Which place is best to set trending hair styles in Chennai?

A hairstyle is a modern expression of thoughts that expresses the personality of an individual. Modern hairstyles are bold

Best hair Cut

Best Hair Cut with Trending style and  Perfect look.

statements that people express with the way they carry their hair. The hair gives you an identity that is much beyond the expression of words. The hairstyle and the colour of your hair are all understatements that define your overall individuality. People judge you with your style and your appearance, so people need to watch the way they look and carry themselves in the public forum.

After interacting with a few individuals who had lately changed their looks, I asked them how they felt after the new hairdo. The resplendent smile on their face expressed their happiness about their new style statement. Most of them had similar thoughts. The Best Place for Hairdo in Chennai at River Salon & Day Spa

1. A newfound confidence
As I said earlier said you get judged by the eyes of onlookers with the way you carry yourself. It is not about a modern hairdo. It is about a hairstyle that suits your personality and your overall appearance. A dandy look marks you down in the eyes of people who are watching you.

2. Sometimes a change is good for the personality
Change is a necessary part of life. It cannot be avoided. We cannot stay like a stone in the sea. With the passage of time, everything has changed and so have the looks and the way people carry themselves. If you do not update yourself you feel out of place and conscious. After flowing with the trend and the changes of time you again become a part of the new-gen crowd. Just like your wardrobe needs a change similarly you need to change your overall hairstyle to refresh your overall appearance.

3. Hairstyle fatigue?
There are many people who spend hours before the mirror trying to figure out the style in which they should style their hair which looks attractive and suits the occasion. You always do not have the time for exhaustive styling. A well-styled hair is good enough for a well-kept presentation. The only thing required in the current scenario is to look for a good hairstylist who can help you with the latest trends and style the hair according to your personality and looks.

Each era has some latest trends which are supposed to be bold fashion statements that are followed by people across the globe. Below are some of the latest trends followed by men and women across the world.

Short Hair Cut

Beautiful Short Hair cut at River Salon and Day Spa

1. Short Hair Cuts


According to modern hairstylists, the short haircut is one of the dominant hairstyles of the upcoming year. While women adorned their looks with long locks, however, they are out of date and short hair is the more in thing. They are beautiful and easy to carry.


2. Bobs

Bobs Hair cut

Best bobs Hair Cuts In River Salon and Day Spa

The classic bob will reign in the hairstyling domain. The look gives you a cheeky sleek personality that is modern yet has the element of the old classic taste which never fades with time. The look is youthful and casual in appearance.

3. Beach Waves
To accentuate the beautiful hair of the individual beach wave is said to be perfect. It showcases the beautiful long hair which is well kept and displayed with ease. It projects a natural look and does not look made up.

4. A Shag Haircut
A shag haircut is common among young girls. The haircut showcases the hair texture of the person. It is modern but looks naturally dressy to people.

If you have the appetite for hairstyling and looks really matters to you. You should look for a hairstylist who is amply trained and carries years of experience. River Salon & Day Spa in Chennai has the Best hairstylists who have ample exposure to the fashion industry and are attuned to the latest trends being followed in the market. If you are eyeing a new look for yourself Visit River Salon & Day Spa. For the Best Hair Trending Stylist in Chennai. For More Details Contact us: 9840898462 or Visit Our website www.riverdayspa.com

How can a Swedish Massage Help?

Swedish massage is the most renowned and widely competent massage. If this is your first massage at the spa in Chennai a Swedish massage will be the perfect choice for you. A Swedish style massage includes long, soft, kneading strokes in order to release the tension from the deep muscles of the body.

Techniques used in Swedish massage

a. If you are taking a Swedish massage at the Best Massage Center in Porur the therapist will begin by giving you smooth, gliding strokes in order to relax your soft tissue. This is called the Effleurage stroke.
b. The therapist will next knead, roll and squeeze your muscles. This technique is called Petrissage.
c. If there are any injuries or scar tissue the therapist at the Best Massage Center in Egmore will use friction and tapotement strokes where deep, circular movements are followed by light, tapping rhythmic strokes on the muscles.

All these techniques help to relax, energize and heal the joints and muscles in the body.

How does the Swedish Style Massage Help?

a. Promotes Relaxation

Swedish massage is ideal for people who are taking a massage for the first time and are not sure about which massage suits them the best. This massage helps people relax both physically and mentally. This massage also releases the muscle knots.

b. Relieves Stress

Swedish massage at the Best Massage Center in T. Nagar helps to reduce depression, anxiety and stress. By decreasing the levels of cortisol and vasopressin in the body, Swedish massage can help to reduce the stress levels in the body.

c. Improves Flexibility

During a Swedish massage at the Best Massage Center in T. Nagar, the muscles are stretched and the joints are rolled. This stretching of the muscles makes them relaxed, eases muscular pain and mitigates the risk of injury. A Swedish massage thus improved the flexibility in the muscles by relaxing them. The more relaxed the muscles the better is their flexibility and better is their range of motion. You can move your muscles more easily without discomfort or pain.

d. Improves Blood Circulation

A Swedish massage at the Best Massage Center in Egmore loosens the muscles and supports the lymphatic system. This improves the blood circulation in the muscles thereby supplying more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles where they are needed the most.

e. Decreases Muscle Toxin

Athletes have a build-up of lactic acid after an intense workout or training session. Too much lactic acid in the muscles can make one feel sore, lethargic and weak. They may also experience pain due to inflammation. A Swedish massage helps the lymphatic system in the body to flush out the toxins from the body.

f. Promotes Overall Health

It has been found that Swedish massage can increase lymphocytes in the body. This improves the body’s immunity. Besides promoting relaxation and relieving stress, a Swedish Massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai eases back pain, reduces headache and improves sleep. It is also very effective in providing relief from knee pain in patients with osteoarthritis.

Check out the Best Massage and Spa Center in Chennai for the Different Types of Massages Offered

What should I do if I want to avail beauty spa services at home?

A pausing moment is much needed when you have worked out all your energy and had a tiring day. Many of you may spend some lighter moments with friends and family, go to a mall and dine out or work out at the gym or get yourself busy in any hobby that will wash away your stress. But visiting a spa is more relaxing and is also highly beneficial for your wellness routine. Why not try it?

Isn’t it great news, to enjoy home spa services? You can relax with a comfortable spa experience at the comfort of your home. No more hassles of travelling or waiting for your turn for long hours. Book your service and get chilled with the best massage service or mani/Pedi. The spa service you need or long for will knock your door and will take away your stress right from your head to toe Spa in Chennai

Now, let’s find out what to remember while selecting the best home spa service that will suit your stress-relieving needs.

• Availability
Maybe you don’t have enough time to visit a regular spa service at a spa nearby which is the reason you might opt for a spa at home. Home spas must be able to accommodate your request for service in the time slot you are available. If you are someone who has absolutely no time for caring yourself or have tight-packed scheduled to insert any me time in it then you must choose a home spa service that is available 24/7 and works even on public holidays. Spas expect their customers to book at least a few hours prior to your preferred service time, so it is appreciable if you call them in advance and book your time slot for your home spa and massage centre in Chennai

• Prices and Location
Be prepared to pay a slightly higher price than your normal spa service at the spa because the travel charges and the service fee is generally included in this price. Home spa is usually provided on standard/ fixed-price or it is offered based on per-hour rates. Select the pricing based on what is more reasonable for you. Choose a spa service that is available within around 50 km radius from your location in order to avoid any delay in the service. Certain spas quote the usual service rates and charge the one way or round trip expense incurred to reach your location separately. Also, check out sites that offer best deals for spa services and enjoy your home spa discounts/ coupons and freebies massage centre in Chennai

• Services
What are the services you would like to avail? If you have not fixed any budget and has a focus only on the quality of service, check out the home spas that offer the best spa services nearby. There are many home spa services that offer massage, manicure, pedicure, waxing, facials, body scrub, body wrap and other body treatments. There are spas in Chennai that offer spa membership and spa combo service packs which are great deals to enjoy a bunch of services at a discounted price. There are also spas that offer a variety of services when you book as a group or family. Choose family spa services where your family can have a relaxing time at home by enjoying various spa services and body treatments. It will be a wonderful bonding experience best spa in Chennai

  1. Options
    Speaking about options, spas in Chennai, Spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore and other cities in Tamil Nadu offer a wide range of services to enjoy. For instance, along with manicure or pedicure, they also offer nail art as complimentary. Isn’t it exciting? Joy fill your mind with those pretty designs and colourful shades on your nails. Massage services come are available in plenty, under different categories according to your preference and needs. Swedish, shiatsu, ayurvedic, detoxifying and many more massages may be chosen based on what your body thrives for. You may also choose scented or unscented oil based on your preference. All of these choices at your luxury at home. Enjoy luxury spa at home.
  2. Full Spa Package
    Choose a home spa service that provides a full package of all spa services. They right at your doorstep offering the best spa services so why miss the joy of enjoying the complete spa experience in your space. Also, check out if they could provide you with a portable massage table particularly if you don’t have a perfect massage table/bed. Also, you may choose to ask for a massage table or bed if you have to disturb a family member’s resting hours while you get your massage done. Request them for hygienic and clean towels, candles and aromatic scents to bring in the spa ambience at your home. Inform them you would also prefer their musical tracks to get the exact atmosphere of the spa and enjoy the best relaxing spa mood.
  3. Professionalism
    Check out if they have certification in being the best therapist or manicurists. Also, make sure they are well trained and they visit you in a perfect uniform with hair tied up high as a bun. Make sure they keep up their time and visit you as per the appointment schedule. Keep a check on their mannerisms and behaviour after they begin your spa treatment. Avoid encouraging their phone calls while performing therapies or treatments. Ask them to reduce or not talk to their fellow therapist while performing the treatment as it will disturb your peace. Make sure you book your spa appointment only from a best spa service provider who understands the worth of your time, money and trust. Also, read the reviews and comments written by their previous clients to have an idea of the quality of their service. It is better to avoid unethical and unprofessional service providers.
    Spa treatments apart from bringing down your stress also help in enhancing the wellness of your health and mind. Enjoying the spa service at home helps you in saving your travelling time and also give you a chance of pampering yourself at your comfortable space. Getting a spa massage or foot spa or manicure while enjoying your favourite TV show while sitting in your comfortable couch is definitely worth the few extra pennies you spend.
    The best climax of the home spa is that after your spa service you can enjoy a good sleep on your bed immediately after the session. Relax it’s your home!!!

Which are the services offered by beauty spas in Chennai?

Relaxation is about getting away from tension and anxiety. Stress can be relieved and you can get mental peace through various methods one such choice is booking a spa appointment nearby. A spa is a commercial setup which provides health and beauty therapies using steam baths, exercise devices, reflexology treatments, health spa and massage sessions. It is a location where you can enjoy massage, facials and body therapies such as sea salt scrubs, lemongrass scrubs etc. There are various kinds of spas. The most common ones are day spa where you book a spa for a day. You may also visit destination or health spas and resort spas where you may stay back in the night and relax.

Each spa offers different types of services. If you want to relax and get away from your daily routine book a spa appointment by checking out Spas near me and enjoy a few of the below services for your mental and physical wellness.

  1. Spa Treatments.
    Good quality spa treatments offered in a good atmosphere and pleasant ambience is very important in a premier spa experience. Check out various spa treatments offered such as massage, facial and body therapies when you visit a spa.
  2. Massage
    It is one of the well-known services in a spa in Chennai and across the world. There are a variety of massages available in each spa. Swedish massage, Balinese massage, Thai Massage are few massages that are offered in the name of a place with a wonderfully relaxing experience. Synchronized massage, sports massage and detoxification massage are good for both your physical and mental wellness. Ayurvedic massage using herbs, natural essential oils and other natural ingredients are beneficial for your body and mind. Few such massages are Abhyangam massage, ayurvedic massage, sense of Siam massage, deep tissue massage, head toe Aroma massage and many others. Enjoy the soft touch and pain-relieving strokes provided by the expert therapist in best spas in Tamil Nadu.
  3. Specialty massage
    These messages are easily available in many spas in Trichy, Chennai and Coimbatore. The hot stone massage is one such massage. Watsu is a type of specialty massage but it is not easily available as it has to be done in water so it requires a specific pool. Check out for specialty massage like lava shell massage, foot reflexology, couple massage, shiatsu etc… at various massage centres in Chennai.
  4. Facials
    Going for regular facial treatment is a must for maintaining your skin. It helps in caring for your skin to stay healthy and glowing. It is a very important aspect of maintaining your beauty and also health. Every facial has its own benefits. Witness the complete changeover in your skin’s texture, tone and glow after a perfect facial at a spa in Chennai or spa near your location.
  5. Body treatments
    Few of the common body treatments in spas are body polishes, body scrubs and body wraps. Don’t confuse with massages as body treatments. Both are different and it is good when you take both together. Body treatments at the spa are perfect for cleansing your body, tightening your skin, makes you feel supple and refreshed. Body treatments can make you feel energized and well-toned. Why wait? Book for your body treatment at the spa immediately at a spa nearby – Spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore, Spa in Chennai.
  6. Waxing and Hair removal
    Waxing and eyebrow shaping is generally done in a many best spas in Chennai. It is done by waxing specialties who are trained specifically in this skill of removing hair without any pain using the right wax ingredients. There are also knowledgeable and have all the necessary training in cleanliness and sanitation which is very important while waxing.
    Excess hair spoils your look when you wear trendy clothes, it pulls down your fashion statement so define your perfect look by booking an appointment for waxing at the spa. Hair removal helps in giving you a polished and attractive look.
  7. Energy Work & Metaphysical Spa Treatments.
    Energy work is all about your physique’s mild energies that can be analyzed using conventional science. The therapist understands the energy flow in your body and clears the blocks created in your cells. This helps the energy flow freely to maintain the body’s energy flow. Although every massage has a certain element of the energy function, certain therapies are very mild and are done for specifically to resolve one particular body issue. Metaphysical spa treatments are meant for resolving problems related to the body’s energy field.
    Hope you have explored the treats you can enjoy when you visit a spa. Benefits of going to a spa are numerous, reap all the boons by booking regular spa appointments. With many Best spas in Chennai, you can relax from your daily chores by visiting a spa nearby. When you visit cities such as Trichy, Coimbatore and other major cities in Tamil Nadu you may also enjoy the distinct experience at Best Spas in Trichy, Best Spas in Coimbatore and other cities too.
    Search “Spa near me” and enjoy a good relaxing time.

Couple’s Massage! What’s So Special?

Couple’s Massage! What’s So Special

If it is your marriage anniversary or Valentine’s Day and you want to surprise your loved one with something unique, then a couple’s massage in chennai is one of the best things you can do. Forget the flowers and chocolates; this body massage will be relaxing and refreshing. Moreover, you get to pamper yourself and your Chéri/Chérie with soothing music and quality time that will strengthen your relationship.

 River, group of Salon and Spa, has eight luxury Day Spa and Massage Centres well spread across South India. It’s a haven of exotic spa services, scrubs & wrap treatments and ayurvedic massage therapies. Explore the wonders of an authentic massage at our massage centres in Egmore, Porur, Mylapore, Adyar, Vadapalani, Nungambakkam, Vellore, Trichy, Tirupur, Coimbatore, and Other Spa Locations.

What exactly is a Couple’s Spa Massage? Why is it Popular in Chennai?

Massage sessions are conducted for couples at the same time. Massage therapists for the couple carry out the procedure in the same room but on different tables. It has become popular in Chennai where couples hardly find time for each other in the rat race. However, not all best spas in Chennai offer the best couple massage spa. Only the best luxury Spas in Chennai have the arsenal for this. The therapy is just like any other massage session, but the only variation is that instead of being alone your significant other will be right next to you. You can spend time together, relax and get refreshed together.

Why Couples massage is Popular in Chennai?

Re-bonding: Work and fulfilling family obligations leave little time for the couple with each other. Weekends are spent doing household chores and weekdays are dedicated to working, so couples find themselves stressed and overworked. The time together in couples spa in Chennai is looked at more as an activity that they can do together. This helps couples re-bond with each other while their muscles relax and the mind is free from stress. This one-hour session can become the energy-boost that helps carry on the mundane work without any complaints.

Increases love: When your mind and body are relaxed you are in a better mood. A massage in the best spa in Chennai is the best way to relax. As the muscles relax, Oxytocin is released. The release of this cuddle chemical in your and your partner’s body will result in both feeling happy, calm and rekindle love emotions during and after the therapy.

Relieves stress:

Has similar benefits that other massages offer: Apart from being a relationship builder, couple massage provides all the health benefits that a typical massage offers, provided you get it done at the right place. A therapeutic massage got from the best body massage centre in Chennai aids in better blood circulation, increases healing, improves immunity and relaxes the muscles which are strained due to overwork and anxiety of daily routine work. The result is better health condition physically and mentally which further helps in building a stronger relationship.

What is the procedure involved in a Couple massage?

Couple’s massage is carried out in a private room with massage tables set side by side. Two therapists will work on each individual simultaneously. Those couples who want to make it extra special can opt for a full-service spa where they will have special access to showers, hot tubs, etc.

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