Benefits That A Thai Massage Offers To You!

Is getting a Thai massage something which has always attracted you but you were never able to visit Thailand? Why go there when you can get an excellent Thai massage in Bangalore? Did you know that Thai massage originated in India? Yes! It was originally found by one named Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha who was the physician to none other than the great Gautama Buddha. This massage technique somehow reached Thailand where the principles of conventional Chinese medicine got clubbed with the Ayurveda techniques and formed something new called Thai massage.

Let Us Know More About Thai Massage And How It Benefits You

Thai massage is more energizing and productive than usual ones. Having its root in India, Thai massage is influenced by the stretching principle of yoga. Professional therapists make use of these principles to manoeuvre your muscles and joints.

Perks of Thai massage

Thai massage differs from the others mainly in its intensity and vigour which, in turn, increases its efficiency. Following are some of the benefits that you get from a Thai massage.

Relieves muscle stress and convulsions

Thai massage mainly makes use of pressure on those areas where muscles are subjected to much tension. The applied pressure helps to reduce stress in those target points. The target points are identified with the help of acupressure principles. Applying pressure on those key areas helps in increasing the overall energy of your body. The therapy also targets twisted or coiled nerves which aid in reducing convulsions to a great extent.

Activates your joints

A series of Thai massages can enhance the capacity of your joints. You will be able to move them in a wide range easily compared to before. Thai massage therapy alleviates joint pain and enhances the flexibility of your body as a whole.

Enhances blood circulation

Thai massages are intense and accurate in nature. The therapy incorporates an all-rounder method involving touch, acupressure and the muscular and skeletal manoeuvre which leads to increased blood circulation in your body. Increased blood flow helps in the proper functioning of your body organs.

Improves your energy 

According to the principles of Chinese medicine, stimulating certain points in your body (known as meridians) can lead to a healthy flow of energy in your body. Thai massage therapists make use of acupressure to stimulate the meridian points of your body thereby leading to energy release which is the primary aspect of Thai massage, after which, the stretching elements come into the picture.

Remedy for certain ailments

Acupressure techniques used in Thai massages helps to ease stressed muscles and joints which, in turn, removes pain from those areas. Most of the pains which you are suffering from may have an underlying reason related to some points of your body. Experienced therapists would be able to find out those particular points and apply the right amount of pressure there. Thai massage can reduce headaches and neck pain considerably.

Thai massage is also an effective remedy for severe pain in the back, hip and the leg known as sciatica. Sciatica is caused by compression in the sciatic nerve root in the lower back.

Stress reduction and emotional well-being

Thai massage is not a very soft one. It is a bit rigorous as already mentioned before. The acupressure techniques of massage may make you uncomfortable at times. But they are just temporary discomforts for good outcome. The treatment in overall helps in stress reduction and emotional well-being.

Thai massage can give you immense health benefits if rightly done. It helps in boosting your physical and mental health. Make sure that you approach the right place and get the service from skilled professionals. Then you will definitely enjoy the experience. Book a Thai massage at a nearby spa today. All the best!

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