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How do you choose the right Spa Treatment?

October 29, 2020

Usually, many of you choose a spa treatment that you have heard a lot such as Swedish massage or a Salt scrub. Whenever you visit a spa you might end up choosing a spa treatment that has always been popping in your ears. However, the best spa is well –known for offering a wide array of services, according to business study it is analysed that only 3-4 spa services have been contributing to 65-75% complete sales in the spa which on an average offers minimum 20 services.

The major reason these spa treatments are a hit is not that they are the only one that is good, it is because of the reason that spa-goers have very less knowledge about other spa services. Also as Spa service providers, it is our duty to educate the customers on the benefits they may rep from various Spa in Chennai

Unfortunately, all this is due to various repercussions. Few of them are enlisted for you

• Less experience from the customer point of view due to repetitive practice resulting in decreased focus necessary for portraying planned health goals.
• Cropping up of discouragement on the necessity of treatment strategies, ingredients knowledge, performance training together with slow business evolvement and invention because as an owner of spa you tend to concentrate on what gains you more profit. So when the demand is for Swedish or Balinese you tend to focus only on them and not something new.
• Not integrating health and wellness in Spa services as a tailor-made technique to suit every individual’s requirement is fading off.
• Technique has gained significance than the focus towards the healthy body so therapeutic tactics and healthy skin and body in spa treatments has deteriorated.
• Interest has been reducing amongst spa owners in the spa services filed so the innovation is lacking thereby the service standards is also reduced.
• There is a lack of due diligence in the complete spa business. If this is improved then Spa will become one of the trusted partners in every individual’s wellness routine.

Although the challenges aren’t just what we have enlisted above few such limitations in the industry has forced owners and spa service providers to remain stagnated.

It is a topic of debate of whether the supply must occur prior to the demand or vice versa but one fact is definite for the goodness of all and to grow steadily the supply and demand must coordinate at one particular point.

So as a wellness enthusiast there are few things you must give importance to before choosing the best spa treatment. The spa treatment you choose must be the right spa choice for you, must be worth the time and money spend and must contribute to your health’s wellness.

Now let’s explore a few tips that will help you in choosing the best spa in Chennai

  1. Know your Body’s requirement
    To begin with, understand your body. Is your physique in need of certain stretches to unroll those stressed muscles or is your skin looking for some in-depth hydration or is that stress hormone lactic acid is in excess that your body wants to shed it away or are you looking for some pampering time with a soft and soothing massage. According to your body’s need to choose a massage or spa treatment to fulfil your body’s thirst. It’s highly important.

2.Speak out about your issues and expectations in a Spa treatment and pick judiciously
Never get attracted to the verbal marketing of the Spa attendants who try to push the well-known spa treatments they serve. Instead, inquire about the consultation service and tell the masseur or spa therapist about your pain points and share with them what you expect from the spa session. Request for expert advice on choosing the ideal spa treatment for your specific requirement.

  1. Be Anxious
    Never succumb to various spa related Jargons and verbiage a spa attendant may use. Inquire about every product used on your skin and the ingredients that are part of the body scrub, facial and wraps. Also, ask the benefits of the product and ingredients on your skin and body. Ask the spa therapist about the oils they use on your skin and the importance of the various oil blends. Question them about the techniques and equipment that may be used during your session. Get details of its use and benefit on your skin and body.
  2. Decide your time duration.
    Most of you may be compelled to book a spa appointment when you actually have no time for it. Especially when you are planning or have just finished an uphill trek of stressful mountaineering and need a spa break, it is absolutely time pressing. So don’t ruin the relaxation of a spa by choosing a session that needs long hours. Pick a spa treatment that suits your time availability. The right spa fits aptly in your routine and you don’t have to feel stressed about spending extra hours on something you never planned for.
  3. Choose what’s right for your lifestyle
    If you want to book for a massage choose a session that fits your lifestyle. If your work is based on standing posture for long duration then choose a massage or therapy such as Swedish which concentrates on your legs, if you are just coming out of a sickness lookout for lymphatic drainage massage and if you are gym freak choose Deep tissue massage to shed off the stress built up due to overworked muscles. If you have a sedentary lifestyle Thai massage or Balinese massage is the right one for you with right stretching postures. Are you tired of continuous travel or feel jet-lagged choose Aromatherapy. Is your body stressed or feeling rigid then opt thermic treatments like bamboo massage or hot stone therapy to uncoil your muscles.
  4. Opt for treatment that improves your skin if your self-esteem is puzzled up due to aging sign worries
    It is not the right perception that massages are the only answer to reduce stress levels. Many of you will get better and feel good the moment your look gets better, energetic and young. So spa treatments give you a better inner feeling. You may enjoy this inner feeling after a right massage session. Hit a spa for your beauty and rejuvenating experience. Especially when it is done by expert hands it absolutely melts off your stress.

The spa doesn’t compose of massage alone. Wide range of facials, body scrubs, body wraps for nourishment, firmness and toning of skin is part of every best spa in Chennai. Pick the right spa service depending upon your skin tone and type in case you have a confusion contact the spa consultant and ask them to assess your skin.

Speak to them about the issues related to your skin like dehydration, pigmentation, loss of lustre or ageing issues, acne or dark pigments, loss of elasticity and any other issue that you think requires skin revival. Always keep in mind that any skin treatment will not give its benefit overnight, all treatments require few sittings to give the actual result. Finally, we would like stress on the fact that all that is popular and well known will not be the right treatment for your skin and all that is good for your skin is not popular among the general public.

Certain treatments that may please your skin type may not appease others. And similarly, every day and every moment is different in our daily routine so our requirements change. SO any spa session you enjoyed and felt relaxed last time may not give the same feeling this time best couple massage centre in Chennai

Always remember every one of you are special and each one of your deserve the best. So listen to yourself, connect with your body’s need and ask for expert advice and make the right choice. If you remember this mantra every spa session is undoubtedly going to be unique for you.

Enjoy the most relaxing and fruitful spa session hereon.


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