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Is Stress Affecting Your Looks? Find Out How To Avoid It & Retain Your Youthful Charm!

November 5, 2016

Have you noticed any grey hairs or wrinkles which are not supposed to appear yet? Is your face looking stressed out and tired? Do people mistake you for your elder siblings? If any one of these situations applies to you, then stop whatever you are doing immediately and give this some thought. Is life taking you in a direction that is stressing you out?

Stress causes premature ageing in people. When you are constantly stressed out, your body is affected in more than one way. You may not understand this immediately, however as the stress factors continue to trouble you and you continue to react to them, your body slowly starts losing its energy and vigour. To regain your positive energy instantly, one method is to pay a visit to the best beauty parlour in Chennai. Now you must be wondering how a parlour is related to stress relief. Before we come to that part, let’s take a look at how stress can harm our bodies.

Five ways Stress can take a toll on our Looks:

  • Work related stress accelerates aging
  • Studies show that stress is the culprit behind extra weight gain around the abdomen
  • Stress makes your skin look dull and lifeless and even leads to the damage of skin cells.
  • Stress leads to nails that break easily. It can also trigger other bad habits like biting your nails and so on.
  • Stress leads to production of oil on the pores of your skin, leading to breakout of acne.

So now that you are aware of the ways in which stress can affect your looks, it is time to take steps to help you manage it. Now we let you on the secret that can alleviate your stress and anxiety by just sparing a few hours per week. Interested?

Have you heard about the calming effect of the human touch?

Several studies claim that human touch increases feeling of trust and calmness. One magical way to relieve stress is by including a spa visit in your busy schedule. There are a huge number of ways by which you can de-stress in a spa. Right from a relaxing hair spa in chennai to a rejuvenating facial, the options are endless. Stressed muscles are greatly soothed by a combination of touch and heat therapy. So try to have at least half an hour of warm up before a massage to enjoy a deep relaxation.

So, Schedule some relaxing Spa or Salon Time

If you think that a visit to the spa is merely superficial, then you are wrong. Studies say that regular spa goers have lesser levels of cortisol, the pesky little stress hormone. So relax in the hands of an expert therapist and watch your stress melt away. If you can’t fit in a full spa session in your busy schedule, then you can try a quick foot massage in chennai to reap the immense benefits.

Here are two additional ways by which can help you alleviate stress and anxiety:

Start Keeping a Stress Diary

Begin the practice of having a stress diary. This is a great tool to effectively manage stress. This helps you have an overview on the situations that get you stressed and also helps you analyze other factors that trigger stress. Once you get this idea, it is easy to take a proactive approach to dealing with such situations.

Practice the Art of Saying No

One major cause of stress is taking on too much on your hands and having little time to do it. It is against our principles to say no. Learning to say no to things that you can’t handle is a great way to refrain from unnecessary stress and also works wonders on your self-esteem.

So don’t let stress stand in the way of your looks. Stress when it turns chronic can also open the doorway to major health issues. So avoid stress with a soothing massage in hotel and retain your youthful charm forever. Also don’t forget to keep smiling!

Give yourself a break from the tensions of life and pen in a spa visit regularly. And Experience the tremendous changes that come in your looks, appearance, confidence and energy level.

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