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The Moroccan bath massage has a history based on the Arabic and the Roman culture in which the bathhouses were outside the mosques in which people prepared for the prayers. People from all walks of life come to the

Moroccan Bath Massage

Moroccan Bath Massage Benefits

Hammam to take a bath and allow the skin to exfoliate and feel refreshed before they offer their prayers and connect with themselves and to the Lord. The bath includes a proper massage and a proper bath later. The massage takes away the stress from life and releases the tension in the nerves.


In Hammam, there are many saunas and steams in the building. The Moroccan bath massage consists of a massage followed by a sauna and then a cold shower provides a whole load of relief to the body. According to the old Arabic culture the bath is said to purify not only the body but also the soul. The Arabic Hammam has taken its inspiration from bathing in different pools from the Roman Empire. It consisted of bubbling Jacuzzis to saltwater Thalassotherapy in the swimming pools. Post the dip people move into the resting area with a drink in their hand.

Process of relaxation and deep cleansing

The Moroccan bath massage allows people to socialise through the bathing ritual. It is a good place to socialise with friends

Moroccan Bath

Massage benefits with Moroccan Bath

and colleagues and relax in its River Salon & Day Spa. It is a lovely place to relax as you allow the steam to work on the pores of your skin before you receive the massage and allow the skin to exfoliate and refresh for the coming days.  Relaxation is of great importance to a person for the health and well-being of the individual. The body tends to give in to the massages and the lovely aromatic smell of the oils which is being used on the body to induce the relaxation process. Before the bath, each inch of the body is cleansed. The Moroccan massage helps people to increase blood circulation which helps in the removal of the toxins from the body. This happens due to the vigorous scrubbing and rubbing done on the body.

Process of Exfoliation and Hydration

The scrubbing and the rubbing of the body help in taking away the dead cells of the body and you are left behind with a younger and brighter skin which is lovely to your own touch and feel. This is followed by a hydration technique in which the skin is bathed in honey and milk to put the hydration back into the skin. Post this the massage therapist massage the skin with hydrating moisturisers to put the glow back into the dermal layer and you will be able to see yourself shine visibly.

Relief from stress and tension

Relief from stress and tension

Relief from stress and tension with Moroccan bath massage

When you undergo this process of care your mind is taken away from the different kinds of stress which have been raising havoc with your senses. You dip yourself in the care of the trained hands of beauticians and therapists. Stress leaves its marks on the skin with the passage of time. We can do nothing about it as we all have a story and have our share of stress which we have to live with. The stress lines can be worked around with the help of timely massages and care which makes you feel younger and allows you to handle your share of tension.

Anti-aging technique

Over a period of time, people gather lines on their face and neck which speaks about their age. I have always felt age has a lot to do with the amount of knowledge and experience you carry and makes you worthy in life. However, it does not need to show in the form of blemishes on the skin. The Moroccan bath massage is also an anti-ageing technique which helps in keeping the skin youthful with the help of the massages and other techniques.

If you are interested in the age-old style of upkeep of beauty followed by the Arabs and the Romans you could try the Moroccan form of massage and the Hammam style of the bath which leaves you feeling young and cleansed. If you are looking forward to getting this massage reach River Salon Day Spa for Bangalore, Vellore, and Tirupur locations & Get the Best Services. For more details contact us: 8287811111 or visit our website

Our youthful team of therapists and beauticians will walk you through the journey of health and wellness. They will also update you with the latest techniques of fashion which will leave you youthful with a smile on your face that the world will notice.

Benefits of sports massage

Benefits of sports massage

Every athlete should embrace sports massage for one kind of injury or another as their body is overused or stressed. Due to repeated aggressive movements the muscle tends to become stiff leading to pain. Spa Chennai Focuses on sport massage and it is growing in popularity as it helps in balancing your fitness regimen. It is during pre-event to cut down on recovery time and maximize performance before and after the event. Sports massage can offer benefits like flexibility, endurance, reducing fatigue and preventing injuries. When compared to other regimens, sports therapy helps in targeting the muscle tendons. It is researched that even a 30 second massage can improve hip and flexion range of motion.

People participating in sports activities must undergo massage therapy on a weekly basis to add endurance to their regimen. Professionals in the field can help you plan the right program to increase your activity level and cut down on injuries.Those taking part in physical activities regularly need to consider massage therapy at periodic intervals of at least twice a week. A combination of the best therapy within your budget is the right choice.

Spa Treatment In Chennai Elaborate On Benefits Of Sports Massage

The Journal of Sports Sciences informs that bodybuilders recover quickly after training sessions with sports massage therapy. While the Wale’s Cardiff Metropolitan University says that there is no marked difference after a sports massage. Despite the contrast there is no doubt that a massage can definitely make you feel relaxed and stress free following a workout. The massage benefits can be divided into two: Psychological benefits and physical benefits.

Psychological benefits

Physical benefits

Physiological benefits

Luxury Spa In Chennai Offers Sports Therapy Session

The sport therapy session includes warming up and relaxation getting your body ready for more intense work out. The compressions, rubbing create both longitudinal and latitudinal friction, this clubbed with slapping and cupping makes it a complete therapy to relieve stress from the muscles. There are some soft tissue methods like stretching, soft tissue release and myocardial methods that help in enhancing the flexibility of the body.

Cost Of Sports Massage Therapy At Professional Massage Center

A private trainer can be appointed on a part time or full time basis depending on the need for therapy. The therapist is certified, skilled and experienced to make a difference in the flexibility of your body. Organizations like Sports Massage Association have created a standard for membership. Before finalizing on a massage therapist look for credentials, insurance, experience and indemnity coverage. You can also talk to some of their clients to know more about their expertise and commitment to the job. The cost of the therapy depends on the skill of the therapist and the time spend with the athlete

Sports massage therapist often focuses on the most affected areas in the body. For a runner it is the hamstring love and for Cross Fit expert it is the back and shoulders. There are many techniques used to manipulate the muscles, the therapist uses the right services to offer intense pressure to the body by getting deep into the muscles and offering instant relief from pain.

Top Advantages Offered By Foot Reflexology To Athletes

The human foot has several reflex points that respond to pressure in a therapeutic manner. This applied pressure can be a t a single foot reflex point or a combination of points depending on the outcome you are looking for. This process of stimulation the foot reflex points s called foot reflexology. It has been in practice for over 5000 years all over the world. Several foot spas in Chennai are offering foot reflexology as well to their clients these days.

Athletes often undergo a lot of physical activities to build up their stamina and endurance to compete in national and international events. Unfortunately, this also leads to a lot of pain. This leads to most athletes seeking out different methods to reduce their pain or overcome any crippling pain after injuries or long hours of practice. Interestingly foot reflexology is not just massaging the feet! It consists of applying pressure at different reflex points in your feet to offer you comfort or reduce stress in other parts of your body. Here are a few benefits that foot reflexology offer athletes, or anybody for a matter of fact:

Interestingly, foot reflexology also works as a great stimulant to improve your emotional state and will have you relaxing very soon. Once your stress levels start dropping, you will be able to perform better at athletic competitions, giving you a boost over other competitors. Adding foot reflexology to any fitness program can do wonders for the participants. Foot reflexology in Chennai has been picking in recent times due to the wonderful benefits it offers.

It has been observed that when athletes continue exercising even after the body had run out of oxygen to fuel the muscles, a buildup of lactic acid occurs in order to serve as a fuel substitute. This can lead to a burning sensation which can hinder the performance. Foot reflexology can remove this built up lactic acid from your body up to four times faster than any other method. This provides a lot of relief to the athletes making them steadfast believers of reflexology.

The increase in blood circulation offered by a session of foot reflexology also leads to faster healing from any injury as this method supports the body’s natural ability to heal. Injuries and pain are a part of any exercise routine and foot reflexology helps athletes to cope with this in their race for success. Interestingly some athletes even opt for foot reflexology at home to make it a more relaxing process.

As you can see above, there are plenty of reasons why foot reflexology is essential to the fitness regime of any athlete. Interestingly they offer plenty of benefits to a non-athletic person as well. The secrets behind your foot reflex points are worth exploring. Try it to believe it!

Body Wraps With A Purpose!

Body wrapping is a treatment offered by popular salons that involve wrapping the body with bandages that have been treated. There are several variations of body wraps available, in which the body is wrapped with different kinds of material like seaweed leaves or mud or even chocolate! The body wraps have been designed to enable the body to relax and soothe the muscles at the same time. Stomach wrap for weight loss has grown in popularity in recent years. Each body wrap type has a specific purpose depending on the materials that have been used in the treated bandages and the items used while wrapping up the body like:

Body Wrapping Process

The first step at the body wrap spa involves getting ready by changing into swimwear or undergarments. The wrap is then gradually applied, and you will be asked to stay in place for some time to let the wrap do its magic. The bandages used in body wraps are usually treated with several ingredients depending on the type of body wrap you have chosen. It takes a while for these ingredients to seep into your body, so take advantage of this time and read a book or listen to some music as your body gets a makeover.

Once the time is up, the spa professionals will remove the wrap and the bandages and wipe you down with a warm wet towel. A moisturizer is then applied all over to lock in the benefits of the wrap.

Body Wraps For Inch Loss

Losing weight can be a struggle for most people. Body wraps help with this uphill task by helping you lose inches with a simple treatment. This body wrap consists of applying a lotion that contains vitamin C all over your body before the wrap is applied. This actually helps double the inches you lose during the session, as it helps the wrap ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin. After this, warm bandages that have been collagen, amino acids and herbal extracts are wrapped tightly around the body. Over this, you will be made to wear a waterproof suit to ensure that your body retains its heat to let the wrap do its work. Once thirty minutes are up, you will be unwrapped to reveal a new slimmer you!

Slimming body wraps are often recommended by experts for brides or special occasions when you want to look extra glamorous!

Detox Body Wraps

Detox body wraps are more or less similar to slimming body wraps. The only difference lies in the ingredients of the bandages used for wrapping your body. Usually, detoxifying algae or seaweed is used in a detox body wrap. They help your body to get rid of all the accumulated toxins through metabolic skin stimulation. As you sweat out these toxins, your body will start shedding its impurities, and you end up with a completely detoxified body. A mud wrap can also help you detoxify our body easily. A thin layer of therapeutic clay is massaged into your skin before the wraps are applied.

Going for a body wrap along with a healthy lifestyle can help you maintain your health for several years to come.

The Secret To Looking Fab: Coffee Body Wraps

The Secret To Looking Fab: Coffee Body Wraps

Looking fabulous in the least time possible is the dream of every person alive. Body wraps are the best way to lose inches in no time at all. Make it a Coffee wrap and lose some cellulite as well. Body wraps started becoming popular as a weight loss tactic about a decade back. As more and more people tried it out, they discovered that it was a great way to look fabulous in the least time. Save time and book yourself a coffee body wrap to feel fantastic for any upcoming special occasion.

Coffee Body Wrap Procedure:

 Step 1: Mix a little bit of coffee with hot water until the mixture reaches a paste like texture. Once this cools down, apply the mixture directly onto the different areas of your body.

Step 2: Tightly wrap your body with film and lie down in a comfortable position and cover up with a warm blanket. This helps capture the warmth and let the body wrap do its magic. Use this time to catch up on the book you have wanted to read for a long time.

Step 3: Remove the wraps after 90 minutes and rinse down your whole body with warm water. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizing cream to seal in the nutrients.

As seen above the process takes only 90 minutes to leave you feeling fantastic and fabulous. Many popular celebrities swear by coffee body wrap results that reduce inches just in time for special events. The best part about coffee wraps is that you can try them out at home since the ingredients used are easily available at home and offer fantastic results.

Body Wrap Benefits

Body wraps in general offer many benefits to your skin. Let take a look at some of them:

As seen above, body wraps like coffee body wraps are excellent to reduce skin damage and look young for years to come. Experts recommend getting a body wrap done every few weeks to maintain the moisture level of your skin and look radiant every second of every day. Most women find it very difficult to accept aging as it starts affecting their skin, hair, and health. Coffee body wraps give them a chance to grab onto healthy skin and defy the aging process for a considerable time. Interestingly, research has shown that coffee scrub for stretch marks works miracles.

Simple body wraps are also an easy way to relax and de-stress from the hustle bustle of daily life. River Day spa employs professional experts who are skilled in the science of body wraps for the benefit of their customers. However if you are on low budget, there are plenty of DIY body wrap ideas too, which you try your hand at. Body wraps promise to make you look good and feel fantastic, once you give it a try, you will be hooked for life!

Is Neck Pain Troubling You So Much? Why Not Try A Lemongrass Scrub Massage?

Neck and shoulder pain are very common issues nowadays. The pain makes you so uncomfortable that you find it difficult to focus on anything else. The reasons for neck and shoulder pain are many. The most common one is the excessive computer use. Wrong sleep position also serves as the reason in some cases. Massage therapy is an excellent way to get relief from this irritating discomfort. When the benefits of massage are clubbed with lemongrass scrub, then the result is magic!

How Does Scrub Help In Relieving Pain?

All your life you might have heard that scrubs are for your skin. Yes, they are! But lemongrass oil has wonders hidden in it. It is highly therapeutic so that it does not just work for your skin, but your body and mind as a whole.

Good blood circulation is the key to a fit and healthy body. Massage is the best way to increase the blood circulation in your body. Right massaging techniques relieve muscle tension and spasm, aches, pain and stiffness. A massage using lemongrass scrub is the best you can get. Lemongrass oil penetrates deep into your skin and helps in relieving your pain. The healing effects of lemongrass oil have been proven scientifically.

Pain Relief Combined With Pure Indulgence

What makes a lemongrass body scrub massage different from the rest is the perfect soothing effect it has on you. The delightful aroma of lemon grass oil leaves your senses in pure bliss. It makes you forget about your pain and lets you relax. You won’t feel it as a therapy for your pain. Instead, you feel like you are pampered in the best way.

Lemongrass oil has properties which help with focus, mental concentration and motivation. The massage along with the fresh lemon grass aroma is enough to uplift your spirits. No matter how tired you are due to neck and shoulder pain, this massage is sure to re-energise you. Lemongrass oil massage is excellent to deal with your mood swings and anxieties as well. It can give your mind a much-needed break!

Your Skin Will Thank You!

It may be your neck pain that takes you to the spa, but the lemongrass massage would definitely delight your skin as well. The scrub is made up of exotic ingredients which are excellent for your skin. Thus along with pain relief, the massage will help to remove the dry, rough and dead cells and nourishes your skin thereby imparting it a soft silky texture and vibrant glow.

A Complete Package!        

A look at lemongrass spa reviews is enough to make it sure that lemongrass scrub massage is very beneficial not only to relieve your pain but also as the best medicine for your body and soul. There is no other massage therapy which comes as a complete package of beauty and pain treatments. So, don’t let your neck or shoulder pain trouble you any more. They should not take your pleasure away. You deserve a break and some self-care time once in a while! Try this wonderful treatment and feel the difference!

Uncover A New You With The Awesome Coffee Body Scrub-Wrap!


Environmental pollution, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle have been known to wreak havoc on people’s health. The first signs of such damage can usually be noticed in the very appearance of the individual. Dull and lifeless skin typically presents the full story as regards the state of the person’s health. It’s times like these that call for rescue measures- Luxuriously indulgent Spa treatments that aim to detox the body, and rejuvenate the person from within!

It’s Time For A Day At The Spa!

Detoxing the body involves undergoing Spa treatments like Body Scrubs and Wraps. Going in for a body scrub treatment, like a Coffee Scrub, followed by a body wrap session, involves several processes like, getting your body scrubbed and covered with a special combination of different essential oils, herbs and other natural ingredients, with the ultimate aim to:

Choose From A Wide Range Of Scrubs

There are several different types of body scrubs depending on the ingredients used. Each ingredient brings its own special features to the table. It is essential to understand your needs before choosing a body scrub wrap. For instance, is it a detox wrap that you are looking for, or do you require a hydrating wrap? Most spas have their in-house experts who can help guide you to the right body wrap that will work wonders for you. Such personalized advice is essential as skin types differs from one person to the next, rendering certain treatments/ingredients unsuitable for some.

Don’t Just Drink Coffee!

A coffee scrub wrap will be perfect if you are looking for an easy detoxification process.

Importance Of Going For A Coffee Body Scrub-Wrap:

The accumulation of dead skin cells on your body can lead to a buildup on your skin over time, and requires proper exfoliation. Coffee scrub benefits include removing the dead skin cells that clog the epidermis, thereby improving your skin’s health, and its tone, adding a fresh glow to your skin. Make no mistake, this will turn you into a huge fan of body wraps in no time!

Tips To Using A Body Scrub Wrap:

Since a body scrub involves scrubbing your skin with natural ingredients which might be abrasive in nature, experts recommend sticking to one session in a week, with a maximum of two. Anything more than that can tend to damage your skin and leave you feeling sore all over. A circular motion is often adopted to help get rid of the dead skin cells from the epidermis. For those who plan on using a body wrap in conjunction with the body scrub, the ingredients are wrapped around your body tightly, and allowed to seep in through your skin to include a detoxification process as well.

The coffee scrub is made by extracting it from unroasted coffee beans. Studies have shown that coffee scrubs help in weight loss as well as in detoxification, making it a favorite among most body scrub users. The coffee beans are also rich in chlorogenic acid which has anti-diabetic as well as fat reducing properties. The coffee scrub helps with the detoxification process by pulling out all the excess water in the body and helping it shrink down to your regular size. This is how most customers claim to lose inches after a short body scrub session. With all the excess water gone, the skin shrinks down leading to a visible inch loss. This is the perfect way to fit into your favorite outfit right before a special occasion. Coffee scrub benefits for cellulite are another reason why many people prefer to have coffee as the main ingredient in their body wraps.

While body scrubs help eliminate toxins, cellulite, and fat from your body, some ingredients like unroasted coffee bean extracts add an extra shine and glow to your skin, and is worth all the trouble. The increased circulation in your body after a session of body scrubs makes your skin healthier and it shows up on your skin, getting you plenty of admiring glances from your friends. Book an Appointment Today and find out what all the fuss is about these fabulous coffee scrubs

Having A Tough Time Choosing The Best Massage Type For You? Here’s Some Help!

Having A Tough Time Choosing The Best Massage Type For You? Here’s Some Help!

Massages are undoubtedly the best method to pamper your body and mind. There are many types of massages and choosing the best one for you may leave you confused. Your anxieties would be more if you are seeking relief from a particular medical condition or you have recently recovered from an injury, or you are pregnant. You may have a hundred concerns while choosing the massage deals for you; will this type of massage work for me? Is it ok for my health? Will it relieve my pain? And a lot more. Here’s some help for you!

This article describes a few popular rejuvenating massages in detail so that you can easily decide which one suits you the best.

Hot Stone Massage

In this massage, the therapist places smooth, hot stones on certain points of your body. A volcanic rock known as basalt which is well known for its heat retaining property is used for this massage. The soothing warmth of the stones has a relaxing effect on the body. It helps in loosening the tight muscles and promotes blood circulation.

Those suffering from medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or varicose veins, should go for a hot stone massage only after consulting with a health care provider.

Swedish Massage

This is the classic massage type offered in most massage centres in chennai. This would be the massage you usually get when you make use of a free back massage coupon in most centres. Swedish massage makes use of the principles of anatomy and physiology and is Western in its style.

Massage therapists make use of lotion or oil and begin the massage with wide strokes throughout the body and then gradually move on to specific strokes in the issue areas. Swedish massage consists of five types of strokes. Swedish massage is exceptionally helpful for injury recovery.

Thai Massage

Thai massage involves elements of assisted yoga, pressing and passive stretching. This is the most energising form of massage. It’s almost like doing yoga with the assistance of the therapist.

Thai massage aligns the energy of the body as the massage therapist uses a series of compression techniques in the energy points of your body.

This type of massage helps in relieving muscle spasms and back pain. Thai massage is also very effective in treating the symptoms of a migraine.

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is an ancient technique, and the refined form of it is practised now. It is an excellent way to relax. Foot Reflexology makes use of the principle that the energy in certain areas of your feet is connected to all other parts of your body. Hence the therapist concentrates on the reflex areas on your feet.

This treatment helps your nervous system and in stimulating endorphin which is a pleasure hormone in your body. For getting this massage, you just have to remove your shoes and socks and the rest of your body can be comfortably clothed.

Most of the above-listed massage types are available as couples massage packages also. So choose the best one according to your interest and enjoy!

Will Sports Massage Help Dancing Professionals? Read This!

Will Sports Massage Help Dancing Professionals? Read This!

Sports massage for dance professionals? Are you rolling your eyes at this idea? You will change your opinion by the time you reach the end of this blog. Dancers are a group of people whose issues are often overlooked by rest of the population. It is a known fact that dancers face many physical issues, some of which seem similar to the ones faced by professional athletes. Immense hard work is there behind them remaining in shape. Injuries are very common and are a part of their job. Hence massage deals are important to dancers as much as they are to athletes.

If you are a dancer, you should never ignore caring for your body, especially if dancing is your only means of livelihood. Muscle strain due to long and continuous practise sessions is a common issue for dancers. An excellent massage therapy gives relief from muscle strain, helps in recovery from injuries and prevents degeneration of muscles. Let us go into the details.

njuries which are common in dancers

Just like athletics, dancing also involves running, jumping and other such high energy-consuming and muscle-straining activities. A few minutes of performance on stage requires intense practice for several weeks. Moreover, the costumes of the dancers may not be as comfortable as those of athletes. Clothes and accessories may be heavy depending upon the type of the performance, which could potentially increase the strain on their ligaments, muscles and joints. Arms, legs, neck and back are the most common areas of stress.

The area of injuries varies depending on the type of the dance form. For example, Latin dances such as Salsa and Rumba involves a lot of hip shakes, twists and turns of the upper body, lifts and jumps, etc. which put upper part of the body at risk. While in Jive, Quickstep, etc., legs and feet are the parts which are in constant motion and hence they are stressed the most.

Make use of the magical words- “Massage near me”!

Some dance companies have professional therapists to take care of their dancers. You can make use of them if your dance troupe offers such service. You need not worry even if you are not a member of any such prestigious troupes. Technology has advanced, and you can get any help with just a few clicks. Do an online search for excellent massage centres in chennai and make use of their services.

Massage techniques for dancers

Sports massages are common and will be provided by most of the centres. They are deep tissue massages focussed on the problem areas of your body. They are the best ones to deal with strain and injury in particular area. Sports massage techniques keep your muscles toned and speed up the healing process in case of injuries. Simple and short-duration massages, such as a calf massage can be used as a warm up before performances and to detoxify and relax after the program. This will keep you to remain flexible and fit, consequently improving your performances.

In addition to sports massage, Pilates and Yoga are also excellent techniques which can help in improving flexibility and coordination. Pilates involve specific exercises and stretches which can strengthen your core muscles. Yoga helps in improving your focus and concentration. An excellent overall massage such as a Swedish massage can also help you relax and feel good. But care should be taken that a relaxing massage should not be taken on the days of your performance as it may negatively affect your coordination and balance. Go for relaxation massages only when you take a long break between performances.

There are many excellent spas where you can get all these services along with an impressive ambience. Check for ‘massage spas near me’ using google search and find out the best ones near you so that you can visit them frequently as and when required.

A precaution!

Certain conditions such as hairline fractures, broken ribs, severe muscle tear, etc. should be ruled out before undergoing massage therapy. As these are common issues for dancers, they should be routinely examined for such hidden injuries. If you doubt any of these injuries, get it cleared by a doctor.

Concluding note

Dancing requires constant practice. Even a small break in the career will lead to loss of stamina and flexibility, as well as self-confidence. Massage therapy helps in overcoming all this. So, make use of the available services, take care of your body and be at your best always!

Professionals And Their Hair Care Treatment Musts

The importance of massage treatments has been a topic that oft comes up, especially in the hectic times that we live in. The daily grind of life for all working people is the same. We get up in the morning, rush through our ablutions, scarf down some breakfast and then make a dash to the office. Every working day generally ends up in the same manner – our bodies tired and heads ready to burst. Nothing is conducive to attaining a healthy living in today’s world. Be it traffic snarls, work pressure where deadlines are always looming closer, or irate bosses. All these factors combined not only take a toll on our mental health but also physical health.

Today we will talk about how all the factors combined can affect office going individuals, with the focus being given to the head and hair. We will also see how head massage treatments can benefit such stressed out people. Think about the pollution that you face every day you commute to the office. Imagine the stress you put on yourself every working hour and how it translates to weaker, brittle hair. And, if that is not enough, think about the load that you put on your mind every day at your job.

There is a simple solution to let go of all that burden you carry on your heads at the end of the day – head massage in chennai . We recommend that one massage treatment per week by our trained and expert beauticians will completely relieve your stress.

A good head and hair rub down with herbal oils can not only cure headaches, migraines and fatigue, it is also a home cure for insomnia. With every massage, the flow of blood to the head increases and improves. This not only helps relax the muscles of the face, but it also increases the flexibility of shoulders and neck. This means that knotted and tight feeling you, a 9 to 5 worker, feel at the end of the day vanishes.

A scalp massage though a simple technique is not only ideal for health issues it also boosts the fitness of both scalp and hair. Here are some of the health and beauty benefits that Ayurveda proclaims once a week scalp massage treatments give us.

Make it a point to take a trial massage treatment at a reputed hair salon nearby. Show your hair with the love and care it deserves with a massage session will leave you completely relaxed.

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