A Massage Centre In Bangalore That Offers More Than Facials And Massages

Contrary to popular belief, a spa is not just limited to facial treatments and massages. A spa is a complete package of taking care of your whole body from hair to nails. Indulge in the luxury of a spa once in a while and revive the young body camouflaged inside you by dead cells, dust, and dirt. Step into any professional massage centre in Bangalore and bring out the vibrant, soft, supple body and cheerful stress-free spirit inside you. Here are some of the varieties of treatments available in a spa:

Refresh your body

There are special spa treatments that provide body treatments to refresh the whole body. The wide range of choices includes aqua therapies, body polishes, body wraps, Vichy showers, etc. If you opt for aqua therapy, you get to take a dip in aqua jet tubs filled with aromatherapy oils that instigate relaxation of the body, ward off stress elements, and moisturizes the body. It helps hydrate skin and improves blood circulation all over the body. During body polishing treatment, first, the entire body is scrubbed to peel off the dead skin cells, thus leaving the skin soft, rejuvenated, and supple. Then the body is moisturized by the application of a good moisturizer all over.

Sea salt has great exfoliating properties and hence in used in body polishes as salt scrubs. After scrubbing, the body wrap is done with either seaweeds or wet mud. This helps in removing impurities and smoothing the skin. After the body wrap is removed, the entire body is cleansed, and body lotions are applied. Vichy showers can be used by the end of wrap session, or they can be done alone too. It is a soothing process by which you lie relaxed on a cushioned table while many small shower heads sprinkle water on you all around. This helps in hydrating body and improving blood circulation.

Three burning candles are featured alongside spa accessories like spa towel, garment and herbs at River Day Spa Bangalore

A beautiful slender hand or leg owes its beauty to beautiful nails

A spa provides various treatments for nails too. Manicures and pedicures are done to ensure your hands and feet remain perfect and gorgeous. The nail cuticles are exfoliated, softened, and paraffin treatments are done on them. Warm cream and hot-stone massages ensure your hands and legs revive their youth and appear fresher, with no cracks or dry areas, completely hydrated and supple. The nails are also reshaped, and finally, a nail polish of your choice is coated on the nails.

Ward off unnecessary hair and flaunt the real you

A professional spa provides great hair removing treatments too. The most well-known and traditional method of hair removing is the waxing process. Hot wax is spread over the skin, and then a cotton strip is pressed on top of it. Then the cotton strip is quickly pulled off, and the hairs come off the skin along with the strip. Waxing can be done over many areas of the body like hands, legs, back, chest, forehead, upper lip and bikini areas. Some professional spas provide Brazilian wax, where the whole body is waxed including the genital hairs.

Relaxing massages

Massages are the most popular treatments in a spa. Let your body heal off the pains and tired muscles and detoxify using a hot stone massage. It helps in increasing lymph flow and removing wastes from the body rendering it fresh and supple. The most sought-after massage is the Swedish massage. Muscles and tissues are subjected to long strokes with the application of light or medium pressure. It helps in relaxing troubled and tensed-up souls and imparts a new lease of life and energy. If you don’t have much time, then go for a chair massage which is done in a seated position and is quick. In this massage, the focus areas are the neck, shoulders, back, and arms.

In addition to this, there are refreshing facial treatments and medical treatments available at spas. Take a day off and indulge in pure delight to relax both your mind and body.

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