Facials Are No More The Sole Domain Of The Fairer People

Facials Are No More The Sole Domain Of The Fairer People

Beauty is the territory of women for long and it was unchartered by men until recently. It was considered only for the rich and the famous. Beauty treatments are considered fussy and men shun these elaborate processes. What they fail to realize is the extent of damage on the skin especially due to the shaving routine and constant exposure to the sun, especially for men located in the southern part of India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, etc. Shaving can cause rashes, redness and marks. All this makes facials more essential for men than women. Yes, men need facials and none other than men’s beauty parlors in Chennai can provide the best of results. The coarse skin and large pores can be treated effectively by professional beauty experts.

Why do men need facials?

The testosterone levels in men are higher than women and the oil secretion is more. The oily skin has to be cleaned regularly; else it will clog the pores and result in blackheads. The beauticians will remove clogged blackheads and protect your skin from pimples. Though, there are home kits available to remove the blackheads that could damage your skin. Leave it to the experts and heave sigh of relief.

Also remember that not all men have the same skin type. The beautician will examine your skin type and then offer the right solution. Dry skin needs to be hydrated with the help of apt moisturizer. A facial can shrink the pores.

How to get a smoother shave?

For many men shaving becomes a daily affair. With continuous shaving, skin irritation is inevitable. Inflammation and burns are common due to shaving. Facial can assure a clean shave and save your skin from irregularities. A facial can give you the right combination of exfoliation, moisturizer, masks and treating with essential oils. Get a smooth and painless shave with the right facial pack. It can also reduce wrinkles by dabbing the right moisturizer.

Learning from facial

There are a number of products sold online or off the shelf but it does not serve the purpose as the massage in chennai techniques are crucial for the best results. Professionals can cleanse your face and provide the best treatment for your face type.

Do it from a professional

Someone who is a beautician by profession can do the job better. A facial every month by a licensed professional can work wonders for your skin. Get started and forget about the myth that guys do not do facial. Relaxation is guaranteed with a professional facial. There is no need to panic, just leave it to the trusted professionals and they can give you a new lease of life.

Men do miss out on a lot of things and self improvement is one among them. Men also have the right to look pleasant and happy. Just like how they take up to fitness regime, personal grooming by a professional should be given a thought. Fitness freaks worry about their body and forget their face. A complete personality lies in honing both the body and face. Who could do it better than professional estheticians? For many men facials are too poncey, a girl thing. Elder men in the family have always detested facials and they do not realize what they are missing. Real men do find facial an advantage to hone their personality.

What many men fail to realize is that the face is no different from the body. Many beauticians just focus on the face as if it is a different entity. The Taiwanese health expert based in London Su-Man Hsu has a different perspective for facials. Having a long list of celebrities as her clientele, she does not call facials as just cleaning pores, removing dead skin and toning, it goes beyond that and exercises the body. She also insists that if your facial does not do that just stop bothering about it any further. According to Hsu it is more about feeling happy and confident. Basically she believes in looking healthier and not beautiful.

Facial can be rightly described as more than 60 minutes of pure pain and pleasure. But at the end of the game it is about promising a soothing and blissful experience. A devoted esthetician will understand your medical problems and go on to provide relief to every muscle on the face.

How To Look Flawless Without Photoshop

They say that people’s first impression happens within 5 seconds of meeting someone. Everything from their facial features to their shoes is up for scrutiny. Women feel the need to look flawless more than men and sometimes, their self-confidence rides on that extra coat of mascara. Achieving that dewy, youthful look that most celebrities seem to have can seem quite difficult when not all of us are blessed with perfect skin. That’s when proper makeup and well-practiced make up techniques come in handy. Therefore, here are a couple of tricks using day to day make up that can take your everyday look to the next level.

You have a couple of spots and wrinkles on your face, but so does everyone. If you are not comfortable showing your imperfections to the world, here are some tips to mask them. Your foundation is your best friend to getting a perfectly blank canvas for the rest of your makeup to sit on. It should be light, match as close to the skin on your face as possible and non-cakey. Use a stippling motion to apply foundation in a thin layer, and thicken it with some loose transparent powder if needed. Bloat any excess foundation with a tissue. You can also consider using a tinted moisturizer as a foundation if you have clearer skin and always remember to buy products specific to your skin type.

To hide the bags under your eyes, redness or more prominent marks, consider investing in a concealer that is a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone. There are some available with hydrating ingredients which ultimately reduce dark circles, keeping in mind that less is more. If you are not going for an ultra-dewy look, or if your skin is slightly oily, this is the stage you set everything with translucent powder. Ideally, you should have a blank canvas now and the first step is to highlight and contour your face.

The simplest method is to use bronzer under the natural ridge of your cheekbone, on either side of the bridge of your nose and along the edges of your face and jaw to give it a streamlined look. Dab a small amount of lighter concealer or a dedicated highlighter along the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. Blush is then applied to the tops or apples of the cheeks. Make sure to blend everything in properly as real faces do not have any sharp lines. Checkout best massage spa in Chennai.

When doing your eyes, keep things unless you are going for a costume party or a special event. Apply primer over your lids before using complementary colours, starting with the most neutral colour over the lid and the darkest along the crease line. Depending on the look, you can apply a lighter shade to the inner corner or dab it into the middle of the eye. To get a more wide-awake look, consider applying a beige or white-eye pencil along the waterline. Tightline your upper lashes before applying mascara and a thin eyeliner to your eyelid. Don’t forget to wiggle the wand at the roots to fully coat them and get fuller but more natural looking lashes. If you have larger eyes, you can use an eye pencil or kohl to line your lower lash line. People with smaller eyes can either use kohl to line just half of their lower lashes or skip this step completely.

The lips are the eyes of the lower face. Keep the situation you are getting ready for in mind when you are using lip colours. Prep your lips with lip balm before using lipstick, especially the matte type as it tends to dry out the skin faster, leaving you with chapped lips. To give them an extra dimensional depth, consider lining your lips with a deeper colour. we are the best spa in chennai You can even go over the lines of your lips to give them a fuller look. Flood your lips with a good quality, long-lasting lip colour using an applicator provided with the lipstick if it is liquid or using a brush. You can also coat your lipstick with lip-gloss for extra shine. Blotting the lipstick with a tissue and some powder will keep it on for longer and prevent your teeth from staining. Check for any minor changes before you leave, spritzing some body mist in the air and walking through it to eliminate any odors from makeup and to give yourself a great smelling confidence boost.

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