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Starting A Spa Business? Know The Process!

June 24, 2019

If you are thinking about beginning a spa business, then one of the first steps would be to opt for a company registration process. This is precisely why we are here with some essential points that can help you complete the process in a flash!

With the increase in the number of people recognizing the values of a healthy lifestyle, spa business is one of the booming industries right now. More and more choose to visit a spa for beauty treatments or relaxing massages. It has been found that the spa industry in the US has generated $16.3 billion in 2015. When calculated on the worldwide, it has generated $99 billion worldwide. If you have plans to establish a spa business, it is best to start now. Before establishing, ensure what is required to start the business.

Select a business model
Research plays an integral part in establishing the business. You need to find out the services that have high demand. Ensure to know your competitors too. There are various kinds of spas, and each spa business has different characteristics. According to your expertise and budget, you have to select either one or more business models.

  • Club spa
  • Dental spa
  • Mobile spa
  • Destination spa
  • Medical spa
  • Ayurvedic spa
  • Bootcamp spa
  • Day spa

A dental spa is ideal for people who wanted to have a holistic attitude to dentistry. It does not include traditional spa service in chennai such as facials, mud baths, or body wraps. If you are a business owner, then you need to purchase dental equipment and hire licensed dentists. The cost should be almost equal to that business connected with the day spa.

If you are experienced in massage, you do not have to purchase a lot of equipment to provide beauty treatment and various other procedures. It is recommended to start a mobile spa. It is one of the best options to serve people who want to enjoy beauty treatment in the privacy and comfort of their home. Moreover, you would require a van or car filled with massage oils, beauty products, and various other medical supplies.

Detox spa is also highly popular. Nowadays, customers are willing to spend three or more days in the resorts that offer detox packages. Several facilities offer yoga and meditation classes, along with raw diets, juicing, and various holistic practices. In most cases, detox spas are usually situated in remote places which offer tranquility and peace.

Determine the legal requirements
When you want to establish a spa business, you need to think about several things apart from marketing your services and renting a facility. You have to recruit and train staff, order supplies, research new products, invest in the latest equipment, and much more. You should also continue to update your knowledge by joining in new courses and get licensed.

For instance, if you wish to offer massage therapy services at your spa, you have to obtain a license for your spa. As per the state and country rules, the massage therapist should learn an approved program and accomplish a certificate course once in two years. It is recommended to find the laws and regulations in your area and country before starting the business. The laws differ from one state to another.

Depending on the services you are offering, you have to get permits and licenses from local health department along with other associated institutions.

Create a business plan
Develop a business plan which showcases your possible expenses and earnings, target audience, marketing efforts, and also various vital features. Determine the spa location and find the rental costs associated with your business. Look for companies that provide beauty and skincare products at wholesale price. Get estimates from multiple dealers and negotiate to purchase at a reasonable price.

The business plan should also include the mission and goals of the company. It is an essential roadmap to success. Include every feature of establishing the spa business, including financing, legal requirements, and advertising.

Ensure to research famous spas to find out how they have become successful, services they provide and ways they promote their business.

Get the company registration done
When you are establishing a physical business in India, you need to get the necessary license from the state body. It is mandatory, especially when you have an office or physical shop where the business is performed. It remains as evidence that you are doing business at that location. You can also make use of several tax subsidies and benefits if you obtain the shop and establishment license.

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