5 Reasons Why You Should Go for a Thai Massage

Trying to Gather Some Courage to Check Out a Thai Spa in Chennai?

Curious about all that hype surrounding Thai massages? Did you Google for Thai massage images on the internet and got a little spooked seeing them? Or did you get interested despite those images but are still hesitant to go to a spa for one?

Whatever may be your attitude towards this age-old practice of deep tissue massage, you can be sure you will be dying to go for it, once you know the extraordinary health benefits offered by a true and traditional Thai massage.

What is a Thai Massage?

A Thai massage is an ancient form of massage practiced by Buddhist monks more than two and a half millennia ago. The massage in its current form has probably derived from all the other south and southeast Asian cultures. But when done right, a Thai massage provides relaxation like no other!

How a Thai Massage is typically done in a Body Spa in Chennai

Unlike the Swedish Massage, Thai massage does not involve rubbing or kneading of muscles but rather the passive positioning of the body along energy lines with the help of the massage giver so as to compress, pull, stretch and even rock all the muscles and joints! It is like doing yoga without any effort.

It’s all in the stretch!

Thai massages are all about the stretch! The massage giver works the body in such a way that every limb and appendage is stretched to the maximum. This is what causes the blissful release of tension from even muscles deep inside the body. You feel positively loose-limbed coming out of a Thai Massage. Professional athletes have been known to swear by Thai massages.

Relax your Mind, Energize your Body

It is a truth universally acknowledged that meditation and relaxation have a profound effect on health and wellbeing of both body and mind. Thai Massage in Chennai is no exception to this philosophy. The passive, deliberate movements of the body lull the mind into a state of meditative relaxation while energizing the body!

Finding the Right Balance

Thai massages seem to have found the key to maintain the right balance of Cortisol, the stress hormone, and Serotonin, a hormone responsible for happy thoughts in the brain, in the body. They help to keep these hormones at their most optimal levels in the blood, hence providing immense benefits to the health of both mind and body!

Say Goodbye to Pain

Thai massages have been known to provide relief from pain caused by certain conditions of the body such as the scapulocostal syndrome. In a study by Massage Therapy Foundation, it was found that Thai massage help reduces the pain and muscle tension between shoulder blades in such patients.

Get Your Blood Flowing

Due to their dynamic nature, where the body is constantly manipulated from one position to the other, Thai massages often help in improving blood circulation to every part of the body. This leads to better movement of oxygen around the body, nourishing the cells on the way! No wonder you feel good as new at the end of a Thai massage.

Why you Should Visit Only the best spas in Chennai for a Thai Massage!

These immense health advantages should be reasons enough for you to get rid of the fear and hesitation and book yourself a Thai Massage right away. But remember, Thai Massage needs to be done right and by experts! So, be sure you pick the best body massage spa in Chennai to experience your very first Thai Massage. Go Forth and Relax!

Anti-Aging Therapies And Their Success

Can you fight signs of aging? Do anti-aging therapies in Chennai yield the desired results? Are there any side effects of these therapies? These are some of the questions that arise in the minds of the aging population in Chennai who want to consider anti-aging therapies. Despite the best of efforts and the expensive of therapies, no one can stop aging. Age will take its course on the body and face. Anti-aging therapies at Chennai Beauty Parlours can help you age gracefully, taking good care of your complexion and enhancing your skin tone.

The aging process

As we grow old, collagen and elastin production is reduced. The role of anti-aging products is to increase the production of elastin and collagen or to contain its loss. Surgery or invasive procedures are the only way to contain bags and wrinkles. Again these do not stop ageing and the procedure should not be taken lightly. Dermatologists reveal that 30% of facial ageing is a genetic process and the remaining is exposure to hazardous substances.

How to delay ageing?

Avoid exposure to the sun

Exposure to sun’s rays is the main reason for skin damage. Constant exposure results in Vitamin D deficiency causing health hazards like osteoporosis, diabetes and arthritis. The ray’s of the sun are strongest between 11am and 3pm, so stay indoors during this time or wear protective gears while venturing out. If you want to get some tan, then choose some time other than when the rays are the hardest. Sunbed sessions are offered by certain spas, and this should be completely avoided as it can lead to skin cancer.

Avoid smoking

Ageing process is activated by smoking. The cigarette smoke creates free radicals that can increase ageing as it damages the cell DNA. Wrinkles are developed faster with smoking. Moreover, the other ill effects of smoking on your skin are blocking nutrient flow and oxygen to your skin, increased production of enzymes that breaks the collagen supply and reduction in Vitamin A storage and reduces the absorption of Vitamin C.

De-stress for a healthy skin

Stress is the major factor for skin damage. You can beat the biological clock if you avoid stress. A study reveals that in identical twins, one who was divorced looked older than the siblings who were married, single or divorced. Spa in chennai is the best option to stay relaxed. Massage and other therapeutic treatment can find the best relief for both the mind and the body from stress. Massage can give a hydrating effect especially with the use of right oils and massage techniques.

Vitamin A skin creams

Skin creams with the right ingredients can provide best repairing effects from the ageing process.

Anti-ageing therapies

Spas use vitamin based products for best effects on the skin. The role of anti-ageing equipment is to get the products right below the skin for best effects. The molecular structure is designed to penetrate the skin. Ultrasound is one such method to pass the product through the skin. Ultrasound is used in the facial process to get the product into the skin. Sometimes electrical currents are also used, but it is not advised by experts as the body has to create a circuit for best effects and there are chances it might interfere with the electrical waves of your body. Despite the demerits, the results are good enough when compared to manual treatment.

Frequency of anti-ageing facial treatment

Taking good care of your skin from the start can give you less chance of opting for invasive facial treatment. But if you want to start a facial treatment, then the best results is possible with a series of treatments than once in awhile treatment. Opting for monthly facials is a great way to delay ageing. The experts can repair skin damage through regular facial maintenance. For one-off treatment to give you best results it is important to consider Crystal Clear oxygen treatment or Microderm treatment. This can help the products get into the skin, and the results are spectacular lasting for weeks.

Home solutions for anti-ageing


Exfoliating the skin is the best way to protect you from ageing. Hydrating the skin by drinking a lot of water can keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Using the right facial treatment from professionals can prevent your skin from ageing faster.

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