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Skin care Tips for Winter

February 24, 2021

A change in season causes a change in temperature, humidity and lifestyle habits resulting in a change in your skin health and texture. There is a need to change your skincare routine to protect your skin. The cold weather in the winters can make your skin dull, dry and parched. The following simple tips can keep your skin hydrated and glowing. The best Spa and Salon in Egmore provides the best skincare treatment.

a. Install an Air Humidifier in your Home

The cold air during winters cannot hold as much moisture as warm air. The humidity levels are very low during winters. Dry air inside your home can be a health hazard leading to dry skin, nasal congestion, nosebleeds etc. Installing a humidifier adds moisture to the air inside your home and makes you breathe well and feel comfortable.

b. Lower the Thermostat Temperatures

The right thermostat setting during winters can make your home comfortable, maintain the right humidity levels and also lower your electricity bills. During winters we want to lower the temperature of the thermostat. However, lowering it too much can make the air in the house dry. The ideal temperature is 68-72 degrees F.

c. Avoid Hot Showers and Baths

Hot water tends to evaporate quickly and also disrupt the lipid layer of your skin. This can lead to dry and parched skin. Hence it is advisable to take a shower in lukewarm water and also not stay in the water for too long massage in Chennai

d. Choose a Cleanser Carefully

Many costly cleansers contain harsh chemicals like chemicals and some fragrances which damage the skin further by making it dry and cracked up. You can opt for cream or balm based products. Also, limit the overall use of soap.

e. Follow a Daily different skin-care routine during winters

Cleanse your skin twice a day and apply moisturizer. Check the labels on the products and ensure that they do not contain any harsh ingredients like alcohol or sulphates. Use nourishing and hydrating ingredients that help to lock in the moisture. Don’t forget the eyes area and lips. Use serum and oils around the eyes in order to soothe and protect the skin. Use balms on the lips to seal the moisture.

f. Moisturize Your Skin

Apply moisturizer immediately after washing so as to lock in as much moisture as possible. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands and feet. Those with dry skin need heavier, oil-based moisturisers to rehydrate.Spa in Chennai

g. Apply Sunscreen even if its winter

Even if its winter wears sunscreen every single day. This is because even if there are more cloudy days the UV rays still exist and exposure to these rays can cause pigmentation issues, wrinkles. Sunscreen lightens the scars and protects your skin.

h. Wear Comfortable and Non-irritating Clothing

Wear soft light layers of clothing first and then wear heavy woollen sweaters over them. Also, wear woollen mittens to protect your hands.

i. Stay hydrated and take care of your diet

Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and eat a lot of seasonal fruits like berries and other foods like juices, soup, salad to give the body the required nutrients and keep the skin healthy.

j. Do not Wear wet clothes for Too Long

Walking around in the snow will make your pants, gloves and socks wet. Do not wear them for too long as they will irritate your skin further and cause itchiness.

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