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At River Day Spa

Do you want to experience the pleasures of a Spa but scared of the quality and cleanliness? Worry no more.

➤ At River Day Spa, the exotic aromas of spices and pure essential oils, and the gentle sounds of soothing music, will bathe your senses and lull you into a state of relaxed bliss. It is the ideal place for relaxation, inspiration and sublime indulgence.

➤ With world class products, state of the art spa facilities, cordial atmosphere to make you feel the most comfortable and secure, you can indulge in precious “Me” time in a safe serene environment. Subscribe to our newsletter to unlock your exclusive offer.

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Our Services!
Balinese Massage : ₹4000 just ₹2400
Swedish Massage : ₹2500 just ₹1500
Head & Toe Aroma Massage : ₹2810 just ₹1686
Deep Tissue Massage : ₹2500 just ₹1500
Sense of Siam Massage : ₹4000 just ₹2400
Detoxifying Massage : ₹4000 just ₹2400
Thai Massage :₹2810 just ₹1686
Sports Massage : ₹4000 just ₹2400
Here! What Our Clients Say!
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<span>, Journalist</span>
"Having been under lots of stress, my visit to River Day seems to have vanquished it all away. For me you have become my one stop de-stress solution!"
- Swesha Ram, Journalist
<span>, HR Manager</span>
"Your Esthetician was so nice; my skin looks healthy and renewed. It was my first time but I am sure to be back every month.."
- Karthikaa Arun, HR Manager
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