Swedish Vs Deep Tissue Massage for Sore Tissues

Swedish Massage

Swedish vs Deep Tissues Massage Relaxation

Sore muscles are a common problem between people, especially between the young and the old. In younger people, soreness in muscles comes due to the constant running around for work and other activities, while the elderly feel the soreness creeping in due to the age factor. Young and the old all take up massages to cure the ailing parts of their body. Especially in India massages are extremely common, they have been a part of o

ur lifestyle and are recommended by the Vedas and the Ayurvedic fraternity of health practitioners. River Salon and Day Spa has the best spa in Chennai and they have master healers who know the art of bringing in cure with the help of different kinds of massages with the help of aromatic medicinal oil.

Swedish Massage for Sore Tissues

Between medical healing with the help of medicines and a massage, the most effective is a massage for any kind of muscle pain. A massage helps the muscles to relax and the effect of it is sustainable for a prolonged time. In the case of medicine, any inflammation is immediately reduced however it does not sustain its effect for a long time. The massaging process releases a hormone by the name of endorphin which is secreted by the brain. It creates a natural sense of Euphoria creating a sense of relaxation, contentment, and wellness in the person receiving the massage. If you are in a job that makes you run around the city and you get sore muscles regularly then you should visit the best River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai to get your weary body some rest. If you are ageing and you feel you are severely affected by muscle pain, going to the spa for a massage twice a month is a good idea.

Deep Tissues Massage

Deep Tissues Massage relaxation for your body pain.

Deep Tissue Massage for Sore Tissues

Deep tissue massages are meant for tissue and musculoskeletal issues. For example, pain in the bicep, triceps’, coracobrachialis (muscular attachment to the shoulder joint) are some of the skeletal muscle pains which can be taken care of with the help of a Deep Tissue Massage. The tissue soreness is usually seen in sportspeople and this massage is given to them to take care of their body pain and increase the flexibility of their body.  Many suffering from chronic back issues for a long time find their relief in deep tissue massages. It has been seen that this massage has a great effect in reducing the blood pressure of the individual due to the pressure it plays on the nerves. It has shown a lot of effect in muscle pain and strain. Deep tissue massages are also recommended in cases when the body is recovering from any injury and needs to build up flexibility. It is a sustained and effective measure for pain in the leg and back issues. The best River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai is great with deep tissue massages and has helped many young athletes to overcome everyday muscle soreness and flexibility issues.

The overall benefit of Massages

The overall benefit of massages is innumerable. Tissue massage helps people in getting rid of any kind of soreness and inflammation in the body with the help of the medicated oil and the right strokes of the healer. Mental health becomes better with the help of massages as they tend to regulate the blood pressure which takes away the mental fatigue of people and makes them healthy. In case of chronic lung diseases, massages are recommended. If a person has a chronic issue of constipation and has been suffering immensely the massages have helped even in such cases. Anxiety, distress, and mental illness already saw massage therapy as a form of treatment.

Deep tissue massage is usually focused on certain parts of the body and provides relief to the stressed areas of the body. A Swedish massage has a tendency to use strokes that move towards the heart. It tends to give relief to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and any pain or stretching of the nerves.

As compared to Deep Tissue massage a Swedish massage is less intense and full of gentle strokes on the body which enhances the feeling of relaxation and relief. It is the most common type of therapy opted among people wanting to relieve their stress and exhilarate the mind. People high on physical activities like athletes and jobs involving a lot of physical labour should go for deep tissue massages. Reach the best River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai, we have some of the best therapists and healers who look into your condition before suggesting therapy for your treatment. It is only advisable to go to a Riverday Spa outlet near your home and rejuvenate your body and mind. To know more about our locations and services log into our website www.riverdayspa.com

Mehndi – Every Woman’s Love And Lure

Mehndi – Every Woman’s Love And Lure

Henna, an herbal dye is available in various forms, that on application cools the body. The plant henna has been used ever since the Bronze ages especially in regions like India, Middle East, Northern Africa, Italy and Spain. In India, the use of henna has been attributed to several purposes. To prepare a dye, henna is ground with other ingredients into a fine paste and is applied onto hair and skin. In India, the artistic designs creatively drawn on the hands are known as Mehndi. The designs have to be left undisturbed for several hours and then washed to obtain a bright beautiful orange to red image. Such designs last for several days to months. In many customs and traditions, during vivid festivals and celebrations, women adorn themselves with beautiful antique designs of mehndi on their hands and feet. There cannot be any woman who does not have a fascination towards mehndi design.

Before weddings, it is a regular custom for the brides in all traditions to wear an extensive mehndi design in chennai onto the hands, arms and feet. This is popularly known as bridal mehndi. There are many parlors that offer bridal mehndi services in their package. In a few traditions, the groom’s hands are also decorated. Today, henna art is being popular in regions like Unites States, Canada, Europe and Australia in the culture of a temporary tattoo. The things that were once found difficult like procurement of henna plant and preparation of mehndi paste has now become seamless because of the availability of readymade mehndi cones in the marketplaces. This eases the work and today’s woman enjoy wearing a mehndi as a part of their pastime. Many women develop their creativity while drawing mehndi designs. For a beginner here are the step by step basics to draw simple and effective mehndi designs.

As a beginner, proceed with smaller designs first. Simple and elegant designs like leaves, flowers and veils can be used. After sufficient practice and mastering of the simpler designs one can step on to elaborate and artistic mehndi designer like a peacock, Dulhan and the list goes on. A step by step tutorial will offer easy and impressive techniques to begin mehndi art which when coupled with your creativity can help you master the art. It is always ideal to collect all the materials and gather them in a suitable place before the commencement of the work. This prevents unnecessary running around and anxiety. A henna mehndi cone, a flawless plastic sheet, a printed copy of the design which you like, tissue papers, a plain paper and a pencil are the basic things required before beginning a mehndi art. As a beginner, it is mandatory to go through some very simple basic shapes that are frequently used in the mehndi art.

To begin with a mehndi art, the knack of drawing leaves and vines have to be practiced. Utilize simple design collages to help you in the learning process. A simple curve with a bunch of leaves and flowers, the bud forms or the small motifs all look elegant on the hands. A design can be chosen based on its simple features for a beginner. On having a thorough practice in simple art designs, elaborate and intricate designs can be accomplished with little more effort. Slowly bridal mehndi can also be learned with constant practice. It involves a lot of patience and time in case of bridal mehndi whereas simple designs can be mastered quickly. Practicing peacock designs are a vital part of intricate mehndi art. The peacock art is considered to be the most elegant mehndi design which adds charm when drawn onto the hands. Elaborating the patterns using checkered designs within a peacock and filling in the body using floral patterns and vines adds to the more vivid beauty. The peacock’s eyes and beak have to be drawn with enough care to enable a real and natural look.

As a beginner make sure to check the sensitivity of your skin to commercial henna available. The commercial henna from the market contains a few chemical additives which may be sensitive to certain skin tones. The color of the henna differs at the palm and at the arm. It generally takes two to three days to get darker. Keep pampering yourself with the adoration of mehndi. Allow yourself to get drowned in the love for mehndi by practicing the enchanting motifs of your choice.

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