Which place is best for hair spa treatment in Chennai?

River Salon and Day Spa

Best Hair Treatment in River Salon and Day Spa.

Hair spa is important for cleansing the hair. On an everyday basis when people run around the city sweat and dirt accumulate in their hair. Cleansing it many times might be difficult. So many times people need to visit a River Salon and Day Spa to do a proper cleaning. As you walk out of a spa your hair bounces on your shoulder and back. People are drawn to see you walking across the road turning around to take another look at you. Getting the Best hair spa treatment at River Salon & Day Spa has its advantages.


  1. Controls oil production in the hair

The sebaceous glands in the hair produce oil which is good to a certain extent. However, if there is an overproduction of oil the hair becomes oily and sticky. The pores tend to get clogged which is not good for the body. The hair becomes sticky and looks messy. With the help of the spa treatment, people are benefitted, and their hair becomes shiny.


  1. Improves blood circulation

With the treatment of hair spas, blood circulation becomes better. The pores in the scalp get the required nutrition and the pores open which helps in the growth of new hair. Blood circulation helps people to counter stress, headache, migraine and other health-related issues.


  1. Effective for reducing dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem among people which brings down the quality of hair and creates an itchy scalp. Through the spa treatment, the pH level of the scalp is maintained. It helps in maintaining a healthy growth of hair and also the scalp gets the required nutrition.


The process of Hair Massage followed by spas

  1. Shampoo and Hair Mask

    Hair Treatment

    Hair treatment - Cleaning and Massage with Shampoo

The hair is cleansed with the help of a shampoo which gets the dirt and the flaky skin out of the way. The scalp and the hair are now ready to receive the treatment. A serum is applied to the hair which gives the hair the required amount of nutrients and helps the scalp to get rid of the dryness which helps in the growth of new hair.

  1. Massage and Steam

The second step is to massage the scalp and promote the health of the scalp and the growth of the hair. Massage increases blood circulation which also helps in the growth of the new hair follicles and the mask which has been applied to the hair spreads to each and every part of the hair.

Steam is the next step in which the steam is allowed to move through your hair and scalp. The only reason for this step is to open up the blocked pores of the scalp and promote the health of the hair. With the pores opening up the scalp is in a better condition to absorb the nutrition provided to it.

  1. Rinsing

The hair is now thoroughly washed and cleaned. The water flows through the hair taking away all the dirt and the oil from the scalp which helps in the process to keep it clean and healthy. The customer can ask the hairstylist to now blow-dry the hair or style it in a style of their choice.

Best Care for Hair

Best Hair treatment with perfect Remedy

This process of hair spa is followed by the River Salon & Day Spa in Chennai. A good spa keeps the best product which helps in the overall health of the customers they are catering to. The spas would be sparkling clean and the stylists would be certified by some of the best Spa and they would be skilled at their art. It helps the customer to reduce stress in the environment of the spa. People go back looking healthy, fresh and beautiful. If you are looking for a good spa in Chennai for the upkeep of your beautiful long Hair River Salon & Day Spa is the best place to go for Hair Spa Treatment in Chennai. They have several branches all over India. One of their centres might be located just near your home. Book an Appointment for your upcoming spa services. For More Details Visit Our Website https://www.riverdayspa.com/ 

what is abhyanga massage

A massage that combines the techniques and principles of massage therapy with the Indian traditional system of medicine, the Ayurveda, is called an Ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massage uses various techniques like pressure, vibration and is done with aromatic essential oils to give a holistic massage that reduces pain and stress and promotes relaxation. Abhyanga is one of the most powerful Ayurvedic massage procedure that offers numerous benefits.  Check the different types of massages offered by the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai.

Abhyanga means’ self-massage with oil’. An Abhyanga massage involves manipulation and kneading of the soft muscles of the body with warm essential oils. Enjoy the benefits of the Best Abhyanga Massage at The Best Spa and Massage Center in T. Nagar. 

How is the Abhyanga Massage Given?

Book an appointment at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Porur for getting an Ayurvedic Massage to completely rejuvenate and recharge yourself. Once you reach the Center you can discuss any concerns or medical issues you have with the therapist. Next, you will be taken to the massage room and asked to undress according to your comfort levels.

The choice of the right essential oil is the first and most important step in this massage. The oil chosen depends on your body type or dosha and your skin type. Ayurveda principle recognizes three types of doshas namely, Vata, Kapha and pitta. The commonly used essential oils are

  1. The therapist then heats the oil until it is warm.
  2. The therapist will then use the warm oil to give a massage. The massage usually begins from the ears, moves to the head and then to the other parts of the body. Long gliding and circular strokes are usually used by the therapist to give a massage.
  3. Light pressure is usually given on sensitive areas such as the heart and abdomen. The therapist applies a little more pressure and spends more time on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, arms, legs and joints.
  4. Once the massage is given you will be asked to rest for some time so that the oil penetrates well into the body.
  5. The massage therapist will then remove the excess oil with tissues. You can then take a warm shower.

Benefits of Abhyanga Massage

  1. Reduces Stress
  2. Stimulates Nervous System
  3. Reduces Muscle Stiffness
  4. Lowers Blood Pressure Levels
  5. Promotes Lymphatic Drainage
  6. Makes the Skin Healthy
  7. Detoxifies and Rejuvenates the Body
  8. Lubricates the Joints and Tissues


Abhyanga massage is one of the prominent massage technique that can bring promising results. Call Riverday spa and massage centre in Chennai for an appointment.

Stress and Massage: The connection

In today’s fast-paced life all of us are exposed to stress. Stress at home, stress at the workplace, stress while commuting; all these have become an everyday phenomenon. All this stress can lead to exhaustion, tension and can also have implications on your physical health. Chronic stress can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, tension headaches, clogged arteries, problems in the heart and breathing issues. High-stress levels also release the hormone cortisol which is associated with the fight or flight response. You might experience palpitations, high blood pressure and headache. Massage therapy at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai is one of the most effective ways to decrease stress.

How does Massage Reduce Stress?

A massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Egmore reduces stress by

a. Lowering the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

A massage increases the body temperature and causes the body to relax. A massage helps the body transition from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system. They relax the body. When the body relaxes it lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. This relaxes the body and relieves stress.

b. Relaxing muscles and soft tissues in the body

A smooth at the Best Massage Center in T. Nagar increases the temperature in the body due to the friction against the skin. This improves the circulation of blood in the body. Improved blood circulation delivers more blood to the muscles which remove the waste products and relieves tension in the muscles. This, in turn, reduces the stress levels.

c. Releasing Endorphins

A massage stimulates the release of ‘feel-good hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals released in the brain that help to cope with pain and stress and make you feel good. These hormones reduce stress, anxiety, depression, discomfort and increase feelings of pleasure and well-being. This uplifts the mood and reduces stress.

d. Inducing Sleep

Massage reduces cortisol levels and lowers the heart rate. This helps people fall asleep earlier and also have longer long periods of deep sleep. A pleasing nap relaxes the body and reduces put destruction.

Which Massages are good for Decreasing Stress?

The following types of massages help to relieve stress

a. Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage at the Best Massage and Spa in Egmore involves soft, long kneading strokes and rhythmic tapping strokes on the body which relieve muscle tension and relax the body. This helps to reduce stress.

b. Deep Tissue Massage

In a deep tissue massage, the therapist applies pressure to treat tight muscles caused by stress. Slow strokes and deep finger pressure are applied by the therapist at the Best Massage and Spa Center in T. Nagar to relieve tight muscles and reduce stress and anxiety.

c. Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese type of massage which relieves stress, pain and tension. They help you feel calm and relaxed. Applying rhythmic pressure on certain points on the body the energy blockages are removed and the body gets relaxed.

Check out the Different Types of Massages at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai


Why should you have a facial every month?

Facial is an overlooked aspect of skincare that's gradually gaining importance in recent years.
Most of us ignore this skincare routine due to the hectic lifestyle, as a result of which skincare
takes a backseat. But things are changing for the better and people have started realising the
importance of having a skin care routine every month.
Having a facial done cleanses, nourishes the skin, relaxes body and makes skin soft and
smooth. Facials have wide variety of benefits, out of which one can choose according to their
need. Few major benefits of Facials are briefed over here below.
Cleanses in depth
The most important benefit of facial is that it provides deep cleansing properties. Whatever the
type of facial opted, the skin of the face and neck will get cleaned far better. In the professional
Facials the skin will be exfoliated; the dirt and dead skin cells will be removed. We at Riverday
spa Chennai offer professional massage services in chennai that cleanes and exfoliates the skin and
contribute to the health of your skin!
Improves Blood Circulation
Massage is part of Facial process. Any professional massage, improvises the blood circulation
which exposed to more oxygen and nutrients that carried in the blood. By the Facials the
process of regeneration of cells will get increased, resulting into the replacement of dead skin
cells that are replaced at swifter rate.
Fights against signs of Aging
During the aging the collagen (protein abundantly found in the human body, bones, skin)
production will be lessen which leads to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Systematic and regular
massage (Facial) enhances the blood circulation in the face resulting the skin looking younger.
The improvised blood circulation helps the regeneration and development of collagen.
Improves Absorption
There are several products used in Facial. No doubt facials enhance the appearance of skin
and also the products used for facials are getting absorbed better in to the skin. By the good
absorption, the benefits of the products used in facial are fully utilized.
Clears the Pores and Reduces Acne
During our day to day life, the pores are blocked with sweat, dirt, chemicals and contaminants
present in the air. Practically it is very difficult to evade pores from clogging; at the same time it
is essential that pores are to be opened up for glowing skin.
Steaming is used for opening of pores and cleaning in Facials. This will prevent the other skin
problems also. With this process, the skin will be healthier. Facials are helpful to clear out pores
and also to treat Acne.

Sometimes the texture also becomes rough or uneven, because of pop up of white and black
spots or pimples. These white and black spots dull the skin leaving the sign of acne. Salicylic
acid is used by more Facial professionals for treatment of acne.
Detoxifies Skin
To have healthy and glowing skin, detoxification is very important as that of detoxification of
body. To avoid dry and flaky skin; detoxification is essential; thereby the skin will be revitalized.
Facial products contain essential oils and herbal extracts which improves the detoxification
process. The detoxified skin is more radiant and elastic leaving a healthy and youthful
Provides Relaxation
No doubt; Facials has lot of benefits on the appearance of the face but also it has got biggest
advantage that they can reduce stress resulting in relaxation. During the facial massage
process in Chennai
, lots of pressure points that are present in the face are massaged. This also
activates to certain extent the sympathetic nervous system. This will help to improve the mood
and reduces physical and psychological stress.
Book an appointment with Riverday Chennai for the best spa and massage treatment in Porur,
Egmore and Coimbatore. We provide you a range of spa and massage treatment that are
professional, of high quality and a truly fulfilling experience you deserve!

Gifting a Spa card- An experience gift for your loved ones

Finding a perfect gift for someone is always a new and challenging thing to do. Most people don’t generally don’t like clutter in their homes, so selecting something useful is the best thing to do. Apparently, a gift card also could be a wrong choice and you may need to question yourself as to why do you even bother to get them a gift in the first place.

The best alternative could be Spa gift cards that are a unique and special gift many wouldn’t have thought about. Gifting experiences is a smart thing to do as it adds to the memories that people would love t cherish.

At Riverday Spa Chennai, we also offer spa gift cards that could pose to be a perfect gift for anyone! Here In this blog, we are going to explain why a spa gift card can be a great gift choice. 

An assortment of options to choose from
There could be many beauty treatments that anybody wishes to have and they may not have the time or the heart to do it. Having gifted a spa card, you give your loved ones a choice to fulfil their experience. We at Riverday Spa in Chennai offer a variety of services like Massages, body treatments, facials, Chemical Peels and more. Gift them an experience they will never forget with Riverday Spa Chennai, the best spa and massage centre with many centres in Chennai, Egmore, Coimbatore and Porur!

Because they Deserve to slow down
Everyone deserves to slow down in life and pamper themselves from time to time. There are several people who run in life and don’t get treated with spas or any professional massage treatments. Most of them are busy taking care of others than themselves. And most of them, don’t even chance to treat themselves with a day of pampering or care. Gifting them a gift card could a memorable experience and a gentle reminder that intimates them to self-care and slow-down. It could help them relax, destress and take care of themselves at least for once. And you can be sure that this gift is such that they never would have chosen for themselves.

It’s Special and Personalized

A spa card is a sweet reminder and a way of telling ‘Take care, you deserve more. Don’t you agree? While a gift card is something that they are more likely to use, it isn’t very special. Busy people seldom take time to slow down and in such case, a spa card is a gift they would cherish all their life. It also may push them to continue using spa which in turn helps them to slow down in the rat race of life. Moreover, most people see a spa massage as a luxury and not something that people need to survive and this makes it even more special. Those living in Bangalore can stop by our massage centre in Indira Nagar.

Choose Riverday Chennai for your spa and Massage needs
It’s because we’re one of the chosen Spa and massage centres in Chennai with a luxurious backdrop and professional Services in Chennai. With our services, you can be assured of an experience that keeps you wanting for more. And moreover, with plenty of spa and massage treatments available, it could be the perfect place for a wonderfully memorable experience.
Avail our services today!

Best Sports Massage Therapy centre in Chennai

We at, Riverday spa in Chennai, are a group of massage therapists specializing in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries specifically for sports personnel. With a wide range of treatments, which are scientifically approved, we can make you fit again quickly. Treating sports injuries and posture pains are our specialty. Our specialized therapy with its dual focus on professional massage and neuro-muscular retraining makes it possible for our clients to regain their fitness within very few sessions.

The massage services for sportsmen and therapeutic treatments offered at Riverday Spa are considered to be comprehensive and the best in Chennai. We customize our treatment for various sports-based injuries and the focus is to recover from a wound as soon as possible and make the area strong and flexible.

Sports injuries are a major cause of concern for athletes. We offer the best sports massage services in Chennai and will work closely with you and customize our treatment so as to suit your sporting-work-life balance. Suffering from any injury or pain? Our treatment can help irrespective of whether you are an athlete or a social exerciser.

Optimize Your Recover

We are trained to find the best possible treatment for your injury and get in you into good physical shape as quickly as possible. Our therapist will help you on this journey and will optimize your recovery.

How Can an Athlete Increase His Energy

Mitochondria play a fundamental role in the performance of an athlete. Our deep-tissue massage increases the size and number of new mitochondria which increases the rate of oxygen utilized by the muscles. More mitochondria mean better performance and more endurance by an athlete.

What does Oxygen do to the Body?

Our therapists also work on ways to prevent injuries. For this, we advise the athletes to get a massage before their training sessions. The massages at our Center help to regulate the oxygen flow to the body and help the muscle and tissue to regain their relaxed state.

Best Sports Massage Center in Chennai

Though the primary benefit of our sports massage is to repair and relax the muscles, it also nurtures the psychological and physical well-being of the athletes. massage in Chennai Besides offerings, a multitude of other benefits our sports massage therapy at Riverdayspa is known to have a positive effect on the mind also. According to our therapists, our therapy offers the following benefits:

a. Improved Muscle Flexibility
b. Improved Connective Tissue Healing
c. Eases Muscle Pain and Tension
d. Improves Blood Circulation
e. Lowers Anxiety and Improves Mood
f. Rehabilitates Injury Faster
g. Lowers Blood Pressure
h. Reduces Heart Rate
i. Improves Quality of Sleep
j. Lowers Recovery Time After Injury

Massage Techniques Used at Riverday

Our sports massage therapists know that every sport or exercise uses various muscles and muscle groups in different ways. To relieve the stress caused due to the movements of each sport on the muscles and muscle groups our massage therapists use one of the following techniques:

a. Compression Massage
By laying hands on a muscle area and pushing down the tissues, the pressure is applied to the muscles in a repeated manner in this technique. This softens the tissues and increases the blood flow in them. This technique relaxes the muscles.
b. Cross-Fiber Massage
A series of friction techniques are used to create a stretching and broadening effect in large muscle groups. This is followed by deep traverse friction to reduce adhesions and to help create strong, flexible repair during the healing process.

c. Trigger Point Massage
Trigger Points are sore spots in soft tissue and muscles that cause deep aching. In Trigger Point Massage our therapists use a more targeted approach of rubbing and pressing on trigger points that reduce muscle spasms and pain.
d. Lymphatic Massage
This is a gentle massage that stimulates the natural drainage of the lymph, which helps to eliminate wastes from the body.

How Often Should You get a Sports Massage?

It is advisable for athletes to get a sports massage therapy thrice a week and before any big event. This gives the body enough time to loosen up the muscles, feel refreshed and be ready to compete. For regular exercisers, a simple body massage can reduce the soreness of the body and prevent injuries. best spa in Chennai
Book an appointment with Riverday spa and experience the joy of relaxation.

Why choose Anti-Aging Facials at Spa?

There are numerous benefits when you get a facial at the spa. The anti-aging facials and treatments help in fighting against wrinkles, gives a glow to your skin and give a youthful appearance. Anti-aging facials are now topping the spa menu list across Tamil Nadu in Spa in Chennai, Spa in Trichy and Spa in Coimbatore. It is one of the best choices to enhance your complexion and fade away the wrinkles. Let’s get a closer view of the benefits of anti-aging facials and treatments at the spa-

In-Depth Skin Exfoliation

Although facials, in general, come with a regular exfoliation using a scrub, the anti-aging facial comes with an additional in-depth cleansing along with a facial buffing tool, a facial scrubbing therapy or microdermabrasion treatment. Exfoliation helps in sloughing away the dead cells in your skin to get a fresh and youthful look with new cells grown underneath. This therapy helps in raising the circulation of the skin’s surface which in turn affects the renewal of cells in the skin spa and massage centre in Chennai

Moisturizing Dehydrated Skin

Most of the people facing skin aging issues have quite a dry texture in the skin that also appears notable flaky with rough patches. You may notice this dullness in the cheeks, on the jawline and over the forehead. Certain anti-aging facials come with the usage of hyaluronic acids and emollient filled moisturizers which aids in the increase of moist level in your skin. The facials are designed with the inclusion Galvanic device which aids in regularizing the moisture to maintain the moisture content in the surface of the skin and also helps in absorption of the tropic ingredients in-depth through the pores massage spa in Chennai

Enhances the Texture and Skin tone of your face

Anti-Aging facials can enhance the texture and skin ton of your face by improving the skin surface‘s circulation and changes your skin into smoother and softer skin. Gentle massage and the slight soft pressure on different facial points helps in contouring, shaping and defining the facial features and also give a better-sculpted look to your face.

Fades away the Aging look

Are you disturbed with the fine lines and wrinkles popping below your eyes, nose and lips? An anti-Aging facial is your simple solution to keep these worries aside. Anti-aging facials come with glycolic acid therapies, collagen-mixed serums and hyaluronic acids which helps in restoring the tightness in your skin and decrease the line and wrinkles appearing on your facial skin. When you book and visit the spa nearby for anti-aging facials it will help you in keeping up a fresh look with a supple, smooth and young skin.

Decreases the Age Spots or Broken Capillaries

In case the anti-aging therapy you are taking come with light therapy treatment, it is your right solution for age spots and broken capillaries. Light therapy treatments help in getting back a healthy skin at a deeper surface level and it also aids in rejuvenating and strengthening your skin from within. You may have to book a regular spa treatment at a nearby spa for seeing evident results but effective results are promised within a few weeks of an anti-aging therapy at one of the best spas in Chennai.

Gives a young-looking skin

You need not wait for wrinkles to emerge for getting this facial done. Even if you have no wrinkles, these anti-aging facials still can benefit you with a young look and youthful appearance and may help you avoid various signs of premature aging. Book an appointment at a spa nearby at least once in every month to get the best anti-aging effect in your skin.

Final word

Book a regular anti-aging facial at a spa nearby in Trichy, Chennai or Coimbatore for getting a youthful look with all aging marks, wrinkles and spots to fade away gently. The serums, ingredients and scrubs used in the facial penetrate deep with your skin and increase your blood circulation and help in the development of fresh new cells for a rejuvenating look.
Anti-aging facial at the spa for an anticipated new look in you!!

Giving the gift of relaxation to your Family or Loved once

The holidays are proper across the corner, and at the same time as we’ve vowed to ourselves that we’d have all of our Deepavali and Christmas shopping accomplished by means of Thanksgiving, we someway nevertheless has only some extra gifts to parent out in the next couple of weeks. In case you are beginning to hit the wall with innovative and considerate gift ideas, they’re in success, due to the fact The River group of Salon and Spa has the solution for your prayers: provide the gift of relaxation and pampering with a gift certificate to the day Spa in Chennai

If you’re not completely satisfied that this is one of the high-quality gifts that you may be giving, right here are three reasons why this is a gift that your friends and circle of relatives will absolutely be excited best couple massage centre in Chennai

Finding Time to relax is difficult
As an adult, it’s certainly tough to find the time to relax and decompress, especially the quantity which you want to cancel out work, youngsters, and some other routine duties that add to your stress levels. While you provide the gift of a day at the day spa, or even just one of the spa offerings that we offer, you’re providing that a person you care about with time in which they don't have any choice however to relax and enjoy themselves.

Placed Them First
Gifts are supposed to be completely about the person who you’re giving it to, but so often the gifts we give are simply more that they can add to their series of things or throw inside the junk drawer. While you provide them with a gift card to the spa, you're giving them an opportunity to place themselves first. Most people have a tough time spending cash for themselves in the first area, so take away the step of feeling guilty spending that cash and make it clean for them to pamper themselves. 
We will make this process short and smooth when you prevent the day spa. Whether you select a particular spa service to gift or a complete day at the spa, that is a gift that the one that you love will appreciate greater than words can express. Prevent in nowadays and end that holiday purchasing before you start stressing and need a day at the spa yourself.

How to prevent the cold in winter months from massages

There are many types of humans: those who love the wintry weather and all it has to provide and those which might be secure with hibernating till spring arrives. Which one are you?
If you like to get outdoor and embrace winter sports, then that is for you! Because of the fresh snowfalls, we've such a lot of winter sports and sports activities to select from! Snowboarding, snow skip, snowshoeing, etc. they all carry out sore muscle tissue Massage which you didn’t even know you had! What’s the fine way to prepare your body for winter fun?

Sports massage in Chennai is extensively used for the prevention and treatment of injuries, as nicely enhancing overall performance. There are 4 separate massage alternatives to pick out from Spa in Chennai

Standard massage
Pre-occasion massage – focus on loosening up the muscle groups which can be engaged for the duration of the wintry weather activity. This allows preparing the body to perform at its great.
Put up-event recovery – promotes faster recovery. Helps restore any muscle strains or pulls as a result of the winter pastime massage in Chennai

Injury massage
For the majority concerned in winter sports activities, massage may be consolidated into two types: well-known pre-activity and publish-activity healing massage. As a winter athlete, what kind of advantages are you able to enjoy from massage therapy?

Identify problem regions before the injury
Stretch tired and tight muscles
Promote healing
Growth flexibility
Improve circulate

Wintry weather sports are enjoyed via thousands and thousands every year. Massage is a superb manner to get your body prepared for new sports and to attend to your body after your wintry weather fun! Our sports activities massages may be customized so they target the unique muscle companies needed to your winter sports. Earlier than you schedule your first ski ride of the season, you’ll want to visit www.riverdayspa.com to discover ways to great prepare your body and overall performance!

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