How to wash, dry and style the long tresses of hair?

How to wash, dry and style the long tresses of hair?

Hair Treatment In Chennai – Longing For Long Hair

Long tresses of hair could be annoying yet a wonderful thing to have if you know how to maintain it. When your hair has reached down your hips you have fight to keep it away from detangling. Do not have long hair unless you know how to take care of it. It is a complicated mission. The aim of the game is to minimize damage and remove spilt ends. With broken ends you may have to face day to day abuses. When you have long hair lot of things happen, shedding, split ends, dandruff and more. There are good hair treatments that can give life to your dull hair.

Best Spa Center In Chennai – Your Journey To Long Hair

  • Your scalp has natural oils and washing your hair too often means stripping them of natural oils. Do not wash your hair every day. Try Hair Spa Shampoo to ensure the natural oils are maintained in the scalp as these are formulated to encourage hair growth hair
  • Healthy body is healthy hair. Just like how your body needs to be hydrated, your hair also needs hydration. The best way is to drink lot of water and healthy juices.
  • Using the right brush can help in containing hair fall. Wide tooth combs are hair friendly and help in preventing hair damage while combing. Small detangling brushes are also ideal. Start brushing the bottom and then move up. This ensures there are no knots in your hair. Keep your hair detangled if you want it to last forever.
  • Heat can damage your hair and hence avoid heating styling gadgets. Use of foam rollers can work wonderfully to give you a curling look. Use hair dryer in coolest setting to save your hair.

Home remedies for hair spa – Try these at home

Therapist at the spa examines your hair before suggesting a hair treatment. Hair treatment in Chennai is in great demand with more and more women embracing long hair. There are many remedies available to rejuvenate your hair and help it grow longer and stronger. Get hair spa benefits at your home using these simple tips.

1. Massing your scalp at home with warm coconut oil or olive oil can increase blood circulation and enhance hair growth.
2. Use a warm towel and wrap around the hair. The warmness in the towel penetrates into your hair.
3. Use mild shampoo and cold water to wash your hair. Hot water can damage your hair roots.
4. Deep conditioning hair treatment with the right conditioners post shampooing is advised.
5. Finally a hair mask can seal all the nourishment. Take two eggs and honey add some coconut oil and mask your hair for 20 minutes. Rinse with mild shampoo.

Luxury spa in Chennai use organic methods to protect your hair from damage. Taking care of your hair can extend its life and make you feel young and beautiful. You can relish your long hair for life by following these simple tips.

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