Body Wrap Treatment and its Benefits


Body Wrap treatment is the latest and most popular service that every spa in Chennai provides today. In case you are not sure about what a body wrap is and how useful it is for your skin, here is some information that might throw some light on why you should go for one of these. A body wrap as the name indicates is like a cocoon that does wonders to your skin.

The body wrapping process involves the exfoliation process during which the dead cells in the body are removed thus revealing the beautiful skin underneath. A scrub which has dirt removing properties is used during the exfoliation stage. After the exfoliation process, various oils and other ingredients are applied all over the body. Now the entire body is draped with a wrap sealing in the healing properties of the oils and herbs that have been applied to the body. This process has so many benefits apart from exfoliation, it also detoxes skin.

Here are some of the major benefits of using body wraps:


Most of the body wraps use elements that are rich in detoxifying properties. Natural items such as seaweed, algae, clay or mud have the property of removing the dead skill cells and opening up of the pores in your body and face,


One of the most important minerals your body needs is adequate supply of water to keep the skin hydrated. After removing the dead skin cells present in the body, nourishing the skin cells takes precedence. Body wraps gives you supple and smooth looking skin in no time.

Lose Some Weight

This could be another reason why body wraps are so much in demand. As the wraps eliminate toxins present in the body, it is possible for the person to lose weight. Therefore, Body wraps make for an excellent way to remove excess water and toxins present in the body. It also leaves you with brighter skin and a more toned look.

Relaxing and Soothing

Apart from the health aspects of the body wraps another point that ticks boxes is that it is very relaxing. With everyone’s life becoming stressful by day, our body definitely needs some time to unwind and relax. Body wraps provide just that. Each and every step of the treatment makes you feel so calm and relaxed that you float away from what’s bothering you real life.

Different Types of Wraps

There are many types of body wrap in chennai such as hydrating body wraps in which a scrub is applied aroud the entire body to get rid of dry skin. Slimming wraps as the name suggests is aimed at losing pounds temporarily. A detox wrap that gets rid of the toxins present in your skin is also a good choice for getting a more glowing look.

There is also an algae wrap that can be used for the detoxifying properties. It is applied in the form of a paste and then the body is wrapped using a blanket or foil. Algae wraps helps in getting rid of stubborn fat or cellulitis.

To sum it up, wraps are a great way to relax as well as provide your body with the necessary nutrients and a shortcut to get glowing skin. It is definitely something to try the next time you decide to pamper yourself.

The benefits of sea salt scrub

The benefits of sea salt scrub

Sea salt is actually evaporated sea water which consist of sodium chloride. It is used for cooking and cosmetics,it lacks artificial ingredients and has antiseptic properties. Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulphate:magnesium reduces inflammation of skin like pimples,black- heads and whiteheads,Sulphate removes the pollutants of the skin. Epsom salt is beneficial in many ways,it soothes muscles,lowers blood pressure and provides good sleep. Sea salt scrub is a mixture of sea salt and epsom salt along with some aromatic oils which provides natural aroma to the skin.

The uses of sea salt scrub:

There are many natural scrubs in the market;salt or sugar scrubs,fruit and vegetable scrubs.Scrubs are in great demand because of it’s exfoliating properties,no matter what scrub you use you will get a glowing young skin. But one of the best natural scrub is sea salt scrub,here we will discuss the benefits of this scrub:

The concluding tips for a new skin:

The sea salt scrub is a natural scrub which has many properties like exfoliating.invigorating,cleansing,firming and relaxing. Of course,even though it has so many benefits it is advisable to use it under supervision because sometimes if it’s not in right proportions it may have inverse effects.It is best to schedule an appointment with a luxury spa in chennai and get pampered with the scrub and drift off to a salty island,Bon voyage Mademoiselle!

Benefits Of Papaya Body Wrap

Choose The Best Spa In Chennai And Be Re-Energised With Papaya Body Wrap

Amidst the hectic work schedules and family commitments, we often forget to find time for the most important person in our life- Us! Yes! It is a fact that all of us tend to push away chances to pamper ourselves, get some good rest or do things we love. Though it is great to be selfless and do things for others, it is always great to take some time out and try out some good massage treatments. It works wonders on your body and re-energizes your skin, body and soul. It helps you to go to work from the next day onwards with a newfound energy. You can also find that you have transformed into a new, energized version of you who fulfils both family commitments and official tasks with much more energy and perfection than before.

Coming to the body treatments, one of the best options to try is the papaya body wrap. It is completely natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals that adversely affect your skin. A papaya certainly deserves the name “fruit of angels” more than any other fruit. Besides being delicious and healthy to consume, a papaya is filled with nutrients and antioxidants beneficial for the body. Papaya contains flavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin B, and various minerals like carotenes and antioxidants. In addition to all this, papaya contains a magical enzyme named ‘papain’. It works wonders on your body from the inside, outside, on the hairs and also on the skin.

Here are some of the great advantages of papaya:

Exfoliating Properties

The vitamin A and papain contained in Papaya helps to exfoliate the skin and remove all the dead skin cells. This helps in bringing out the fresh, supple and soft skin underneath. Papain even has some healing properties that aid in speeding up the new tissue growth. Thus it also helps in removing the tanned, darkened and pigmented skin and reveal the lighter and younger skin.

Moisturizing Properties

Papaya is high in water content and has very low sodium content. This helps in retaining the water content of your skin and keep it moisturised and hydrated. It can also heal the cracked heels.

Anti-Ageing Properties

Papaya contains alpha hydroxy acids(AHA). This helps in fighting against the various signs of ageing of the skin and helps in keeping off the wrinkles.

Go For A Papaya Body Wrap To Lose Weight And Exfoliate Your Skin

A papaya body wrap is also one of the greatest ways to lose those extra kilos and look younger. It helps in smoothening the skin’s texture and tone. It helps in tightening the loose skin and makes you look attractive and let people keep guessing about your age. The wonder wrap helps in skin toning, boosting metabolism, skin softening and detoxification too. Papaya is also known to be a great slimming body wrap in chennai. Here are the steps of a Papaya body wrap:

Pick The Nearest Spa In Chennai And Refresh Your Mind And Soul With A Papaya Body Wrap

The papaya is a wonder fruit filled with the goodness of vitamins and innumerable skin benefits. In case you have allergies or irritations on the skin, then a papaya wrap is the best option for you. Grab all the benefits of this angel’s fruit and pamper yourself! You deserve it more than anything else!

Best Face Mask To Suit Your Skin


Wouldn’t you love to find out the best spa in Chennai that offers facials, special face treatments, and all the other services to make you looking positively beautiful and radiant? Getting regular facials is part and parcel of skin maintenance. Though you may be taking care of your face daily at home, it is essential to get regular professional care as well.

Find your skin type

You will get maximum benefit from facial treatments only if you understand your skin type.Let’s take a look at a simple test to find out your skin type. You need to wash your face with water and leave it without applying any products overnight. Then check your face in the morning or you can also wipe your face gently with a tissue. This will help you understand if your face is oily or not.

Once you determine your skin type, you can go for facial which suits you the best.

Oily Skin

For oily skin, the first step is to remove the excess oil and clear the pores. We need to find ingredients that remove the impurities from the pores and then help to take care of oily skin. Clay masks like rose clay, or green clay (bentonite).are great for this.

Normal skin

People with normal skin are really lucky. You have endless options and can use any kind of face mask. You can also opt to try all your options one at a time and then choose which works best for you.

Combination Skin

Hydration and balance are the keys to combination skin. It’s relatively hard to deal with combination skin as clay masks may dry out dryer parts of the face whereas moisturizing masks will cause impurities on oily parts of the face. There is no reason to worry however as preparing a face mask for such types of skin is not very difficult.

Your basic ingredients are honey and turmeric powder. You can use this for sensitive skin, normal as well as combination skin types. Honey is a wonderful ingredient which is packed with minerals; It also provides a calming sensation and increases hydration of the skin. When you add turmeric powder it is additional nourishment. Another great option is the ayurvedic scrub for the face.

Dry Skin

Masks are a godsend for those who have dry skin. Even though you use a hundred of moisturizers, you could still irritated with the dry skin. Using the suitable mask will definitely leave you with better, softer and smoother skin.

Use a mask with both moisturizers as well as natural humectants. You do not want the mask to pull away what little moisture is remaining in your face. You need one that hydrates the skin. raw honey mixed with any moisturizing oil, ex-jojoba oil or also extra virgin coconut oil will work wonders. This will help you replenish your skin and leave it calm as well as radiant.

Dull skin

Your goal is to brighten up your face. For this, you can use an exfoliating mask or a radiance mask. The purpose or function of the exfoliating mask is to scrub away the dead cells and give you a fresh layer of beautiful skin. The radiance masks will have whitening ingredients which are helpful to brighten skin tone.

Problem skin

A purifying mask is the best option for problem skin types. It will help to draw out all the imperfections seen. You will be able to dry up acne, shrink large pores as well as rinse all the blackheads.

Mature skin

Some of you may have mature skin. There is nothing to worry about this. All you need is a firming mask which will tighten and lift your appearance. The biggest advantage is that fine lines and wrinkles will be softened. This will give you a young appearance.

General tips to follow while applying the Mask

Always remember that it is you who decides how you should look. Follow regular care and maintenance of your skin, take professional help and try avoiding pollutants to stay fit with beautiful skin.

Hair Straightening 101 – What You Must Know Before Making An Appointment

Hair Straightening 101 – What You Must Know Before Making An Appointment

It is what you don’t possess that attracts you the most” is one phrase that is applicable to all women and their hair. If they have curly hair, they wish it was straight. If their hair is straight, then they wish they had curls. These were not possible earlier. Today, it is very common to change the texture of your hair according to your wish.

If you like curly hair, you can choose to do so and if you want straight hair, you can go for a hair straightening procedure that can help you with it. Most of the beauty salon in chennai offer this service where your hair is straightened by applying certain chemicals to it. If you are considering straightening your hair, we have the complete guide that can help you in making the decision.

Permanent Hair Straightening

This process removes any curls present in your hair permanently using chemicals, giving you a straight hair that does not require a styler to look straight. There are two steps in doing this process. The first step is using a sodium based product that will break the Keratin structure of your hair. The second step is using an oxidant that helps in adjusting the keratin and reaching the desired shape of your hair.


The cost of the treatment depends on various factors such as length and thickness of your hair and how much effort will be required. Using branded products, even though they are slightly expensive will stand the test of time.

Understanding Keratin

Keratin is the natural protein that is present in your hair. The same is present in our tooth and nail as well. It is this protein that plays a vital role in keeping the hair straight and shining. Depending on the levels of the protein that is present, your hair becomes frizzy and unmanageable. To get a stylish and shiny hair, doing the Keratin treatment is the best option. It increases the keratin content and makes the hair look straight.

This treatment involves adding a level of keratin coating to the hair shaft that leaves your hair looking straight and shiny. This kind of technique is a lot safer to use since it is only making your hair healthier. Even for a hair that is damaged or chemically treated before, this treatment is suitable. The treatment will take approximately two hours to finish.

Since it does not use strong chemicals, it is very safe. Also, keratin is one of the natural substance that is present in your hair. Once the keratin is applied, a flat iron is used for sealing the keratin into the hair strands. Therefore, the frizz in the hair is removed and the curls are also straightened giving your hair a shiny look.

Although the treatment is said to be permanent, the truth is it only lasts for about six months. One of the advantages is that your hair retains its original texture over months. You can also repeat the treatment again and your hair will be back to looking straight and shiny.

Advantages Of Keratin Hair Straightening

The first and most important advantage is that the treatment works on all hair types. Your hair looks super silky and soft after the treatment. It is easily manageable and also gives you a sophisticated look. There are almost no side effects associated with this process. Both men and women can go for this kind of treatment. There is no need to use any hair products to maintain your hair. It also repairs any damaged hair follicles. During the first few weeks, it might take some time for your hair to look shiny. But do not worry as the keratin builds slowly and your hair turns shiny.

Before taking up the straightening process, make sure that you have done careful research. There are also many types of straightening techniques that can help you. Therefore, understand which type will work for your hair and then decide. Choose an experienced salon in chennai that will do the process in a safe manner. Do not go for something that is cheap as it may have many side effects. Go for branded products even if they are a little expensive. Repeating this process often is not good for your hair as it may cause significant damage.

Facials Are No More The Sole Domain Of The Fairer People

Facials Are No More The Sole Domain Of The Fairer People

Beauty is the territory of women for long and it was unchartered by men until recently. It was considered only for the rich and the famous. Beauty treatments are considered fussy and men shun these elaborate processes. What they fail to realize is the extent of damage on the skin especially due to the shaving routine and constant exposure to the sun, especially for men located in the southern part of India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, etc. Shaving can cause rashes, redness and marks. All this makes facials more essential for men than women. Yes, men need facials and none other than men’s beauty parlors in Chennai can provide the best of results. The coarse skin and large pores can be treated effectively by professional beauty experts.

Why do men need facials?

The testosterone levels in men are higher than women and the oil secretion is more. The oily skin has to be cleaned regularly; else it will clog the pores and result in blackheads. The beauticians will remove clogged blackheads and protect your skin from pimples. Though, there are home kits available to remove the blackheads that could damage your skin. Leave it to the experts and heave sigh of relief.

Also remember that not all men have the same skin type. The beautician will examine your skin type and then offer the right solution. Dry skin needs to be hydrated with the help of apt moisturizer. A facial can shrink the pores.

How to get a smoother shave?

For many men shaving becomes a daily affair. With continuous shaving, skin irritation is inevitable. Inflammation and burns are common due to shaving. Facial can assure a clean shave and save your skin from irregularities. A facial can give you the right combination of exfoliation, moisturizer, masks and treating with essential oils. Get a smooth and painless shave with the right facial pack. It can also reduce wrinkles by dabbing the right moisturizer.

Learning from facial

There are a number of products sold online or off the shelf but it does not serve the purpose as the massage in chennai techniques are crucial for the best results. Professionals can cleanse your face and provide the best treatment for your face type.

Do it from a professional

Someone who is a beautician by profession can do the job better. A facial every month by a licensed professional can work wonders for your skin. Get started and forget about the myth that guys do not do facial. Relaxation is guaranteed with a professional facial. There is no need to panic, just leave it to the trusted professionals and they can give you a new lease of life.

Men do miss out on a lot of things and self improvement is one among them. Men also have the right to look pleasant and happy. Just like how they take up to fitness regime, personal grooming by a professional should be given a thought. Fitness freaks worry about their body and forget their face. A complete personality lies in honing both the body and face. Who could do it better than professional estheticians? For many men facials are too poncey, a girl thing. Elder men in the family have always detested facials and they do not realize what they are missing. Real men do find facial an advantage to hone their personality.

What many men fail to realize is that the face is no different from the body. Many beauticians just focus on the face as if it is a different entity. The Taiwanese health expert based in London Su-Man Hsu has a different perspective for facials. Having a long list of celebrities as her clientele, she does not call facials as just cleaning pores, removing dead skin and toning, it goes beyond that and exercises the body. She also insists that if your facial does not do that just stop bothering about it any further. According to Hsu it is more about feeling happy and confident. Basically she believes in looking healthier and not beautiful.

Facial can be rightly described as more than 60 minutes of pure pain and pleasure. But at the end of the game it is about promising a soothing and blissful experience. A devoted esthetician will understand your medical problems and go on to provide relief to every muscle on the face.

A Serene Massage For A Blissful Life

With accumulating stress and growing spa outlets, a massage can no longer be considered as an indulgence rather it is an essential element for vigour and well-being. It acts as a remedy for pain and inflammation and also relieves stress and anxiety. A full body massage in Chennai is valued for many of its characteristic features, the most prominent one being hands-on healing. It relaxes and calms the nervous system and acts as an influential therapeutic tool. According to several pieces of research, massage therapists are the most frequently visited complementary medicine providers. Thus a massage is no longer addressed as a spa treatment instead it is a key to healing the body’s worn-out cells.

Boundless physiological benefits of a massage

Squeezing the shoulders, crushing the neck, sitting for long periods, and driving in peak hour traffic produce various forms of severe muscle tension in the body. This results in the development of chronic muscle tension which can further lead to spine problems. Continuous muscular and skeletal tension can lead to constrained blood circulation and impaired nutrient transport to various organs and tissues of the body. As the connective tissue around the muscles becomes progressively condensed and less movable, it deleteriously affects posture and breathing. Constant episodes of low-grade routine stress result in chronic hormonal, biochemical, and neurological disorders.

Massage comes in as a savior to interfere with such stress-inducing patterns to restore the body’s natural state of balance. A massage can be therapeutically defined as the handling of soft tissues of the body in order to provide physiological effects. It plays a significant role in alleviating anxiety. In conservative medicine, the efficacy of a massage and its functions towards the reduction of stress is portrayed. A convincing number of clinical trial data proves that a massage can lower the body’s level of stress hormone cortisol thereby contributing to relaxation.

A massage also plays a vital role in relieving lower back pain. Apart from stress, if something could drive people to a massage therapist, it could only be severe pain. Several clinical studies have demonstrated that a massage is a promising remedy for lower back pain. Pain can be termed as an alarm system in a body. Developing acute pain after an injury indicates something wrong. But a chronic back pain signals the possibility of a malfunction in the body. Though a massage cannot act as a cure it definitely reduces the intensity of the pain.

There are several theories that are put forth on how a massage interferes with the body’s pain loop. The gate control theory suggests that the pain signals that travel to the brain are muted by contending stimuli. In simpler words, pain is transmitted through small nerve fibers whereas a massage arouses large nerves. Larger nerves transmit messages to the brain more quickly than smaller ones. Thus, the tranquil feeling of massage triumphs over the pain. Massage coupled with core exercises offers enhanced and lasting relief for lower back pain.

The trigger point therapy acts as an effective remedy for headaches. A trigger point radiates pain due to firmly contracted muscle tissue. Trigger points located at the shoulder and neck transmit pain to the head resulting in headaches. On decreasing, the activity of trigger points headaches can be alleviated. In such instances, a massage around the neck and shoulder interrupts the trigger points, separates the contractile proteins, relaxes the cells, and alleviates headaches.

Sleep deprivation is demonstrated to be one of the major contributors to inflammation, pain, and lowered immunity owing to an imbalance in biochemical parameters of the body. The association between pain and lack of sleep is vicious in nature. Healing occurs only when the body is at optimum rest. A massage promotes undisturbed sleep patterns in people with chronic disorders. It relieves pain, induces relaxation, and contributes to a deep sound sleep.

Massaging arouses the parasympathetic nervous system which instills the rest and relaxes mode against the sympathetic fight or flight mode causing stress. A massage offers dual benefits by alleviating physical and mental stress or to offer a peaceful healing sleep pattern. It was also discovered that depression is exclusively reactive to a massage. On massaging the body increases the production of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin to elevate the mood and reduce depression. It also lowers blood pressure by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system to restore balance and emotional ease. The first instinct towards a hurt was to rub, similarly, a massage in a hotel has its worth for every penny spent.

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