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Pamper Your Feet With A Pedicure

December 10, 2016

Pamper Your Feet With A Pedicure

Looking to pamper your sore and tired feet? Look no further! The best spas in Chennai have an array of pedicure and foot spa treatments to help you pamper and show some love for your tired feet. Let’s have a look at the wide options now available right in the city for Chennaites.

Feet Fetish!

A pedicure is beauty treatment that treats foot and toes. It helps in preventing various diseases such as Athlete’s Foot, fungus in foot, etc. The word pedicure is a Latin translation of foot care. Getting a good pedicure in chennai not only adds shine to your foot, but it also leaves your foot moisturized and leaves you with perfectly shaped toenails. You can polish them in your favorite colors to give it a fun twist.

Goodbye Old Nail Paint

A standard pedicure treatment starts by removing any old nail polish you might have applied to your foot. Many people forget about toenails and they are the most ignored when it comes to grooming. It might have been ages since you last applied nail polish to your toes. It’s not good to leave your nails for so long with old nail paint.

Cut Off Those Ingrowths

Which is why the first step is to remove old nail paint from the toes. After this, any ingrown toenails are cut, and this might be a teeny bit painful. Once your toenails are cleared off, they are filed depending on the shape you like. Although you can shape them anyway, sticking to the natural shape will be a better choice.

Hot Water Soak

The best part is when the beautician asks you to place your foot inside a tub of hot water. Usually, moisturizing oil or cream is applied before this step to prevent your feet from getting dry. The hot water soak relaxes your foot and you can stay that way for about ten minutes. You can always try this at home by taking a large tub and filling it with hot water. Add few drops of olive oil or warm milk so that your tired feet will turn baby soft.

Scrub And Moisturize

As you enjoy the soak, the beautician uses a scrub to remove dirt and dead skin that is present in your feet. It is a wonderful feeling and might tickle you to an extent. Then, they are treated with a liberal dose of moisturizer. Most of the times, feet are left dehydrated. Moisturized helps in balancing the moisture content. Cuticle cream is also applied and then your toenails are taken care of.

The steps we have discussed so far are the standard procedure followed for most of the pedicure sessions. However, the nature of treatment might vary depending on the beautician and the kind of care your foot require. Some might cover your foot with a mask and then proceed to scrub. There are no hard and fast rules for performing a pedicure.

Types Of Pedicure

French pedicure

This is a classic technique where long nails are varnished and then the tip of the nails are squared off. They are then whitened at the tip giving it a glossy look.

Paraffin Wax Pedicure

Warm wax is rubbed all over your foot, nails and lower legs in this type of pedicure. This is mostly done to take care of dry feet and legs. Wax provides the hydration that the skin requires to get back to its original glow and turns them soft.

Gel Pedicure

Clear gel is used to bond your nails. UV light is used for making sure that they last longer and have a shiny finishing touch.

Luxury Pedicure

Whole foot is treated in this pedicure by a massage in chennai and then paraffin wax is applied to our feet. Sometimes they might use heated towels or wrap your legs and feet in an herbal wrap that can soften and hydrate your foot. The treatment also takes care the toe nails separately.

Fish Pedicure

This is latest Pedicure method which is completely organic. You immerse your feet in a pool that is full of tiny fishes. These fishes, come and feed on the dirt from your feet. It is a sustainable method because you are feeding the fish.

Floral Pedicure

A pool of water is covered with flowers or petals of various flowers. The aroma coming from the flowers and the relaxing feeling you get when immerse your foot awakens all the senses. The essence from the floral petals that are soaked in water nourishes the feet and keeps them hydrated as well as soft.

Aromatherapy Pedicure

Aromatherapy treatments, in general, involves using bath salts and candles that have a great aroma to it. The bath salts that are used for scrubbing your feet nourishes them and relaxes you. The candles smell good and the combined effect is a treat to the senses. It provides complete relaxation for your body.

Final Words

The cost of each treatment varies and is generally pocket-friendly. If you are not sure about choosing which one treatment is good, do some research and understand each one of them clearly. Or you can contact your parlor for more insight.

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