body, including muscles, organs and nerves.

Massages can be done in different ways and each one has a distinct effect on the body.

Massaging Muscle Fibers

This massage works great for tight muscles and a stressful mind. By rubbing and gripping the muscle fiber this massage relaxes every muscle in the body as it progresses. Gradually, the stress applied to the muscles can be increased to create a better effect. Depending on the location in the body, one can make adjustments to the massaging technique. Using fingers, palms of the hand can cause great impact. Stokes can be created by moving fingers over the muscles. 

Massage With The Use of Electrical Appliances

Apart from using the hand, there are also certain massaging appliances that can be used to create a relaxing effect. Most of these devices have a vibrating unit that can be moved across the length of the body to relax the muscles. While some devices use vibration, some use heating to relieve body pain. The massaging device has to be placed on the location in the body where there is pain and the device gets heated up passing the heat to the muscles which help them relax. There are also different heating levels that a person can choose depending on the level of pain.

Using Massage Oils

Using Massage aroma oils can also work great on the skin care in chennai as well the muscles. This alleviates the effects of the massage performed. One of the advantages is that hands of the masseur moves smooth and slide down the body because of oil applied. One can also use oils that have medicinal benefits to cure any particular kind of illness. Using aroma oils enhances the performance of sensory organs and thus relaxes the mind. Sometimes herbs can also be mixed along with the oils to provide curing properties.

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