Massage Etiquettes: What You Need To Know Before A Spa

Be A Model Client For A Spa Massage

Without an iota of doubt, massages and spa have become quite popular in recent times. Each massage centre in Chennai stands testament to it. More and more of them are popping up each day. While the increasing demand for a spa is definitely a boon, there is a bane attached to it. Fewer and fewer people are aware of the etiquettes a spa centre demands.
Yes, a massage is all about pampering the body, but that doesn’t entail eschewing of all primary and fundamental manners. Therefore, to help those who are unaware of or going for a massage for the first time, here are some etiquettes to keep in mind.

  • Be prompt and punctual
    For first-time massage clients, it is recommended to arrive a few minutes before the scheduled hour. Most therapists would like you to fill a few forms and ask your preferences before they begin. Being a few minutes early ensures that the answers are not rushed. For repeat patrons, it is advised to be on time.
    Remember that after you there will be another person waiting for a massage. If you are late, then either your massage time will be shortened, or you will eat up the time of the next client. Both of which are not ideal situations.

Spa Massage: What To Do And What Not

  • Your comfort matters
    A massage is meant to relax your body and mind. This is only possible if you are entirely comfortable during the therapy session. Ergo, if wearing a few clothes makes you more relaxed, then that is what you should do. While it is true that massage can only be performed on exposed areas, your comfort comes first. Tell your preference to the masseuse before you begin.
  • Do not hide the pain
    One common mistake people make during a massage is not tell the therapist about what hurts or pains. Each body has a different threshold, and each person reacts to the hand movements differently. If you feel the pressure is too much or particular area is more sensitive than others, communicate it to the masseuse. They will modify their strength and motion to suit your preferences.

Try to bear in mind that the massage therapist is meant to reduce your stress and tension, not add to it. Every little thing helps achieve the goal.

Come Clean To A Spa Massage, Always

  • Honesty is necessary.

Most often, a therapist will ask the client a few questions, such as:

  • Do you suffer from any ailment or condition?
  • Are you allergic to any oil?

Always be honest with your answer. You don’t want an allergic reaction to flare up mid-way during the therapy. Moreover, if you tell the therapist of any medical condition, they can advise you on a massage that heals it.

  • Basic hygiene is essential
    One of the fundaments of life is to keep the body clean. The same rule applies to massages and spa. Always take care of your hygienic needs before you reach your appointment. While body hair is not an issue, you should be fresh and not malodorous. Do not douse yourself with a heavy cologne or perfume. Try wearing a light deodorant, instead.
    One last etiquette is not to get a massage if you have a cold or cough. Therapy during this time increases the chances of the infection spreading. In case you have already booked one at the massage centre in Chennai, please do reschedule it.

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