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The Moroccan bath massage has a history based on the Arabic and the Roman culture in which the bathhouses were outside the mosques in which people prepared for the prayers. People from all walks of life come to the

Moroccan Bath Massage

Moroccan Bath Massage Benefits

Hammam to take a bath and allow the skin to exfoliate and feel refreshed before they offer their prayers and connect with themselves and to the Lord. The bath includes a proper massage and a proper bath later. The massage takes away the stress from life and releases the tension in the nerves.


In Hammam, there are many saunas and steams in the building. The Moroccan bath massage consists of a massage followed by a sauna and then a cold shower provides a whole load of relief to the body. According to the old Arabic culture the bath is said to purify not only the body but also the soul. The Arabic Hammam has taken its inspiration from bathing in different pools from the Roman Empire. It consisted of bubbling Jacuzzis to saltwater Thalassotherapy in the swimming pools. Post the dip people move into the resting area with a drink in their hand.

Process of relaxation and deep cleansing

The Moroccan bath massage allows people to socialise through the bathing ritual. It is a good place to socialise with friends

Moroccan Bath

Massage benefits with Moroccan Bath

and colleagues and relax in its River Salon & Day Spa. It is a lovely place to relax as you allow the steam to work on the pores of your skin before you receive the massage and allow the skin to exfoliate and refresh for the coming days.  Relaxation is of great importance to a person for the health and well-being of the individual. The body tends to give in to the massages and the lovely aromatic smell of the oils which is being used on the body to induce the relaxation process. Before the bath, each inch of the body is cleansed. The Moroccan massage helps people to increase blood circulation which helps in the removal of the toxins from the body. This happens due to the vigorous scrubbing and rubbing done on the body.

Process of Exfoliation and Hydration

The scrubbing and the rubbing of the body help in taking away the dead cells of the body and you are left behind with a younger and brighter skin which is lovely to your own touch and feel. This is followed by a hydration technique in which the skin is bathed in honey and milk to put the hydration back into the skin. Post this the massage therapist massage the skin with hydrating moisturisers to put the glow back into the dermal layer and you will be able to see yourself shine visibly.

Relief from stress and tension

Relief from stress and tension

Relief from stress and tension with Moroccan bath massage

When you undergo this process of care your mind is taken away from the different kinds of stress which have been raising havoc with your senses. You dip yourself in the care of the trained hands of beauticians and therapists. Stress leaves its marks on the skin with the passage of time. We can do nothing about it as we all have a story and have our share of stress which we have to live with. The stress lines can be worked around with the help of timely massages and care which makes you feel younger and allows you to handle your share of tension.

Anti-aging technique

Over a period of time, people gather lines on their face and neck which speaks about their age. I have always felt age has a lot to do with the amount of knowledge and experience you carry and makes you worthy in life. However, it does not need to show in the form of blemishes on the skin. The Moroccan bath massage is also an anti-ageing technique which helps in keeping the skin youthful with the help of the massages and other techniques.

If you are interested in the age-old style of upkeep of beauty followed by the Arabs and the Romans you could try the Moroccan form of massage and the Hammam style of the bath which leaves you feeling young and cleansed. If you are looking forward to getting this massage reach River Salon Day Spa for Bangalore, Vellore, and Tirupur locations & Get the Best Services. For more details contact us: 8287811111 or visit our website

Our youthful team of therapists and beauticians will walk you through the journey of health and wellness. They will also update you with the latest techniques of fashion which will leave you youthful with a smile on your face that the world will notice.

Effect of Massage on the Brain

Masseur doing traditional Swedish body massage on the back of a young woman resting head on a white towel in a spa.

The physical benefits of a massage have already been established. It alleviates stress, provides relief from pain and aches, and helps in better muscle and joint functioning. Different types of massages like the Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy at the Best Massage and Spa Center in Porur have known to improve blood and lymph circulation which increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells which helps the muscles to perform better. These massages also uplift the mood and remove the feeling of anxiety and depression.

Does Massage have any Effect on the Brain?

Yes, it has been proved that massage boosts brainpower. The Central Nervous System in the Body consists of the brain and the spinal cord. While the brain controls the consciousness the spinal cord controls the reflexes of the body. A massage improves neurological functioning and thus helps the brain to better perceive its environment.

How does Massage Affect the Brain?

a. Relaxing Nerves

One of the most important benefits of a massage is that it relaxes the muscles. While doing so, massage also reduce nerve compressions in the body. Since the nerves are relaxed, they function better. This improves the coordination between the brain and the nerves, which translates to better functioning of the various body systems and organs.

b. Stimulates Activity in the Left Brain

Get a massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Egmore to completely relax and reduce stress. A massage is known to stimulate activity in the left side of the brain. This part of the brain is associated with positive feelings of happiness and excitement. By uplifting your mood, improving your awareness and alertness, a massage can be very useful especially in today’s stressed environments.

c. Stimulates Production of Neurotransmitters

Our behaviour and emotions are governed by hormones. Massages stimulate the production of neurotransmitters which are chemical produced by the brain and which control our emotions. A massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai affects the production of two important neurotransmitters Cortisol and Serotonin. Cortisol is the body’s stress hormone and induces feelings of anxiety and restlessness with increased blood pressure. Massage decreases the production of cortisol and helps you relax.
Parallelly, massages stimulate the production of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins all of which create feelings of relaxation, happiness and enthusiasm. These hormones also decrease pain and promote good sleep.

d. Massage Improves Memory and Concentration

A massage of the neck and shoulder muscles loosens them which improves blood circulation to the brain. This improves memory and promotes efficient thinking. Also relaxation of the muscles alleviates stress and promotes relaxation. A massage also boosts the immune system and promotes overall wellness of the mind and body.

Massage is not just an indulgence. Kneading and manipulation of the body muscles not only help the body but also the mind to function better.

Check out the various massages offered by the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai.

Benefits of Massage Therapy on Your Skin

Having smooth, glowing and healthy-looking skin is every woman’s dream and massage therapy can play a significant part in helping realize that dream. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is continuously exposed to germs, pollution, dirt and dust. Hence, having a proper skin-care routine is very important for the well-being of the skin.

The Best Massage and Spa Center in Chennai offers body scrubs and wraps to enhance the appearance and health of your skin.

Common Skin Problems

The following are some common skin diseases and conditions found in people. While some of the following is not very serious, a dermatologist’s advice has to be sought for the others.

Benefits of Massage on the Skin

Check out the various types of Massages at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai.

What is a Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is a massage therapy that was developed in Japan. Shiatsu, which means ‘finger pressure’, originated in China and is a common type of massage practised throughout the world. In Shiatsu massage given at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai, a therapist puts pressure on certain points on the body in order to remove the blockages and promote the flow of energy and thereby facilitate healing.

How is Shiatsu Performed?

So, you have booked an appointment at the Best Massage Center in Egmore. You must arrive early and discuss with the therapist if you have any medical issues. You do not have to undress in the case of Shiatsu massage since no oils or lotions are used. However, you must wear loose, comfortable clothing for the massage. You will be asked to lie down on a low massage table or on a mat.

The therapist then uses his fingers, thumbs and palms to apply pressure on certain points on the body. Typically, pressure is applied for two to eight seconds on each point. Shiatsu massage is very effective in lowering stress and provides relief from back pain, headache, neck and shoulder pain, helps in rehabilitation from injuries.

How does Shiatsu differ from Kneading?

Kneading is one of the common massage techniques used by the therapists at the Best Spa and Massage in T. Nagar. While kneading, the therapist uses his fingers to roll, squeeze, and apply rhythmic pressure to the tissues. Kneading is one of the most effective techniques to loosen tight muscles and make them relaxed. Kneading is also very effective in releasing muscle knots and reducing fascia adhesion. Kneading improves blood circulation in particular muscles and increases flexibility in the area.

Both kneading and Shiatsu help in providing relief from pain and soreness. The techniques however differ in both these kind of massages.

During Kneading, you will be asked to undress to your comfort level and lie on a massage table facing down. You will be covered with a sheet and only that part of the body which is massaged is exposed. The therapist uses essential oils or lotions for the massage which involves lifting and squeezing the affected area. Kneading is a general technique that can be used in different types of massages like Swedish Massage or Sports Massage.

During a Shiatsu massage, the therapist will apply pressure on certain points.

If you are looking to relieve your stress and be relaxed you should go in for a Swedish Massage at the Best Massage Center in T. Nagar. However, if you are having some specific problems like digestive issues or neck pain then a Shiatsu Massage at the Best Massage Center in Porur is the best massage option.

Call the Best Massage Center at Chennai to know about the different types of Massages

How can a Massage Reduce Stress?

While a massage is known to cure many physical ailments, it also reduces stress. Different individuals react to stress differently. The most common physical reactions to stress include an increase in the heart rate, a raise in the rate of breathing, elevated muscular tension and increased feeling of anxiety. A massage reduces stress in the following ways

a. Inducing Relaxation

A massage promotes a feeling of relaxation by lowering the heart rate, releasing ‘feel good’ hormones and increasing temperature in the soft tissues. The different techniques used in the massages reduce tension in the body and thereby the stress in the mind is reduced. Generally, the ambience in the massage rooms is designed with low lit candles, soft music and scented oils that spread a relaxing fragrance. All this further helps you relax. Visit the best Spa in Porur and experience total relaxation.

b. Massage helps reduce tension in the muscles

When stress levels are high, muscles are tightened and they remain in a state of contraction. During a massage, there is a friction created which improves the blood flow which, in turn, causes the temperature in the muscles to rise. When the temperature in the muscles increase they become elastic allowing them to relax. Our massages like Deep tissue Massage, Swedish Massage given at best Massage Center in T.Nagar reduce the tension in the muscles and help you relax.

c. Massage Reduces Blood Pressure

Usually, high blood pressure is linked to stress. Massages improve blood circulation in the body, allow you to relax, lower the blood pressure levels and alleviate stress levels.

d. Massage promotes Mental Health

Massage therapy usually is associated with an increase in the so called ‘happy hormones’ namely Endorphins, Serotonin and Dopamine. These positive hormones reduce stress, anxiety and improve a person’s overall mood. At the same time, massage therapy decreases the levels of a ‘negative hormone’ Cortisol. Released by the Adrenal gland in the body, this hormone increases stress, anxiety and depression. Massages flush out the cortisol from the body thereby decreasing stress and increasing relaxation. Check out the full body massage at the best massage Center in Porur. This massage improves mental health, helps to get better sleep and helps you relax.

e. Massages Promote Better Sleep

Increased stress levels also result in decreased sleep. A good massage can enable people to get better sleep by relaxing them. Also during a massage there is an increase in the serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin aids in falling asleep.

Popular Massages to Reduce Stress

a. Swedish Massage
This is the most common massage given in Most Spas and Massage Centers in Chennai. The therapists use soft, long gliding strokes to knead the muscles which ease tension in the body, improves blood circulation and reduces stress and anxiety.

b. Thai Massage

An ancient technique that originated in Thailand, is a dry massage where the therapist uses yoga-like stretching, compressing positions and applies pressure on the energy lines of the body. This massage aids in total relaxation of the body, and reduces stress. We offer different massages at the Best Massage Center in Egmore.

c. Therapeutic Massage

This massage works on areas containing soft tissues, relaxes muscle knots, improves blood circulation, increases relaxation and reduces stress.

Call us at the Massage Center in Chennai to know about the various types of massages offered to promote your physical and mental well-being.

Spa Gift Card

We all remember giving and getting gifts items for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or festivals like Diwali or Christmas. With the changing times, all our tastes too have changed. We do not want to end up giving something which our loved ones may not like or may not find useful. This poses a huge challenge in choosing the perfect gift. There is however a fix to this dilemma – A Spa Gift Card.
While there is a continued debate on whether one should give an ‘impersonal’ Gift Card or cash, the truth is ‘A Gift Card from a Spa is a Perfect Gift’. Period. You can call the best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai and inquire about our Gift Cards.
Why is the Spa Gift Card a Perfect Gift?
a. You are Gifting an Experience

Unlike a gift card to a restaurant or a store, a trip to a Spa is unique and pampering experience in which your loved ones will de-stress, completely relax and treat themselves amidst the music, the aroma of oils and lotions and the serene environment of the Spa. Your spouse or friend deserves to be pampered like this once in a while. It is highly unlikely that your loved ones will care to treat themselves to a day at a Spa. This is because a Spa treatment is still considered a luxurious indulgence. By gifting your loved ones a Gift Card from the best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai you are giving them a day of self-care. They can get a professional massage or a facial or manicure or any other service at the Riverday, the best Spa and Best salon and spa in tnagar

b. Variety of Options
Another benefit of gifting the best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai Gift Card is that your loved ones can avail a variety of services like massages, facials, body treatments, manicure, pedicure, etc. You can also create a personalized package for your loved ones.
c. Best Way to Say “I Care for your Wellbeing”

It has already been established that a Spa treatment has therapeutic benefits too. From improving blood circulation to relieving pain in the muscles and joints to improving immunity to giving smooth skin to boosting brainpower, Spas offer a wide range of physical, mental and psychological benefits. By giving a Riverday best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai Gift Card, you are contributing to the wellbeing of your family, friends and loved ones.

d. Easy to Buy and Convenient to Use

Gift Cards are practical. They can be bought online or at the Riverday Spa in Chennai, Your loved ones can also choose to use them at their own convenience.

e. You can Gift it to Anyone

You can gift a Gift Card from Riverday Spa and Massage Center in Chennai to anyone – your spouse or sibling or parent or client or employee. Everyone loves a day of pampering and our Gift Card does that exactly. They can also be purchased in different amounts.

Don’t look around anymore for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Give them a Gift card from the Riverday Spa and Massage Center in Chennai. You are giving them a day of wellbeing and relaxation. For more details call our staff.

What are the Different Type of Spa Treatments in a Parlour

A Spa is a commercial establishment that offers a combination of beauty and health treatments that helps you de-stress and relax. We have many wrong notions about Spas, one of them being you can get only facials and massages at Spas. A closer look at the services offered by today’s Spas reveals specialized massages from body scrubs to new beauty treatments giving the customer a wide gamut of options to pick from.
Following are the various types of Spa treatments available at the best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai. Book an appointment now and know more about them
a. Facials

A facial is a multi-step skin treatment that cleanses and nourishes the skin and keeps the skin well-hydrated, supple and younger-looking. There are different types of facials like anti-aging facial, European Facial etc. All these facials however have the same steps: Cleaning, exfoliation, extraction, massaging and Masking. Facials help to clean pores, remove dead skin cells and also treat common skin problems like dark circles, wrinkles, acne etc.
Call us to know about the different types of facials offered at the best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai.

b. Body Treatments

Body treatments are like getting facials for the whole body. They are an effective way to relax, decrease cellulite, get smooth and soft skin and improve physical and mental health. The different types of body treatments include Aquatherapy, Body Polishes, Body Wraps and Vichy Showers. Call the best Spa in Chennai and book an appointment to get a body polishing treatment to make your skin smooth and glow.

c. Massages

Massages are the most popular spa treatments that have a lot of therapeutic benefits. A massage basically involves stroking, kneading, rolling and pressing the skin and muscles. They have a positive effect on the whole body, the primary benefits include stress relief, alleviate body pain, improve blood circulation, relax the body. The most popular type of massages includes Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Hot stone massage, reflexology, Thai massage, etc. Find the Best Deals on various types of massages at our Spa and Massage Center in Chennai.

d. Nail Treatments

Nail treatment of hands and feet called manicure and pedicure respectively include nail shaping, filing, clean up, massage and polish application. These treatments improve the appearance and condition of the nails on the hands and feet. Visit Riverday the best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai to get the best Manicures and Pedicures.

e. Hair Removal

Hair removal is another popular Spa treatment because everyone today wants to flaunt smooth, hair-free skin. Hair removal techniques have come a long way from razors to today's advanced laser treatments to remove unwanted hair from major parts of the body. Waxing continues to remain the most popular hair removal technique.
We at Riverday, the best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai offer a variety of safe and effective hair removal treatments.

f. Medical Treatments

Medical Spas in Chennai are becoming more popular in recent years. These centres are a hybrid between a medical clinic and a traditional Spa, i.e., in addition to traditional facials and massages these centres also offer certain medical treatments like microdermabrasion, facial fillers, botox injections, reflexology, varicose treatments, etc. best spa services

Book an appointment with Riverday best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai to find out about the various services offered by us

Body Scrub

So, you have gotten a facial and taken care of your hair. It’s time for your body care routine. For many of us this means just a bar of soap and a loofah. These are not enough considering that our skin is constantly exposed to dirt, pollutants, and changes in weather. You must include a body scrub in your skincare routine to get soft, smooth and healthy skin.

A body scrub is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin making it look smoother and more youthful-looking. We offer a range of body scrubs made from fresh and natural ingredients. Call the best Spa in Chennai to know more details.

Benefits of Body Scrub

Most body scrubs employ salt and/or sugar to exfoliate the skin. You can make your own hand scrub at home. One such simple and easy homemade hand scrub can be made in a mason jar adding 2/3rd cup of sugar, 1/4th cup of coconut or olive oil, and 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

How to Use a Body Scrub?

Start off by using a body scrub once a week and gradually you can use it 2-3 times per week.

It is better to avoid a body scrub if you are having sunburn, rashes, or other medical skin conditions.
Book an appointment at Best massage in Chennai for a full body scrub and get smooth, soft, and glowing skin.

How Often Should You Get a Sports Massage ?

Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who exercises for fun it is important to take care of your body. This includes eating a well-balanced diet, getting enough rest and making sure that your muscles are protected and maintained regularly. Sports massages have become part of the training regimen of both professional and amateur athletes today. We at Riverday offer the best Sports Massage for Athletes in Chennai. Call us to know more details

Sports Massage is a broad term encompassing three different types of massages having different techniques and different benefits and given at different times.

A pre-event sports massage is given before a workout or a sporting competition. It is usually given on the day of the event and is not more 10-15 minutes in duration. The main aim of the therapist giving a pre-event massage is to mentally boost the athlete and reduce his anxiety before the competition. The therapist mainly stretches and loosens large areas of the athlete’s muscles to increase joint mobility, improve blood circulation, flexibility thereby aiding in improving performance. Preparing for the Marathon in Chennai? Our massage in massage centre in Chennai can help you perform better. Call us to know more details.

Post-event massage is given after the sporting event and is aimed at faster recovery by reducing pain and inflammation in the muscles, muscles soreness, stiffness and fatigue. It is usually given 24-48 hrs after the exercise or sporting event. Our Massage Centres in Chennai can help you recover faster from many sports injuries like shoulder injuries, ligament tear etc.

A maintenance massage is given at least once a week as a regular part of an athlete’s training program. This massage aims to improve flexibility, relieve muscle tightness and reduce any chance of injury.

Now that the benefits of a sports massage have been established the next important question is how frequently should athletes schedule their therapy sessions?

Of course, the budget and time one has are important factors while deciding the frequency of a sports massage. Besides these factors, the frequency of getting a massage depends on how often and how hard the athlete is training. However, irrespective of a sporting event, getting a sports massage once or twice a month can be highly beneficial for an athlete. This helps to keep the muscles supple and loose and the body energised and in optimum condition. More regular sessions are needed if the athlete has some problems like injuries, knots or muscle pulls.

Call our staff at Spa in Chennai to know more about our Sports Massage Services.

Spa Treatment for Men

Spas are not just for women anymore. A primary reason for this shift is that today’s Spas are no longer only about beauty treatments, they are being called health and wellness centres. Health and wellness are not a prerogative of women. They are for everyone, men included. Men are also realizing the importance of staying healthy and grooming themselves. This shift has contributed to the rise of a ‘metrosexual’ man- a man who takes time and effort to take care of himself. And this has increased the number of men going to the Spas. Today many spas and Salons are catering specifically to men and also offering male-only services and treatments. Riverday the best Spa in Chennai offers skin and other beauty treatments for men. Call us to know more details

Why do Men go to the Spa?

For a start, men go to the Spa for the same reasons that women go. They want to relax or get a good massage. The most popular Men’s Spa Treatments include


Massages are the most popular treatment sought by men. Massages are a great way to reduce pain and aches and relax the body. Today Spas offer many types of massages like Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy etc. Experience various types of relaxing massages at the Riverday best Spa in Chennai.


Facials for men are specifically tailored to suit men’s needs and skin type. A man’s facial also consists of the same steps as that given for women namely cleansing, exfoliation, massaging, steaming and applying a face mask. However, men’s skin is thicker the facial maybe a little more vigorous and tackle problems like razor burn and ingrown hairs caused by shaving. To know more about the different types of facials we offer and what might be best for your skin Call Riverday massage in Chennai

Saunas and Steam Rooms

Saunas and Steam Rooms are heat rooms that warm up the muscles and offer relief from muscular stress.

Manicure and Pedicure

Hand and foot treatments are not confined to women anymore. Men also enjoy getting their nails groomed and hands massaged. Adding a manicure to a grooming routine helps to avoid hanging and awkward nails soften the hands and make the hands look good.
Men with an active lifestyle like athletes need to have a regular foot regimen to prevent issues like cracked heels, corns, callus, ingrown nails. Schedule a pedicure once a month can keep the foot healthy and also helps one to relax and unwind. Visit Riverday best Spa in Chennai for your manicure and pedicure did professionally body massage Chennai


Waxing is especially useful for men having excessive hair on the chest, shoulders and back. A bit of waxing can improve the appearance of virtually any man’s body. Waxing is also especially useful for men who dislike shaving. Some men grow hair in embarrassing places like on their ears or outside their noses. Waxing can help to remove this unwanted hair resulting in a more pleasing appearance.


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