Body Scrub / Body Polish at Spa – Complete Guide

Body scrub or body polish at spa is a treatment that helps in exfoliating your skin giving a fresh look, smooth texture with moist and soft feel. A product that is abrasive is applied on your skin and rubbed in fast pace and massage all through your skin and it then rinsed off to give you a moist filled surface of fresh, cleansed and smooth skin.

Why should you scrub your skin?

There are various wellness advantages when you do a body scrub or polish. A body scrub aids in exfoliating your skin and sloughs away the dead skin cells and rubs away the thick and flaky skin, making it softer and smoother. Scrub and polishing ingredients generally come with an oily surface that moisturizes and soothes the skin when you scrub over your body.

A scrub at times can be actually invigorating and it also enhances the flow of blood and lymph on the top layer of the skin which supports to fight against the cellulite and also enhances the skin tone.

A best body scrub or polish is the foundation of various other spa treatments.

Things to do before you Scrub your Skin at Spa

There is no much preparation required before a scrub at spa except that you must have a good shower. This is the basic courtesy you should follow before going to a spa. At spa you can wear your briefs and they may offer you disposable dress if you have booked for complete body scrub or body polish.

Precautions before a Scrub

Scrubs and body polishes are apt and good for mostly everyone. It is not an invasive process and has no requirement to be in any odd postures.

Remember, scrub is to be avoided if you suffer from cancer or if you have fever. You must also take necessary advice from an expert or dermatologist if you have any allergy or have any skin condition that may react to a scrub. Anybody with very soft, fragile or sunburnt skin is also recommended not to go for this treatment as a vigorous scrubbing may result in more pain than heal. Moreover, a good therapist with spa in chennai can easily analyze your skin and advise you the best therapy. Certain skin conditions or body problems can make some scrubs unsuitable for you.

Just like other spa treatment, get all the doubts cleared regarding any medical issues you may have or any treatment you may be taking so that you can be confident whether the scrub or polishing treatment is right for you.

A scrub or body polish- What to Expect?

Every spa has its own unique facilities and so scrubs at every spa differ. It is generally done by making you lie down. A heated plinth or table may be offered to give you a warm feeling when the therapist does the treatment. The table or plinth gets cold while scrubbing is done as the therapist washes away the product from your body. The therapist at spa screens you carefully or give you some time to take off the robe and offer you the space to lie down on the towels or sheets that are spread neatly to serve you. 

Although the therapist would scrub and wash your complete body, you don’t have to worry about your privacy. You will be always under the sheets during the entire session as the expert therapist are trained to roll and fold the towels according to the rubbing position to protect your dignity.

Prior to the treatment, the therapist enquires on your preferred product. At times they give you samples to smell and ask your opinion on whether you feel relaxed or revitalized with the aroma and ingredients. They will also brief you on the products used on your skin and also explain the procedure they are going to carry out.

The scrub begins with one part of your back portion and the product is smeared all over and down on your body at the same time- this might be invigorating. The therapist then continues across your body with a rub, scrub and massage in one portion at a time and then washes off the product with warm water and covers your body with towel before following the same process in the next part. By the end of the session you will be ready for a good shower to wash away all the left over products on your skin.

The scrub treatment at spa usually takes 30 minutes.

After Effects of Scrub at Spa

A body scrub is a wonderful treatment as give you a confident appearance and makes you feel good. After a best scrub treatment, your skin will gets softer, smoother and silkier. You will also feel a good pamper and energy at the end of a scrub treatment at various best spa in Chennai. It is one of best spa treatment and also a good complimenting treatment before other spa sessions. So a scrub is known to be spa ritual or a spa package.

Best Scrub Tip-

A body scrub is a kind of spa treatment that you may even recreate at your home by yourself as regular body care routine. If you have enough knowledge about the scrub ingredients and scrubbing techniques this treatment can be a luxurious pamper at your space and time. If is ideal choice to shed off your dry skin – simple massage in chennai on a wet skin in a soft circular pattern and then rinse off the products using warm water. Body scrubs give you a good soft skin but if you feel the need you can use a moisturizer such as shea butter or lotion. You may choose the right product if your skin is sensitive or if you follow vegan practice.

Different types of scrub

Though there are many types of ways how a scrub is done the major difference is on the type of scrub or product used for scrubbing.

Fruit Scrub: Certain body scrubs are made with blended seeds with fruit oils. Lemon, lime and grapefruit skin oil along with oatmeal and other edible ingredients help in nourishing and soothing your skin. Edible Scrub!!!

Sea Salt Scrub- A good finely granulated particles of salt is combined with aromatic, essential moisturizing oil. The salt used here is usually from Sea at times minerals are also used to get the best results.

Herbal Scrub – The therapist may blend the herbal oils with various exfoliating ingredients like rosemary, lavender, aloe vera based on the type of skin. The scrub is made and blended based on the purpose you use it for – to relax or to waken up the skin.

Chocolate Scrub – Chocolate scrub is made of natural ingredients that gives you a super soft skin.  It gives anti-aging hydration and dewy fresh and silky skin. The cocoa in this scrub cleanses the pores of your skin giving you a good glow.

Coffee Scrub- It is a scrub that is formulated using coffee as a main ingredient. Coffee scrub in chennai helps in exfoliation and removes the dead skin particles from your skin surface. This natural ingredient is a great scrub to use at spa and home.

Hope you have now got in-depth details about a Body scrub at spas in Chennai and other cities. Excited for a Best Scrub session at Spa? Try a Good body scrub on your next spa day?

Body Wrap Treatment and its Benefits


Body Wrap treatment is the latest and most popular service that every spa in Chennai provides today. In case you are not sure about what a body wrap is and how useful it is for your skin, here is some information that might throw some light on why you should go for one of these. A body wrap as the name indicates is like a cocoon that does wonders to your skin.

The body wrapping process involves the exfoliation process during which the dead cells in the body are removed thus revealing the beautiful skin underneath. A scrub which has dirt removing properties is used during the exfoliation stage. After the exfoliation process, various oils and other ingredients are applied all over the body. Now the entire body is draped with a wrap sealing in the healing properties of the oils and herbs that have been applied to the body. This process has so many benefits apart from exfoliation, it also detoxes skin.

Here are some of the major benefits of using body wraps:


Most of the body wraps use elements that are rich in detoxifying properties. Natural items such as seaweed, algae, clay or mud have the property of removing the dead skill cells and opening up of the pores in your body and face,


One of the most important minerals your body needs is adequate supply of water to keep the skin hydrated. After removing the dead skin cells present in the body, nourishing the skin cells takes precedence. Body wraps gives you supple and smooth looking skin in no time.

Lose Some Weight

This could be another reason why body wraps are so much in demand. As the wraps eliminate toxins present in the body, it is possible for the person to lose weight. Therefore, Body wraps make for an excellent way to remove excess water and toxins present in the body. It also leaves you with brighter skin and a more toned look.

Relaxing and Soothing

Apart from the health aspects of the body wraps another point that ticks boxes is that it is very relaxing. With everyone’s life becoming stressful by day, our body definitely needs some time to unwind and relax. Body wraps provide just that. Each and every step of the treatment makes you feel so calm and relaxed that you float away from what’s bothering you real life.

Different Types of Wraps

There are many types of body wrap in chennai such as hydrating body wraps in which a scrub is applied aroud the entire body to get rid of dry skin. Slimming wraps as the name suggests is aimed at losing pounds temporarily. A detox wrap that gets rid of the toxins present in your skin is also a good choice for getting a more glowing look.

There is also an algae wrap that can be used for the detoxifying properties. It is applied in the form of a paste and then the body is wrapped using a blanket or foil. Algae wraps helps in getting rid of stubborn fat or cellulitis.

To sum it up, wraps are a great way to relax as well as provide your body with the necessary nutrients and a shortcut to get glowing skin. It is definitely something to try the next time you decide to pamper yourself.

Benefits Of Papaya Body Wrap

Choose The Best Spa In Chennai And Be Re-Energised With Papaya Body Wrap

Amidst the hectic work schedules and family commitments, we often forget to find time for the most important person in our life- Us! Yes! It is a fact that all of us tend to push away chances to pamper ourselves, get some good rest or do things we love. Though it is great to be selfless and do things for others, it is always great to take some time out and try out some good massage treatments. It works wonders on your body and re-energizes your skin, body and soul. It helps you to go to work from the next day onwards with a newfound energy. You can also find that you have transformed into a new, energized version of you who fulfils both family commitments and official tasks with much more energy and perfection than before.

Coming to the body treatments, one of the best options to try is the papaya body wrap. It is completely natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals that adversely affect your skin. A papaya certainly deserves the name “fruit of angels” more than any other fruit. Besides being delicious and healthy to consume, a papaya is filled with nutrients and antioxidants beneficial for the body. Papaya contains flavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin B, and various minerals like carotenes and antioxidants. In addition to all this, papaya contains a magical enzyme named ‘papain’. It works wonders on your body from the inside, outside, on the hairs and also on the skin.

Here are some of the great advantages of papaya:

Exfoliating Properties

The vitamin A and papain contained in Papaya helps to exfoliate the skin and remove all the dead skin cells. This helps in bringing out the fresh, supple and soft skin underneath. Papain even has some healing properties that aid in speeding up the new tissue growth. Thus it also helps in removing the tanned, darkened and pigmented skin and reveal the lighter and younger skin.

Moisturizing Properties

Papaya is high in water content and has very low sodium content. This helps in retaining the water content of your skin and keep it moisturised and hydrated. It can also heal the cracked heels.

Anti-Ageing Properties

Papaya contains alpha hydroxy acids(AHA). This helps in fighting against the various signs of ageing of the skin and helps in keeping off the wrinkles.

Go For A Papaya Body Wrap To Lose Weight And Exfoliate Your Skin

A papaya body wrap is also one of the greatest ways to lose those extra kilos and look younger. It helps in smoothening the skin’s texture and tone. It helps in tightening the loose skin and makes you look attractive and let people keep guessing about your age. The wonder wrap helps in skin toning, boosting metabolism, skin softening and detoxification too. Papaya is also known to be a great slimming body wrap in chennai. Here are the steps of a Papaya body wrap:

Pick The Nearest Spa In Chennai And Refresh Your Mind And Soul With A Papaya Body Wrap

The papaya is a wonder fruit filled with the goodness of vitamins and innumerable skin benefits. In case you have allergies or irritations on the skin, then a papaya wrap is the best option for you. Grab all the benefits of this angel’s fruit and pamper yourself! You deserve it more than anything else!

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