Merits Of Thai Spa Treatments And Massage

Thai massages are the most common type of massage. Almost everyone would have heard about it in some way or the other. Thai massages have immense health benefits if done rightly. Are these Thai massages only available in Thailand? Do you have to visit Thailand to avail the benefits? The answer is “No, you don’t have to.” You can get great Thai massages here in India. Checkout the best body massage in Trichy. You will be wondered by the classy service provided over there.

What are the benefits that you get from visiting a Spa and taking Thai massages regularly? Let’s see in detail.

lady enjoying massage by a therapist near scented candles

Beautiful soft and healthy skin

The spa treatments make use of aromatic oils like jasmine oil which make your skin soft and fresh. Other products made of papaya, coconut, etc. are also made use in various treatments. All these are natural ways to replenish your skin. As a result of such procedures, dead cells are exfoliated from your skin giving it a new radiance.

An excellent spa will have a wide variety of scrubs and wraps for your skin. Chocolate, coffee, fruits, lemon grass, etc. are some of the exotic materials used for scrub and wraps. Hence there is no doubt that it will give yourselves and your skin a pleasant experience.

Thai massage benefits

Benefits of a Spa are greatly attributed to the benefits of the massage services it offers. Thai massages are more rigorous than usual ones. Thus the effects of Thai massages are also more compared to others. The roots of Thai massage are actually in India. It was first developed by Jivaka Kumar who was the physician of the great Gautama Buddha. Hence it combines Indian principles such as yoga and Chinese conventional techniques like acupressure. The combination of these both makes Thai massage an awesome and healthy experience.

Following are the major benefits of Thai massages

  • Relaxed muscles- Skilled therapists can apply the right amount of pressure in the right areas where your muscles are stressed. This helps in lowering the tension in the muscles and also prevents muscle spasms.

  • Active and strong joints- The principles of yoga are mainly aimed at improving the flexibility of your joints. Thai massage therapy makes use of these principles to activate your joints so that you can easily stretch them and move them in a wide range.

  • Enhanced circulation of blood- Thai massage therapists make use of various methods such as touch, acupressure, etc. which enhances blood flow through your body.

  • More energy- Chinese conventional method of applying pressure on meridian points increases energy flow.

  • Relief from pain and diseases- Properly trained therapists can give massages which help you to get rid of your headache, back pain, neck pain, etc. Certain nerve related diseases such as sciatica can also be cured by a series of massage therapy.

Emotional health

Various spa treatments including Thai massages play a great role in boosting your emotional health. The wonderful feeling that your body is well-taken care of, will directly reflect on your mind. It will relieve you of stress and worries and boost your self-confidence. You will feel the overflowing energy in you which will avoid your continuous mood swings, depression, etc. The excellent ambiance that good spas provide will be more like a vacation to your body and soul.

Final note

Spas are excellent places for relaxation and rejuvenation. Thai massage service offered by really special ones is the cherry on the cake. You are lucky if you have one such spa near you. Make the most of it by visiting it regularly. The money you spend there is worth it. Spend some time for yourselves and stay happy and healthy!

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