Which place is best to set trending hair styles in Chennai?

A hairstyle is a modern expression of thoughts that expresses the personality of an individual. Modern hairstyles are bold

Best hair Cut

Best Hair Cut with Trending style and  Perfect look.

statements that people express with the way they carry their hair. The hair gives you an identity that is much beyond the expression of words. The hairstyle and the colour of your hair are all understatements that define your overall individuality. People judge you with your style and your appearance, so people need to watch the way they look and carry themselves in the public forum.

After interacting with a few individuals who had lately changed their looks, I asked them how they felt after the new hairdo. The resplendent smile on their face expressed their happiness about their new style statement. Most of them had similar thoughts. The Best Place for Hairdo in Chennai at River Salon & Day Spa

1. A newfound confidence
As I said earlier said you get judged by the eyes of onlookers with the way you carry yourself. It is not about a modern hairdo. It is about a hairstyle that suits your personality and your overall appearance. A dandy look marks you down in the eyes of people who are watching you.

2. Sometimes a change is good for the personality
Change is a necessary part of life. It cannot be avoided. We cannot stay like a stone in the sea. With the passage of time, everything has changed and so have the looks and the way people carry themselves. If you do not update yourself you feel out of place and conscious. After flowing with the trend and the changes of time you again become a part of the new-gen crowd. Just like your wardrobe needs a change similarly you need to change your overall hairstyle to refresh your overall appearance.

3. Hairstyle fatigue?
There are many people who spend hours before the mirror trying to figure out the style in which they should style their hair which looks attractive and suits the occasion. You always do not have the time for exhaustive styling. A well-styled hair is good enough for a well-kept presentation. The only thing required in the current scenario is to look for a good hairstylist who can help you with the latest trends and style the hair according to your personality and looks.

Each era has some latest trends which are supposed to be bold fashion statements that are followed by people across the globe. Below are some of the latest trends followed by men and women across the world.

Short Hair Cut

Beautiful Short Hair cut at River Salon and Day Spa

1. Short Hair Cuts


According to modern hairstylists, the short haircut is one of the dominant hairstyles of the upcoming year. While women adorned their looks with long locks, however, they are out of date and short hair is the more in thing. They are beautiful and easy to carry.


2. Bobs

Bobs Hair cut

Best bobs Hair Cuts In River Salon and Day Spa

The classic bob will reign in the hairstyling domain. The look gives you a cheeky sleek personality that is modern yet has the element of the old classic taste which never fades with time. The look is youthful and casual in appearance.

3. Beach Waves
To accentuate the beautiful hair of the individual beach wave is said to be perfect. It showcases the beautiful long hair which is well kept and displayed with ease. It projects a natural look and does not look made up.

4. A Shag Haircut
A shag haircut is common among young girls. The haircut showcases the hair texture of the person. It is modern but looks naturally dressy to people.

If you have the appetite for hairstyling and looks really matters to you. You should look for a hairstylist who is amply trained and carries years of experience. River Salon & Day Spa in Chennai has the Best hairstylists who have ample exposure to the fashion industry and are attuned to the latest trends being followed in the market. If you are eyeing a new look for yourself Visit River Salon & Day Spa. For the Best Hair Trending Stylist in Chennai. For More Details Contact us: 9840898462 or Visit Our website www.riverdayspa.com

Why should you have a facial every month?

Facial is an overlooked aspect of skincare that's gradually gaining importance in recent years.
Most of us ignore this skincare routine due to the hectic lifestyle, as a result of which skincare
takes a backseat. But things are changing for the better and people have started realising the
importance of having a skin care routine every month.
Having a facial done cleanses, nourishes the skin, relaxes body and makes skin soft and
smooth. Facials have wide variety of benefits, out of which one can choose according to their
need. Few major benefits of Facials are briefed over here below.
Cleanses in depth
The most important benefit of facial is that it provides deep cleansing properties. Whatever the
type of facial opted, the skin of the face and neck will get cleaned far better. In the professional
Facials the skin will be exfoliated; the dirt and dead skin cells will be removed. We at Riverday
spa Chennai offer professional massage services in chennai that cleanes and exfoliates the skin and
contribute to the health of your skin!
Improves Blood Circulation
Massage is part of Facial process. Any professional massage, improvises the blood circulation
which exposed to more oxygen and nutrients that carried in the blood. By the Facials the
process of regeneration of cells will get increased, resulting into the replacement of dead skin
cells that are replaced at swifter rate.
Fights against signs of Aging
During the aging the collagen (protein abundantly found in the human body, bones, skin)
production will be lessen which leads to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Systematic and regular
massage (Facial) enhances the blood circulation in the face resulting the skin looking younger.
The improvised blood circulation helps the regeneration and development of collagen.
Improves Absorption
There are several products used in Facial. No doubt facials enhance the appearance of skin
and also the products used for facials are getting absorbed better in to the skin. By the good
absorption, the benefits of the products used in facial are fully utilized.
Clears the Pores and Reduces Acne
During our day to day life, the pores are blocked with sweat, dirt, chemicals and contaminants
present in the air. Practically it is very difficult to evade pores from clogging; at the same time it
is essential that pores are to be opened up for glowing skin.
Steaming is used for opening of pores and cleaning in Facials. This will prevent the other skin
problems also. With this process, the skin will be healthier. Facials are helpful to clear out pores
and also to treat Acne.

Sometimes the texture also becomes rough or uneven, because of pop up of white and black
spots or pimples. These white and black spots dull the skin leaving the sign of acne. Salicylic
acid is used by more Facial professionals for treatment of acne.
Detoxifies Skin
To have healthy and glowing skin, detoxification is very important as that of detoxification of
body. To avoid dry and flaky skin; detoxification is essential; thereby the skin will be revitalized.
Facial products contain essential oils and herbal extracts which improves the detoxification
process. The detoxified skin is more radiant and elastic leaving a healthy and youthful
Provides Relaxation
No doubt; Facials has lot of benefits on the appearance of the face but also it has got biggest
advantage that they can reduce stress resulting in relaxation. During the facial massage
process in Chennai
, lots of pressure points that are present in the face are massaged. This also
activates to certain extent the sympathetic nervous system. This will help to improve the mood
and reduces physical and psychological stress.
Book an appointment with Riverday Chennai for the best spa and massage treatment in Porur,
Egmore and Coimbatore. We provide you a range of spa and massage treatment that are
professional, of high quality and a truly fulfilling experience you deserve!

Anti-Aging Therapies And Their Success

Can you fight signs of aging? Do anti-aging therapies in Chennai yield the desired results? Are there any side effects of these therapies? These are some of the questions that arise in the minds of the aging population in Chennai who want to consider anti-aging therapies. Despite the best of efforts and the expensive of therapies, no one can stop aging. Age will take its course on the body and face. Anti-aging therapies at Chennai Beauty Parlours can help you age gracefully, taking good care of your complexion and enhancing your skin tone.

The aging process

As we grow old, collagen and elastin production is reduced. The role of anti-aging products is to increase the production of elastin and collagen or to contain its loss. Surgery or invasive procedures are the only way to contain bags and wrinkles. Again these do not stop ageing and the procedure should not be taken lightly. Dermatologists reveal that 30% of facial ageing is a genetic process and the remaining is exposure to hazardous substances.

How to delay ageing?

Avoid exposure to the sun

Exposure to sun’s rays is the main reason for skin damage. Constant exposure results in Vitamin D deficiency causing health hazards like osteoporosis, diabetes and arthritis. The ray’s of the sun are strongest between 11am and 3pm, so stay indoors during this time or wear protective gears while venturing out. If you want to get some tan, then choose some time other than when the rays are the hardest. Sunbed sessions are offered by certain spas, and this should be completely avoided as it can lead to skin cancer.

Avoid smoking

Ageing process is activated by smoking. The cigarette smoke creates free radicals that can increase ageing as it damages the cell DNA. Wrinkles are developed faster with smoking. Moreover, the other ill effects of smoking on your skin are blocking nutrient flow and oxygen to your skin, increased production of enzymes that breaks the collagen supply and reduction in Vitamin A storage and reduces the absorption of Vitamin C.

De-stress for a healthy skin

Stress is the major factor for skin damage. You can beat the biological clock if you avoid stress. A study reveals that in identical twins, one who was divorced looked older than the siblings who were married, single or divorced. Spa in chennai is the best option to stay relaxed. Massage and other therapeutic treatment can find the best relief for both the mind and the body from stress. Massage can give a hydrating effect especially with the use of right oils and massage techniques.

Vitamin A skin creams

Skin creams with the right ingredients can provide best repairing effects from the ageing process.

Anti-ageing therapies

Spas use vitamin based products for best effects on the skin. The role of anti-ageing equipment is to get the products right below the skin for best effects. The molecular structure is designed to penetrate the skin. Ultrasound is one such method to pass the product through the skin. Ultrasound is used in the facial process to get the product into the skin. Sometimes electrical currents are also used, but it is not advised by experts as the body has to create a circuit for best effects and there are chances it might interfere with the electrical waves of your body. Despite the demerits, the results are good enough when compared to manual treatment.

Frequency of anti-ageing facial treatment

Taking good care of your skin from the start can give you less chance of opting for invasive facial treatment. But if you want to start a facial treatment, then the best results is possible with a series of treatments than once in awhile treatment. Opting for monthly facials is a great way to delay ageing. The experts can repair skin damage through regular facial maintenance. For one-off treatment to give you best results it is important to consider Crystal Clear oxygen treatment or Microderm treatment. This can help the products get into the skin, and the results are spectacular lasting for weeks.

Home solutions for anti-ageing


Exfoliating the skin is the best way to protect you from ageing. Hydrating the skin by drinking a lot of water can keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Using the right facial treatment from professionals can prevent your skin from ageing faster.

Mehndi – Every Woman’s Love And Lure

Mehndi – Every Woman’s Love And Lure

Henna, an herbal dye is available in various forms, that on application cools the body. The plant henna has been used ever since the Bronze ages especially in regions like India, Middle East, Northern Africa, Italy and Spain. In India, the use of henna has been attributed to several purposes. To prepare a dye, henna is ground with other ingredients into a fine paste and is applied onto hair and skin. In India, the artistic designs creatively drawn on the hands are known as Mehndi. The designs have to be left undisturbed for several hours and then washed to obtain a bright beautiful orange to red image. Such designs last for several days to months. In many customs and traditions, during vivid festivals and celebrations, women adorn themselves with beautiful antique designs of mehndi on their hands and feet. There cannot be any woman who does not have a fascination towards mehndi design.

Before weddings, it is a regular custom for the brides in all traditions to wear an extensive mehndi design in chennai onto the hands, arms and feet. This is popularly known as bridal mehndi. There are many parlors that offer bridal mehndi services in their package. In a few traditions, the groom’s hands are also decorated. Today, henna art is being popular in regions like Unites States, Canada, Europe and Australia in the culture of a temporary tattoo. The things that were once found difficult like procurement of henna plant and preparation of mehndi paste has now become seamless because of the availability of readymade mehndi cones in the marketplaces. This eases the work and today’s woman enjoy wearing a mehndi as a part of their pastime. Many women develop their creativity while drawing mehndi designs. For a beginner here are the step by step basics to draw simple and effective mehndi designs.

As a beginner, proceed with smaller designs first. Simple and elegant designs like leaves, flowers and veils can be used. After sufficient practice and mastering of the simpler designs one can step on to elaborate and artistic mehndi designer like a peacock, Dulhan and the list goes on. A step by step tutorial will offer easy and impressive techniques to begin mehndi art which when coupled with your creativity can help you master the art. It is always ideal to collect all the materials and gather them in a suitable place before the commencement of the work. This prevents unnecessary running around and anxiety. A henna mehndi cone, a flawless plastic sheet, a printed copy of the design which you like, tissue papers, a plain paper and a pencil are the basic things required before beginning a mehndi art. As a beginner, it is mandatory to go through some very simple basic shapes that are frequently used in the mehndi art.

To begin with a mehndi art, the knack of drawing leaves and vines have to be practiced. Utilize simple design collages to help you in the learning process. A simple curve with a bunch of leaves and flowers, the bud forms or the small motifs all look elegant on the hands. A design can be chosen based on its simple features for a beginner. On having a thorough practice in simple art designs, elaborate and intricate designs can be accomplished with little more effort. Slowly bridal mehndi can also be learned with constant practice. It involves a lot of patience and time in case of bridal mehndi whereas simple designs can be mastered quickly. Practicing peacock designs are a vital part of intricate mehndi art. The peacock art is considered to be the most elegant mehndi design which adds charm when drawn onto the hands. Elaborating the patterns using checkered designs within a peacock and filling in the body using floral patterns and vines adds to the more vivid beauty. The peacock’s eyes and beak have to be drawn with enough care to enable a real and natural look.

As a beginner make sure to check the sensitivity of your skin to commercial henna available. The commercial henna from the market contains a few chemical additives which may be sensitive to certain skin tones. The color of the henna differs at the palm and at the arm. It generally takes two to three days to get darker. Keep pampering yourself with the adoration of mehndi. Allow yourself to get drowned in the love for mehndi by practicing the enchanting motifs of your choice.

Unique And Exciting Nail Art Designs

Nail art designs are no more restricted to celebrities. It has entered the commoners with easy to create nail art design in chennai tips and DIY kits. Good nails can make you feel awesome, just like a well-maintained mane. The range is extensive considering the subdued shared to classic hues. The choices when it comes to nail polish are diverse and the nail art designs are peaking in the right direction. Recently the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced a costume institute exhibition with a theme Fashion in an Age of Technology. The theme is enough to drive the nail artists crazy. The difference between prêt-a-porter and haute couture was distinct but recently the gap is diminishing as the two have embraced the techniques and practices of one another.

Nail Adornments and Accessories

It is hard to believe but is true that nail adornments and accessories are a huge hit just like shoes and clothes in a fashion show. The best colors on short and square nails would be dark colors with a bit of glitter. Though, more of short and buff nails are seen, long nails are also back into fashion. Celebrities adorn nail arts and many people are experimenting with the new found art form create wild and vintage designs. The rise in long nails or stilettos is high but of late the interest is turning on to coffin or ballerina nails. So what are these? It is long tapered nails ending with a square tip, something similar to a ballet shoe or the coffin end and hence the name. Use pastel of rainbow shades to add glamour to your nails.

Effects and Textures          

Many prefer effects and textures – the marbling or shattered glass look is ultimate. The popularity of holographic or chrome effect. Using limited cellophane under nail color can give a shattered glass effect. Even marijuana is encapsulated before polishing for best effect. However, nail artists do not supply it. Fur nails are also in vogue but this is not for the ordinary but for those runaway types. The French manicure was once popular but now is slowly moving to other alternatives. For French manicure different colors are added to the tip.

Are you envious of your colleagues and friends sporting marbled masterpiece? It is the time you try out a suitable collection on your own. The internet is rife with some exciting collection for your nails that can make you feel special. Check out the French mani, that comes with an expected color combination. The splitting tip design is in vogue; why not try a light shade for the nail tip with a split. Color blocks are also in fashion. Try some blocks at the nail tip. Go ahead and feel bold. Worried about short nails, then it is time for simple long lines on one side. This can give an elongated look for your nails. Frame your nails with contrasting colors.

Invited for a fancy event it is time to sport a peek-a-boo design. Try something abstract and artistic. If you have a shaky hand and are not an artist, you can take the help of a specialist. Neon is the time for summer. Try some matte finish fluorescents and top it up with bright orange, green and pinks. This will be the flavor of the summer season. Contrasting fluorescent green and neon, Glitter tips on neon shades can add elegance and Tribal accents for your nails can look amazing.

Nail art is now turning into a lucrative business. Big celebrities from the world of music, sports, arts and fashion are moving to nail art. The local salons have widened their network into specialist nail salons catering to painting, polishing, gluing, adding tiny jewels and extending the lengths of the nails. Eye catching manicures to sharpened talons are in vogue. The internet is the biggest destination for mail art designs.

There are inspirational arts that can transform your nails into the hottest design. Celebrities and beauty brands are focusing one nail art designs and the market is growing by the day. There are simple designs for beginners to complicated nail arts with mixed patterns and textures. There are readymade stickers also available that can be stuck to your nails to give a natural appeal. Check out some incredible and unique designed and transform your looks.

Must Check Hair Cut Trends In 2016

Hairstyles vary from season to season. Short is always in vogue. It is easy to manage and gives you the freedom to experiment. Many who find problems with hair fall or receding hairline find short hair comfortable. Celebrities have always experimented with short hair and have made these styles popular. Salons profit with a shortcut as these need regular upkeep and costs money. Whether it is Kim Kardashian or Sienna Miller or Margot Robbie, all have sported short hair. Go for the chop when you find it boring. Once long locks have been transformed into bob to keep with the trend.

Signs of economic recovery

It is predicted that a short haircut is a sign of economic recovery. With more trips to the salon for regular maintenance, short haircuts are pricey and tough to maintain. Hairdresser Stuart Phillips says that short haircuts are sure a sign of economic recovery. Being the hairdresser for celebs like Jamie Oliver and Serena Williams he claims that the products move off the shelf faster than expected. Shorter hair styles need more sprays and setting gels. Which means pixie crop or bob needs more maintenance than ever. Women frequent the salons regularly to upkeep their look.

Women with long locks can forget about maintenance and leave for long without trims. But short hair has to be in shape. Not just famous women but not-so-famous women also follow this trend. Women spend even $100 for a bob and they have to come back in a month’s time to maintain the hairstyle. It is modernity rather than calling it an economic change. Women visit the salon in chennai even during the recession because it boosts their morale and they find it a means to treat themselves. When women turn to short hair men turn to shorter hair style.

Short hairstyles for women

Forget about Rapunzel locks and go for short hair. In today’s busy life there is no time to maintain long locks. Short hair can be styled in a number of ways. It can look classy and at the same time modern too. Short hair can make you look elegant and feminine as well. Checkout Best Hairdressing Beauty parlour in Chennai.

Pixie cut

Short is cute. Think of short hair and you cannot forget Pixie haircut. It can make you look edgy and give you an upper hand. Hollywood actress Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway have sported pixie cuts and have won accolades. The hair cut can suit many facets and can experiment. There is no need to break your head over a short hairstyle. Just go ahead and fix pixie.


Fringes have always looked good for long hair but wait until you have matched it with short hair. Fringes make you look attractive and fuller. It can add volume to your hair. Short hair can look full with fringes. It can add personality. It can give a school girl charm and make you look far younger and better looking. Shorter bangs can make your brows look longer. Opt for side styled fringes for a classic look.

Bob haircut

The hairstyle was popular during the 90s. Most American sitcom in the 90s featured this hairstyle. It is cute and can enhance the beauty in women. Moreover, this hairstyle can give a retro and cool feel. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it never goes out of fashion.

Knot and curls

Just tie up your hair into a small bun using a rubber band. It can give a cool and sweet look to your personality. It is the best hairstyle if you want to feel relaxed. Curls and waves in your short hair can transform your appeal. Forget the straights and add some curls to your short tresses.

Short hairstyle for men

Short hairstyles are in vogue for men this summer. Short hair is fun and easy to manage. Short cuts give a neat and clean look. Whether for office, business, party or fun, short hairstyles are trendy. It is maintenance-free and gives an option for unusual styling. Men grooming has reached an all-new level and short hairstyles are no exception. Spikes, fade undercut tapers, slicked back hairstyle, blonde fade hairstyle, military cut, fade undercut short hairstyle, layered cut, taper haircut in chennai and mix men cut are some of the short styles in fashion.

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