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Must Check Hair Cut Trends In 2016

April 22, 2016

Hairstyles vary from season to season. Short is always in vogue. It is easy to manage and gives you the freedom to experiment. Many who find problems with hair fall or receding hairline find short hair comfortable. Celebrities have always experimented with short hair and have made these styles popular. Salons profit with a shortcut as these need regular upkeep and costs money. Whether it is Kim Kardashian or Sienna Miller or Margot Robbie, all have sported short hair. Go for the chop when you find it boring. Once long locks have been transformed into bob to keep with the trend.

Signs of economic recovery

It is predicted that a short haircut is a sign of economic recovery. With more trips to the salon for regular maintenance, short haircuts are pricey and tough to maintain. Hairdresser Stuart Phillips says that short haircuts are sure a sign of economic recovery. Being the hairdresser for celebs like Jamie Oliver and Serena Williams he claims that the products move off the shelf faster than expected. Shorter hair styles need more sprays and setting gels. Which means pixie crop or bob needs more maintenance than ever. Women frequent the salons regularly to upkeep their look.

Women with long locks can forget about maintenance and leave for long without trims. But short hair has to be in shape. Not just famous women but not-so-famous women also follow this trend. Women spend even $100 for a bob and they have to come back in a month’s time to maintain the hairstyle. It is modernity rather than calling it an economic change. Women visit the salon in chennai even during the recession because it boosts their morale and they find it a means to treat themselves. When women turn to short hair men turn to shorter hair style.

Short hairstyles for women

Forget about Rapunzel locks and go for short hair. In today’s busy life there is no time to maintain long locks. Short hair can be styled in a number of ways. It can look classy and at the same time modern too. Short hair can make you look elegant and feminine as well. Checkout Best Hairdressing Beauty parlour in Chennai.

Pixie cut

Short is cute. Think of short hair and you cannot forget Pixie haircut. It can make you look edgy and give you an upper hand. Hollywood actress Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway have sported pixie cuts and have won accolades. The hair cut can suit many facets and can experiment. There is no need to break your head over a short hairstyle. Just go ahead and fix pixie.


Fringes have always looked good for long hair but wait until you have matched it with short hair. Fringes make you look attractive and fuller. It can add volume to your hair. Short hair can look full with fringes. It can add personality. It can give a school girl charm and make you look far younger and better looking. Shorter bangs can make your brows look longer. Opt for side styled fringes for a classic look.

Bob haircut

The hairstyle was popular during the 90s. Most American sitcom in the 90s featured this hairstyle. It is cute and can enhance the beauty in women. Moreover, this hairstyle can give a retro and cool feel. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it never goes out of fashion.

Knot and curls

Just tie up your hair into a small bun using a rubber band. It can give a cool and sweet look to your personality. It is the best hairstyle if you want to feel relaxed. Curls and waves in your short hair can transform your appeal. Forget the straights and add some curls to your short tresses.

Short hairstyle for men

Short hairstyles are in vogue for men this summer. Short hair is fun and easy to manage. Short cuts give a neat and clean look. Whether for office, business, party or fun, short hairstyles are trendy. It is maintenance-free and gives an option for unusual styling. Men grooming has reached an all-new level and short hairstyles are no exception. Spikes, fade undercut tapers, slicked back hairstyle, blonde fade hairstyle, military cut, fade undercut short hairstyle, layered cut, taper haircut in chennai and mix men cut are some of the short styles in fashion.

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