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How can a single massage cure your stiff muscles?

January 25, 2021

Muscles get tightened up for a variety of reasons like overuse, dehydration, injury and stress. Tight muscles are not only frustrating but also painful and limit the range of movement. Massage can be an excellent option for treating tight muscles. If you are looking for the best spa and Massage centre in Chennai, Riverday Spa Chennai can be the best place. River Group of Salon and Spa holds popularity for its extraordinary spa massage and treatments that not only cures pain but also relaxes your body and contribute to sound well-being.

Especially for stiff muscles that can be due to a number of reasons, there can be different types of massages that are medically recommended by the experts.

Types of Massages for Tight muscles

The common types of massages used to relieve tight muscles include:

a. Deep Tissue Massage: This is a common massage used to relieve muscle tightness. Here a firm, deep pressure is applied on the deeper layers of muscles and fascia using various techniques. Doing so reduces the muscular inelasticity resulting in the free flow of blood to the muscles and allow them to move more freely.

b. Sports Massage: This is an intense massage focusing on areas having soft tissues. A range of techniques is used to get deeper into the muscles in order to increase their temperatures. This, in turn, increases tissue elasticity which relieves muscle tightness and improves its flexibility and range of movement.

c. Remedial Massage: Various techniques are used to treat both the superficial and deep muscles giving a therapeutic effect. This massage improves blood circulation in the muscles, increases the muscle temperature and helps to stretch and loosen the muscles thereby relieving muscle tightness.

Techniques Used to Relieve Tight Muscles

a. Deep Strokes
: Flattened hands and fingers are used to apply pressure to the treatment area. This pressure helps to get deeper into the muscles, thereby enabling to stretch the muscles which improve their elasticity and flexibility. This allows the muscles to move with no restriction and relives the tightness in them.

b. Kneading: Muscles are pulled and squeezed in this technique encouraging blood flow to them. This reduces the tension and the muscular knots in the muscles causing them to loosen up and relax.

c. Skin Rolling: The skin is rolled between the fingers, improving the blood flow in them. The thin layer of connective tissue located beneath the skin’s surface called fascia which becomes restrictive also gets loosened up. All this relieves muscle tightness.

When Can a Massage Relieve Tight Muscles?

A massage can be used to relieve tight muscles during

a. Acute Pain: Tightness of muscles increases the tension in them creating knots that increase the pain in the muscles. A decrease in the tightness reduces the tension and the knots causing the muscles to relax. This decreases the pain and increases the range of movement in the muscles.

b. Pre-Event: When a person tries to stretch a muscle during an event it could cause injuries such as tears, muscle pulls or strains. Relieving tight muscles relaxes them, makes them flexible and reduces the chance of injury during an event. best spa in Chennai

c. Relaxation: Tight muscles restrict the movement in them increasing physical and mental stress as the person finds it hard to do even normal activities. Relieving muscle tightness reduces the pain in them, increasing the range of movement causing the person to physically and mentally relax.

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Physiological Effects of Massage

a. Increased Vasodilation:
Vasodilation is a physiological effect of massage in which blood vessels widen and come closer to the skin. The amount of blood in the vessels increases as they dilate. This increases the muscle temperature which improves muscle elasticity.

b. Increased Temperature: The friction between the skin and hands during a massage increases blood flow which relieves the tight muscles.

c. Increases Tissue Elasticity: A variety of techniques used during a massage increases elasticity in the muscles causing them to loosen and relax.

Relieving tight muscle means reducing the tightness in the muscle by decreasing restriction and removing muscular knots.

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