Health Benefits Of Going To A Spa Regularly

People tend to think of spa treatments as an indulgence that only the rich and the privileged can afford. It is true that a spa treatment comes with a price tag. But it is not just for pampering yourself. Regular spa visits have proven health benefits as well. Now, that you have another reason to go to a spa, make your reservations for a rejuvenating session from among the many massage center in Trichy or any other city!

It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged spa holiday. Even spending some hours in a spa which is closer to home regularly will help you reap the benefits. We all know that spas are good to de-stress and detoxify yourself. But studies have shown that they offer other advantages as well. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of spa treatments.

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Battles dementia

Studies conducted by the University of Finland on over 2000 men in their middle ages for about two decades found that men who took a sauna regularly 4-7 times a week had 66% less chance of getting diagnosed with dementia. While the reason for this is not clear, it is widely acknowledged that getting your sauna done regularly is good for your mental health.

Protects your heart

The same study has also concluded that men who frequented sauna 4-7 times a week are less likely to suffer from cardiac complications. It showed a 63% less chance for these men to have cardiac arrests and other coronary artery diseases. The amount of time spent in the sauna is also, surprisingly, important. On an average, spending 19 minutes in the sauna was found to be beneficial for your heart.

The study is not clear as to why this is so as the higher temperatures are believed to destress  the body and heart. But, in many cultures sauna is a part of their social life. It is considered as a stress buster, and probably that explains the health benefits.

Essential oil for your heart

Essential oils are known for their calming effects and are widely used in spas for treatment. But science has shown that it does more than just soothing your frayed nerves. Exposure for not more than an hour to the vapors of any essential oil is found to be good for your heart. A study conducted on 100 healthy young men in Taiwan concluded that breathing in the vapors of an essential oil for an hour reduced their blood pressure and heart rate. This has a flip side though; breathing in those vapors for more than an hour sent the heart racing. So, stick to the optimal timing of an hour.

Includes blood circulation and reduces inflammation

The health benefits of body massages in infants are well documented. It has been found that infants, especially the ones that are born premature, become healthier and less stressed when their mother or caregiver give them regular massages. More than just calming them down, it increases the blood circulation in their body thereby improving the health of their heart.

A 2012 study found that regular massages reduce inflammation and promote the growth of cells in the skeletal system. Experts believe that massages give you several advantages like improved immune system, better circulation, and cardiovascular health as well as reduced stress.

Other broad health benefits

Do you think that you don’t have the time or the means to go to a spa once in a week or more? Don’t worry! Your occasional spa holidays are also found to have good effects on your overall wellbeing. It is proven to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, mercury and sodium levels, etc.

Whether it is your regular spa visits or an occasional cleansing ritual, the time and money you spend on spa treatments will not go wasted.

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