Benefits of Moroccan Bath Massage – River Salon and Day Spa

The Moroccan bath massage has a history based on the Arabic and the Roman culture in which the bathhouses were outside the mosques in which people prepared for the prayers. People from all walks of life come to the

Moroccan Bath Massage

Moroccan Bath Massage Benefits

Hammam to take a bath and allow the skin to exfoliate and feel refreshed before they offer their prayers and connect with themselves and to the Lord. The bath includes a proper massage and a proper bath later. The massage takes away the stress from life and releases the tension in the nerves.


In Hammam, there are many saunas and steams in the building. The Moroccan bath massage consists of a massage followed by a sauna and then a cold shower provides a whole load of relief to the body. According to the old Arabic culture the bath is said to purify not only the body but also the soul. The Arabic Hammam has taken its inspiration from bathing in different pools from the Roman Empire. It consisted of bubbling Jacuzzis to saltwater Thalassotherapy in the swimming pools. Post the dip people move into the resting area with a drink in their hand.

Process of relaxation and deep cleansing

The Moroccan bath massage allows people to socialise through the bathing ritual. It is a good place to socialise with friends

Moroccan Bath

Massage benefits with Moroccan Bath

and colleagues and relax in its River Salon & Day Spa. It is a lovely place to relax as you allow the steam to work on the pores of your skin before you receive the massage and allow the skin to exfoliate and refresh for the coming days.  Relaxation is of great importance to a person for the health and well-being of the individual. The body tends to give in to the massages and the lovely aromatic smell of the oils which is being used on the body to induce the relaxation process. Before the bath, each inch of the body is cleansed. The Moroccan massage helps people to increase blood circulation which helps in the removal of the toxins from the body. This happens due to the vigorous scrubbing and rubbing done on the body.

Process of Exfoliation and Hydration

The scrubbing and the rubbing of the body help in taking away the dead cells of the body and you are left behind with a younger and brighter skin which is lovely to your own touch and feel. This is followed by a hydration technique in which the skin is bathed in honey and milk to put the hydration back into the skin. Post this the massage therapist massage the skin with hydrating moisturisers to put the glow back into the dermal layer and you will be able to see yourself shine visibly.

Relief from stress and tension

Relief from stress and tension

Relief from stress and tension with Moroccan bath massage

When you undergo this process of care your mind is taken away from the different kinds of stress which have been raising havoc with your senses. You dip yourself in the care of the trained hands of beauticians and therapists. Stress leaves its marks on the skin with the passage of time. We can do nothing about it as we all have a story and have our share of stress which we have to live with. The stress lines can be worked around with the help of timely massages and care which makes you feel younger and allows you to handle your share of tension.

Anti-aging technique

Over a period of time, people gather lines on their face and neck which speaks about their age. I have always felt age has a lot to do with the amount of knowledge and experience you carry and makes you worthy in life. However, it does not need to show in the form of blemishes on the skin. The Moroccan bath massage is also an anti-ageing technique which helps in keeping the skin youthful with the help of the massages and other techniques.

If you are interested in the age-old style of upkeep of beauty followed by the Arabs and the Romans you could try the Moroccan form of massage and the Hammam style of the bath which leaves you feeling young and cleansed. If you are looking forward to getting this massage reach River Salon Day Spa for Bangalore, Vellore, and Tirupur locations & Get the Best Services. For more details contact us: 8287811111 or visit our website

Our youthful team of therapists and beauticians will walk you through the journey of health and wellness. They will also update you with the latest techniques of fashion which will leave you youthful with a smile on your face that the world will notice.

How to Find the Best Body Massage Spa in Chennai?

Best Body Massage Centre in Chennai

Best Body Massage Spa in Chennai 

People all over the world remove physical distress with the help of Ayurvedic massages. The use of herbal oils has mesmerized the world with its medicinal effect. People are seen struggling with stress-related issues which slowly builds up into lower backache problems, swelling of the joints and many more issues which makes life difficult for people. River Salon & Day Spa is one of the Best Body Massage Spas in Chennai. We provide Various Massage Services of Body Massage, Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, Salon Services, Bridal Makeup, Facial etc...

A good massage parlour with a good healer has an uncountable number of benefits

  1. Neat and aesthetic environment

A good parlour tales you to another world. It is far from the mad rush of the world and has an aesthetic appeal that attracts the attention of the customers. In the dimly lit light and the aromatic environment, people forget their woes and are willing to give in to their new environment. The surrounding has such an impact on people they leave all their problems behind and start to relax in their newfound comfort.

  1. Articulate and Friendly Healers

The customers need to find their comfort level with the therapists. People need to feel comfortable with them so that they can discuss their pain and problems. The healers should be of the mental framework in which they should give a listening ear to people visiting them. Any message or any kind of intervention can be designed according to the needs of the customer. A listening ear, a caring hand and the person heals mentally before the body heals.

  1. Relieves from stress and postoperative pain

The world is rushing and everyone has a destination to reach. I for one have been through a lot of stress in my work life and no amount of sleep or rest would take away the pain of my body unless I reached River Salon & Day Spa massage parlour in Chennai and my body was induced with relaxation with the help of pain-relieving strokes of the Best healer. Many people are not able to find relief from the stress and pain in post-operative care at home. It is at these times the massages from the therapist's help. The deep tissue massages help in the circulation of the blood and remove the toxins from the body.

  1. Careful and Methodical Treatment

The treatment given by the healer needs to be carefully thought through and they need to carefully make note of the existing pre-condition of people before suggesting the massage. Healers are like doctors. The knowledge of diseases and the kind of massage recommended for the condition should be well known to people recommending the treatment. Especially people with pre-existing conditions should watch which parlour they are visiting. River Day Spa massage centres with learned and trained staff can do a decent and methodical massage for people visiting their centre.

  1. Hygienic Environment

People should visit River Day Spa massage centres in Chennai which have hygiene as their top priority. With the pandemic roaring across the world, it is imperative that our massage centres should cleanse all their equipment and centre well before they welcome their patients or customers. The sheets of cloth used for covering the massage table or the oils used should be clean and our therapists are all vaccinated against COVID 19. The healthier the environment of the centre the more confident will be the customers visiting us.

People working with River Salon & Day Spa are the best trained for all staffs in their art and they know their job well. Our best trainers across the world are enrolled as master trainers for training other healers. The place is hygienically maintained with certified and trained staff, whom people can trust. People all across the city of Chennai come to River Salon & Day Spa for their regular massages and other beauty treatments to look fresh, young and vibrant. If you are looking for a Best Body Massage Spa in Chennai. Visit River Salon & Day Spa today.

Swedish Vs Deep Tissue Massage for Sore Tissues

Swedish Massage

Swedish vs Deep Tissues Massage Relaxation

Sore muscles are a common problem between people, especially between the young and the old. In younger people, soreness in muscles comes due to the constant running around for work and other activities, while the elderly feel the soreness creeping in due to the age factor. Young and the old all take up massages to cure the ailing parts of their body. Especially in India massages are extremely common, they have been a part of o

ur lifestyle and are recommended by the Vedas and the Ayurvedic fraternity of health practitioners. River Salon and Day Spa has the best spa in Chennai and they have master healers who know the art of bringing in cure with the help of different kinds of massages with the help of aromatic medicinal oil.

Swedish Massage for Sore Tissues

Between medical healing with the help of medicines and a massage, the most effective is a massage for any kind of muscle pain. A massage helps the muscles to relax and the effect of it is sustainable for a prolonged time. In the case of medicine, any inflammation is immediately reduced however it does not sustain its effect for a long time. The massaging process releases a hormone by the name of endorphin which is secreted by the brain. It creates a natural sense of Euphoria creating a sense of relaxation, contentment, and wellness in the person receiving the massage. If you are in a job that makes you run around the city and you get sore muscles regularly then you should visit the best River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai to get your weary body some rest. If you are ageing and you feel you are severely affected by muscle pain, going to the spa for a massage twice a month is a good idea.

Deep Tissues Massage

Deep Tissues Massage relaxation for your body pain.

Deep Tissue Massage for Sore Tissues

Deep tissue massages are meant for tissue and musculoskeletal issues. For example, pain in the bicep, triceps’, coracobrachialis (muscular attachment to the shoulder joint) are some of the skeletal muscle pains which can be taken care of with the help of a Deep Tissue Massage. The tissue soreness is usually seen in sportspeople and this massage is given to them to take care of their body pain and increase the flexibility of their body.  Many suffering from chronic back issues for a long time find their relief in deep tissue massages. It has been seen that this massage has a great effect in reducing the blood pressure of the individual due to the pressure it plays on the nerves. It has shown a lot of effect in muscle pain and strain. Deep tissue massages are also recommended in cases when the body is recovering from any injury and needs to build up flexibility. It is a sustained and effective measure for pain in the leg and back issues. The best River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai is great with deep tissue massages and has helped many young athletes to overcome everyday muscle soreness and flexibility issues.

The overall benefit of Massages

The overall benefit of massages is innumerable. Tissue massage helps people in getting rid of any kind of soreness and inflammation in the body with the help of the medicated oil and the right strokes of the healer. Mental health becomes better with the help of massages as they tend to regulate the blood pressure which takes away the mental fatigue of people and makes them healthy. In case of chronic lung diseases, massages are recommended. If a person has a chronic issue of constipation and has been suffering immensely the massages have helped even in such cases. Anxiety, distress, and mental illness already saw massage therapy as a form of treatment.

Deep tissue massage is usually focused on certain parts of the body and provides relief to the stressed areas of the body. A Swedish massage has a tendency to use strokes that move towards the heart. It tends to give relief to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and any pain or stretching of the nerves.

As compared to Deep Tissue massage a Swedish massage is less intense and full of gentle strokes on the body which enhances the feeling of relaxation and relief. It is the most common type of therapy opted among people wanting to relieve their stress and exhilarate the mind. People high on physical activities like athletes and jobs involving a lot of physical labour should go for deep tissue massages. Reach the best River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai, we have some of the best therapists and healers who look into your condition before suggesting therapy for your treatment. It is only advisable to go to a Riverday Spa outlet near your home and rejuvenate your body and mind. To know more about our locations and services log into our website

Dressing Norms for Spas in India

So, you’ve finally booked your first appointment at Riverday, the Best Spa and Massage in Chennai for a day to lie back and try a New Spa treatment. Although you are eagerly looking forward to the day of complete relaxation, you must be equally nervous about many things, the primary being what level of undressing would be required. Since we Indians are a modest lot and still hold on to our conservative thoughts, many of us cannot still come to terms with the thought of removing our clothes before a stranger. All this uncertainty can make us entirely skip the Spa session even if we are getting the treatment at the Best Spa and Massage in Chennai.

The Indian Spa Wellness Industry has evolved from a nascent unstructured group in the 90s to a comprehensive well-established ecosystem today. Despite this growth, the questions regarding the dress code for a Spa Treatment remain largely unanswered or spoken in hush-hush tones even at many of the best Spa and Massage Centers in Chennai. This ambiguity can lead to several wrong ideas like a Spa Treatment means being fully nude. This can, in turn, hinder potential customers to book a treatment at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai and around.

To avoid turning your appointment at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai into a disaster it is necessary to know the permissible clothing Norm for an Indian Spa.

Most of the Best Spa and Massage Centers in Chennai will offer complimentary bathrobes, towels, appropriate footwear and disposable undergarments.

However to avoid putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation Book an appointment at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai and call us to know what complimentary items will be provided prior to your treatment. Don’t Hold Back, our staff can guide you about any questions regarding the dress code at our Spa.

Although a Spa treatment immediately brings the picture of someone with bare skin under a folded sheet, the extent of nudity however depends on the kind of treatment you are getting, what you want and the Spa’s policies.

Most of the Best Spa and Massage Centers in Bangalore require you to remove your clothes. You can wear your own Undergarments or disposable undergarments. The therapists at these Centers will tell you the options and what’s expected but do remember you will never be forced to do something you are not comfortable with. The therapists usually leave the room so that you can undress and lie on the table under the sheets. Throughout the Spa sessions, you will be covered by sheets or towels. Only that area that needs work on will be exposed or kept naked. The treated areas will be covered before the therapist begins to work elsewhere on the body.

Keep in Mind that Never will your Private Areas be exposed. And even when you turn over, the therapist will hold up the blankets so that they cannot see you while you are uncovered. 

If you are using the Steam or Sauna Area you can wear a towel or a swimsuit. You can use the shower room to change your clothes.

Riverday, the Spa and Massage Center in Chennai follows all the above guidelines with regard to clothing. The therapists and management are given adequate training on how to convey to the customers effectively and professionally the policies of the Spa.

If you are nervous let the therapists know. It is your day at Riverday Spa and our Staff at the Best Spa and Massage Centers in Chennai will give you special attention and more personal space if you need it. No Embarrassment, No Awkwardness, we will respect your privacy.

Hope the above tips have removed some of your fears. So, book an appointment with Riverday Spa and Massage Center in Chennai now.

Why should you have a Facial Clean up Once a Month?

Not everyone is blessed with a natural glowing and flawless skin. But the fact remains that most women pay attention to their skin only during
special occasions like weddings or parties. For these occasions, women do everything possible to flaunt
a flawless skin. Caring for the skin once in a while isn’t enough. Getting a skin that looks and feels
flawless is an ongoing process that calls or a regular skincare regime. And a good skincare routine
includes getting a facial treatment. It is however a misconception that a facial once in a while will do.
A healthy and clean skin calls for routine facials, more precisely a facial once a month. This is because
the skin is a living organ and its cells move from the lower layers to the surface or epidermis, where
they dry, flatten out and die. This means the skin’s life cycle is about 30 days which means giving the
skin a facial once a month can do wonders to make it look massage in Chennai

So what is actually a facial? A facial is a skin treatment involving many steps like cleansing, massaging
and steaming using different creams and lotions. While there are different types of facials, all of them
have amazing benefits on the skin, provided it is done consistently and regularly.
How does the skin benefit from regular facials?

  1. Relaxing
    Massaging during a facial relaxes the muscles, lowers stress and anxiety giving it in a soothing
    experience. One gets better sleep and has an overall, happy outlook. In simple one just feels
    and looks good after a facial.
  2. Cleanse and Exfoliate
    The primary benefits of a facial are that it cleanses, detoxifies and exfoliates the skin. The skin
    is exposed to a lot of pollutants and dirt which can be got rid of by a cleansing facial. Regular
    facials help to shed dead skin cells, excess oils and unclogs the pore which promotes new skin
    cell growth. In the long run, facials once a month give the skin a smooth, healthy and radiant
    glow. massage center in Chennai
  3. Improved Blood Flow
    Any facial treatment involves gentle massage of the skin. This process improves the blood flow
    around the face which means the facial cells get more oxygen and nutrients. This translates
    to a healthy, rejuvenated and a glowing face.
  4. Anti-Aging
    As we age the production of collagen causing the skin to sag and lose its elasticity. During a
    facial, many lotions, face packs and peels are used which stimulate collagen production. This
    tightens the skin, slows down the signs of aging, and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines on the
    face. spa and massage centre in Chennai
  5. Removal of Acne, Blackhead and Whiteheads
    During facial trapped dirt, oil and dead skin are removed. Special lotions and creams are
    used which promote cell rejuvenation, hydrates the skin and stop the acne formation process.
    A facial once a month evens the skin tone and reduces the visibility of acne scars. Extraction
    is a crucial part of a facial. An extraction tool is used during a professional facial to remove
    blackheads and whiteheads safely.
  6. Eliminate Under Eye Bags and Dark Circle
    Since the skin under the eye is thinner compared to the skin on the rest of the face it needs
    special attention. Puffiness under the eyes, dark circle is common due to the stress and
    pollution. Eye creams used during facials soothe the eye, rehydrate the skin under the eyes
    and eliminate dark circles and wrinkles. best spa services
    The skin is the body’s largest organ and hence protecting and nourishing it is absolutely
    important. Getting a facial once a month can contribute to one’s physical and mental health
    and also give the skin a brilliant shine and glow.

What is Reflexology? How do they Benefit Overall Health and Wellness?

Reflexology is to enjoy massage on particular reflex points on your feet, head and hands.

When it is about benefiting the most from a trip to a hotel spa nearby or resort spa nearby book for the best massage at the spa. Take a long way to assess the different massages in the spa menu and make sure you choose the best therapy at the spa and return from your holiday with complete relaxation and no pain. Welcome good health and energy on your arrival massage in Chennai

Reflexology is usually misconceived and overlooked spa therapy in which the therapist performs on the reflex points on your foot, hand and ear that are said to be connected with certain organs and glands in your body. When you stimulate these points with the pressure using fingers, massage therapist says it helps in promoting the health and circulation in those organs and glands through the flow of energy in the body’s pathways.

When performed by expert practitioners, reflexology is a highly relaxing therapy with the effect being felt in all parts of your body. The therapist will use a different type of techniques such as holding, pressure from the finger, kneading, rotating and rubbing so be all set for an intimate experience when you book for reflexology at a spa in hotel or spa nearby.

Not Just a Foot Massage: Complete Body Rejuvenation

The expert therapist who practices reflexology include hands and feet in their treatment session and you will be able to feel the circulation improving in your complete body after the reflexology is completed. In case the therapist is not trained or inadequately skilled you still have no reasons to get disappointed because you will have a feel of long foot massage.

There is proof that people from Egypt and China have practised certain hand and foot therapy around 4000 years back. Now the recent rediscovery is a type of systematized foot treatment found by William Fitzgerald a doctor who named it as Zone Therapy. His findings were highlighted among the public in an article published in 1915 “To Stop that toothache, Squeeze your Toe.” Published in Everybody’s Magazine.

Eunice Ingham called as the pioneer of modern reflexology developed this finding by painstaking relating the connection between food and all the other organs and glands in the human body. From this, Ingham created a system of therapies that may help the therapist to get a connection with reflexes in the highly effective and economical way. This system is also called as Original Ingham Method and though this technique was again refined, her legacy is known to be the base of modern reflexology.

What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

Booking a reflexology appointment at a spa nearby with a trained massage therapist who is expertise in reflexology can be truly advantageous particularly for someone who has pains related to those organs and health issues in the related body parts and glands.

The main foundation of reflexology, zonal therapy depends on the theory that the body is categorized into ten zones from head to toe longitudinally with five on either side of the body. Practitioners assume that pressure on the foot or hand reflex points will give health benefits for the organs on the same zone.

In recent times, reflexology practitioners have started to include the acupressure tactics of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( T.C.M) in their therapies. However, reflexology is from the theory of zones rather than TCM theory of meridians or energy routes both therapies are created from the principle that performing/pressurizing on a particular point can give therapeutic effect to the different parts of your body.

Reflexology is comparatively a fast massage therapy that concentrates only on foot, hands, ears and head. This is what makes it distinct particularly who look to keep on their dress while taking a massage at the spa and for those who don’t want to spend time cleaning up after treatment at the spa.

How to Book a Reflexology Appointment at Spa nearby?

Generally, the best spas in hotels usually have a therapist who has expertise in reflexology. So ask the therapist if they are certified or have a particular training done in reflexology before you book for reflexology at the spa.

Any therapist performing massage or esthetician who is licensed to perform on the body is legally authorized to perform reflexology although they may not have much training in it. It is recommended to get reflexology from a person who has got an expert training in reflexology and is certified for doing the therapy as this individual is more likely to know the best remedy for the pain and issues you are facing in your body.

A reflexology appointment must not take above 30 minutes of your time from the time your therapist begins performing. So it’s quick treatment at a hotel spa or day spa in Chennai. As all practitioners are not well versed in this treatment, it’s always better to double-check at spa whether the therapist is certified to perform reflexology and has knowledge about the pressure points.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage is a label that depicts the purpose of the treatment along with the many health benefits it offers. Another aspect of therapeutic massage is that the customer and the therapist both focus on the same goal of making structural modifications within the physique usually through regular massage sessions.

It will be interesting to know a short history of why therapeutic massage is a key term in the massage therapy industry. In the 1880s therapists practised within conventional medications as physician’s assistants and also offered private consulting.

They are experts in the soft tissue manipulations called effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotement- the conventional strokes of Swedish massage which were created by the European Medicine doctor Johann Mezger.

The Development of the Massage Parlor

Around the 1930s, the Swedish massage was a complete study of physiotherapy that comes with soft tissue manipulation, strokes, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy for normal health, treating health issues and rehabilitation sessions spa in Chennai

Therapist work as physiotherapists along with doctors and also in YMCAs, community baths, spas, beauty parlours and also at their health clinics which are also called massage parlours.

However, with the emergence of massage parlours, a variety of services came into existence. Around 1950s and 1960s massage parlour was a euphemism for a space for sex work. Massage as legitimate treatment had downgraded into disrepute so has the work of masseuse and masseur.

Around the 1960s and 1970s, a new set of people inspired by the people potential acts and chance of natural healing started to show interest in massage therapy again. The Esalen Institute in California which began in 1962, created its new style of Esalen Massage. They also named them as massage therapists and called the work they performed as “Therapeutic Massage” which helped in restoring the reputation of professional massage.

Till day male clients look for independent female therapists to enquire about massage services offered in a spa in Chennai, which is a clue that they are looking for a happy ending by enquiring about whole-body massage or extras. By defining the treatment as therapeutic massage best spas in Chennai indicate that they are no happy ending and keeps a full stop to the unwanted enquiry. The wrong clients drop the call and refuse for any booking at the spa.

Therapeutic Massage for Creating Structural Changes

Another meaning for therapeutic massage is that the client and the therapist both focus on a mutual goal of getting a structural change in the body with the help of routine massage sessions at the spa. As any professional massage at the spa is therapeutic with absolute health benefits some massages concentrate on relaxing and refreshing feel.

For example, a Swedish massage is a highly superficial massage which enhances blood and lymph circulation and gives you relax feel. Although it is good for your mental physical health it does not focus on changing the underlying structures in your body which may lead to pain and restrictions.

Deep Tissue Massage or Sports massage comes with deep pressure and cross-fibre friction so that it can relieve the tissue which is adhered or has spasm which definitely needs therapeutic. Whereas if you book for a massage in the resort, you may not meet that therapist again which may be a hassle for therapeutic treatment.

In a therapeutic massage, you describe your health problems to the therapist for example your pain in the hip, tightness in shoulders or a lower back spasm. The therapist follows the below four steps:

• Analyze your present situation
This means they take your history – i.e. they enquire about the duration of your pain, whether it just started all of a sudden, how is the pain type etc. The therapist will also assess your movements, check your range of motion and analyze the tissue movement while treating you for consistency and texture.

• Plan a Therapy
After the therapist has got an idea about what your problem is, he may propose a plan to treat the same. This would work on focusing on the problem you are facing and the body part that you are suffering from pain- shoulders, lower back, neck, hip etc. The therapist may also recommend full-body therapy massage if in case you require. The therapist may advise you to plan a regular massage at the spa as a series in necessary intervals and also give you an idea on how good the progress may be. The experts in a spa in Chennai may also recommend other ways to treat your pain like with the use of heat, ice, hydrotherapy or stretches. If required, the professional therapist at a spa in Chennai may refer you to other health professionals or spas in other locations like a spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore or Spa in Dubai to get the benefit of the natural vibe and climate.

• Begin the Therapy
This is when the real massage therapy begins depending on the assessment and analysations made and the agreed plan between the client and therapist.

• Check the result
Finally, towards the end of the therapy, the therapist along with you will review the outcome. Has the pain reduced? Is there better mobility in the joints? Has your postured changed for the good? Depending on the results, the therapist advises for extra sessions and the intervals. If you visit the spa every week for example you may see faster changes than of you go for two or three week’s interval sessions. An assessment of the outcome is done by the end of every therapeutic massage session at a spa in Chennai to determine the course of the therapy.

Final Words

It may look like too much involved however an expert therapist can easily assess your condition and plan a treatment quickly even in a spa in the hotel. Undoubtedly you will see a relief even in after a single therapeutic massage session at the best spa nearby. The major drawback of the hotel spa is that many clients choose massage spa while they are holidaying or vacationing. Returning for a regular massage at the spa is not practically possible. But you may always follow up the therapy at massage spa nearby as massage spas are available all over the country and across the globe- Spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore, Spa in Chennai, Spa in Dubai.
Why wait to book your therapeutic massage at a spa nearby and relieve all your pain.

Why Take Body Mask Treatment?

A body mask is about applying the creamy ingredient all over your body for enjoying a therapeutic effect like hydration, demineralizing or detoxification. The main focus is that just as your facial skin gets benefited from facial mask done at the best spa in Chennai, your body skin also gets benefited from body mask.

What is a Body mask treatment at the spa?

A spa, a body mask is done by beginning with some type of exfoliation, actually, a body scrub is a perfect way to get away the flaky dead cells from your skin. At times spa will alternate a dry body brushing which although feels great, isn’t a great choice. A body scrub is a premium as it is a therapeutic mask which penetrates into your skin deeply.

Next to exfoliation, the mask is covered on either side of the body. At the spa, you are generally wrapped using a plastic sheet or a blanket along with body wrap. The products penetrate and continue to act your skin. At times, few best international spas or best spas in Dubai, best spas in Chennai have an infrared lamp for giving you warmth feel but is occasional and rare.

One signal of the best facial is when the therapist gives you company at the room while covering you with body mask or body wrap. The therapist generally gives you a scalp massage or foot massage which gives you a more heavenly experience. Facial masks are tailor-made at few best spas in Tamil Nadu to suit your skin type and skin condition. In case your skin red or inflamed, the body mask at the spa must be calm and soothe. In case you have oily or congested skin the facial mask helps you in extracting the impurities accumulated in your skin.

Body Mask Ingredients

The body usually come with few active ingredients as follows:

• Clay or mud which is great detoxifiers. They aid in extracting the oil and impurity accumulated on the surface of the skin. Clay, Kaolin or bentonite are few best ingredients for body mask that helps in tightening of the skin.
• Seaweed or algae are the best ingredients for body wraps as they help in remineralizing.
• Aloe vera helps in soothing particularly sunburned skin.
• Shea butter or body creams are rich body wrap ingredients and helps in moisturizing.

There is usually a mix of components like French green clay and algae blended with water, body oils and essential oils. Usually, spas manufactured these body masks on a commercial basis. So there are chances of including synthetic elements which you may not appreciate. Glyceryl stearate and PEG 100 stearate holds water and oil as a bond which is also known to be an emulsifier. Dimethicone a polymer from silicone. Spas offer ayurvedic body mask as well so you may choose the best ayurvedic spa for such treatments.

DIY Body Masks

You can make your preferred body mask but it isn’t easy to get a body mask done all by yourself just as other home spa treatments such as body scrub or face masks. The key components for body masks such as bentonite clay and algae are a few rare ingredients and difficult to find. They are also quite expensive and messy to make a blend.

At best spas in Chennai, you get this treatment done in a wet room which has showers, tiled flooring and drains so that all the used ingredients flow down and the space is clean for next use. They unroll plastic on the massage table and give warm ambience for you’re to relax and wrap you completely. Also, your therapist will run through their fingers on your scalp and massage you thoroughly and this gives a quick run for time. As you relax on the table, your body’s circulation is enhanced and detoxification is triggered. Both go hand in hand giving you a relaxed and refreshed feel.

Enjoy a Therapeutic Bath

A simple option to get the benefits of body mask at home is to get a complete body scrub and get a warm shower using bets products used in the International spa. A therapeutic bath helps in enhancing slimming and detoxification. It nourishes your skin with necessary minerals and other vital elements.

Few best ingredients to use for the therapeutic bath are slimming lotion, sea salt, seaweed, lemongrass, algae, essential oils and coconut butter. These are easily available ingredients which aren’t too pricey too massage in Chennai

Seaweed has the best detoxification agents and remineralising attributes. Get a body scrub after a body wrap and take a warm shower using the essential oil and complete the therapy using coconut oil with lemongrass which is the best combination of organic hydrator.

Relax get wrapped and unwrap the refreshed You!!!

Why Book an Appointment at Spa nearby for Body Treatment

Body treatments are more popularly known as a body facial for your entire body and give your skin a velvet-textured smoothness and softness. The reason behind a body treatment is that it is necessary to clean, exfoliate and keep yourself hydrated. The skin over your body is as important as the skin on your face. Spa body treatment is essential for your body at all times of the year. It is quite essential during winter seasons as helps in moisturizing your skin as the weather turns your skin dry and flaky body massage Chennai

Body Scrubs

The well-known body treatment is a body scrub which is also known as body polish, salt glow or sea-salt scrub. This treatment is for exfoliation which is done on a massage table. You will be covered using sheets and a big, thin plastic piece. You may be advised to undress completely or may be offered a disposable dress that covers your private body parts.

As you lie on your stomach, the spa massage therapist begins with the rubbing of sea salt, oil and aroma filled ingredients such as lemon over your skin. This helps in exfoliation of your skin and gives a fresh feeling and soft texture.

After your complete body is scrubbed, which may take around 10 to 15 minutes, you may take a shower using soap which would give you good oil coating. Known as an invigorating treatment and it is a great choice to get a scrub done prior to the massage centre in Chennai if you prefer doing both together at one session.

Many essential oils and body scrubs are part of spas in Chennai. You may find orange aroma/ peppermint salt glow or cucumber glow and other body scrubs offered using ingredients such as chocolate scrub, lemongrass scrub, coffee scrub, sea salt scrub, fruits body scrub and many more. Later after the session, a lotion is applied for hydration.

Body Masks and Wraps

A body mask and body wrap usually is done following a body scrub at the spa. Once the salt is rinsed off and you get back to the massage table, the aesthetician slathers you with seaweed, mud or algae and offers a body wrap using a thermal blanket. This is a detoxification treatment at the spa that helps in stimulating your metabolism, fastens your ability to filter toxins from your body. Products such as cream or lotion is used on your skin for the purpose of hydration.

A body wrap is wrapping treatment that is used mainly for treating cellulite. At times it gives the diuretic effect that helps in reducing weight temporarily.

What to Do After a Body Treatment

You may feel your skin is a bit softer once you have finished a body treatment particularly if a deep body scrub is used. However, it is recommended to take a shower and relax without missing to lather your skin using soap. Use a loofa or washcloth to gently rub over your skin in circles to slough away dead cells in your skin or any leftover ingredients on your skin.

Benefits of Body Treatments

Body treatments help in preventing wrinkles, reduce cellulite and reduce physical signs of aging and give your skin a young and fresh appearance. Papaya wrap, chocolate wrap, coffee wrap, mango wrap, raspberry wrap and other spa wraps contain ingredients that help in exfoliation your skin to remove toxins and excess oil in your skin. Just like other spa services, body treatments at the spa also help you recoup your mental health. These treatments at the best spa in Chennai help you relieve stress, soothes your stressed muscles and give complete body and mind relaxation.


Pulling out time for yourself amidst a busy routine life is turning out to be more than a luxury. Packed with official and family schedules and commitments and juggling to maintain a social life you may find your positive vibes being depleted quite often. Relaxation and rejuvenation happen to be an antidote to stress and the exciting news is that you can opt to treat yourself and your body in the best choice you feel good. Plan exclusively for your wellness massage in Chennai
Nowadays, right from the events, we see to the tunes we listen and to the food we taste is tailor-made by huge data and is used by firms such as Netflix,iTunes and Zomato. Among this is the trend of highest pick for wellness, eco-friendly living and being nature lover, consuming locally grown either in a cafeteria menu or beauty product line.

It is no big shock that the new trend to capture spas is wellness, that is framed to customize on terms with individual likes and taste. Here are a few customized treatments that are perfect personalized spa therapies for you-

Yoga, meditation & exercise
Various spas are presently starting the function of R&R with the analyzation of your BMI and short health profile to understand your strength and weakness. Next spas you can look for exercise and clean eating advise enhancing your immunity. Stress management has turned out to be a talk of the town at spas in Chennai where yoga and meditation are blended to combat the stress caused due to hectic routine life.

Signature Facial, pedicure & skin treatments
Many spas in Chennai and best spas services across Tamil Nadu are offering questionnaires to create skin therapies on line with the responses received. Spas are focusing on every customer’s skin type, age and other problems regarding skin with best spa facials, signature spa scrubs and spa reflexology treatments to fight against ailments depending upon your pH levels.

Massages & thermal wraps
Massage centres in Chennai and spa centre in Chennai are also attending to specific problems such as jet lag. Nowadays massage in Chennai is focusing on thermal wraps and scalp massages for stressed and weary traveller based on the number of hours “off” they need. Massages are a great remedy for sore muscles while being particular about various health problems such as joint ache or sensitive skin.

Ayurvedic treatments depending on dosha
Ayurveda has taken control across the globe, it is gaining popularity for its holistic way of leading life. Taking this to the next level is through identifying the present dosha or bio-element ruling your constitution, the spa now provides tailor-made aroma filled oils, food and Ayurvedic massages in Chennai to trigger the energy and reduce the issues exacerbated because of lifestyle preferences.

Final Word
What is your plan to get away from the everyday routine grind? You definitely need a break. Stress needs to bust out and your mind deserves some peace and relaxation. Get away from the routines dips and stay chilled with the gentle strokes and soft massages at spa.
Remember it is good for you, Plan Spa-Vacay, No More worry Day.

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